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Wedding Day
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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Water Chronicles Saturday, April 18


Let's just say that it takes a lot of work for me to remember to drink my water. A LOT! I don't know why exactly. Well...if I am to be honest, I am a slave to coffee.


This slavery began when I was a young innocent of 18 and working as a switchboard operator at a mall departement store. I was one of the first people at work every morning, and there was a food stand that was basically a big square counter with the employees and cooking area in the center. You couldn't get anything extravagent there. In the afternoon you could grab a burger, hot dog, fries, nachos, and of course big honkin mall pretzels that were salty and fairly chewy. In the morning it sold easy breakfast foods like danish, bagles, and coffee. Because there were a lot of senior strollers each morning, this was a coffee hot spot. One morning I was at work way too early and I decided to try the coffee at this kiosk.


No joke...that coffee was like a little sip of Heaven in a steamy cup. I was instantly a fan. :)

Which brings me to my conundrum. How do I fit drinking water into a day that is filled with coffee loving? I need to drink more water to compensate for all the coffee? It is a quandry. So far, I am a big stinking zero on drinking enough water. I am going to punch it up a few notches today and really make this thing work. Here is my plan.

Morning Plan: Wake up, drink a cup. Not a cup of Joe, but a cup of water. I have to take thyroid medication in the morning anyway and it is supposed to be with plenty of water. I am making sure to fit a cup there and hopefully two. I have to wait an hour before putting anything else in my belly sooooo this is a good time to just drink more. The plan is to drink at least two glasses of water during that hour of waiting. I get up at 5am during the work week so this should be pretty doable on those days at least.

Work Plan: When I was in college, I worked part time in the Student Services offices. I was a water freak back then. I was also anorexic. I had a habit of drinking an 18 oz glass of water in between every thing I ate in order to fill up. Obviously I am not looking to do something that foolish, but I am thinking that if I could dedicate myself to that much H2O back then, I can do it now. I am a hell of a lot smarter now. :) So I figure I am going to do a timer reminder. I am going to set my cell phone's alarm to go off three times during the work day for my agua reminders. That will get three more glasses into me.

I still have to work on the other times of the day, but we will see how that goes.

It is Saturday and I am struggling. I have only hit three glasses of water, and it is 1:58pm. OY! Hopefully this water thing will get more in line soon. I am stubborn though. There is still plenty of time.

Happy Saturday


Luanne said...

It is hard to get used to. In the winter I drink a cup of hot water before I start my tea consumption for the day. I put lemon slices in my water container ( it's got markings so I know how much I've drank) I actually like water though! Good luck with your plan!

Vanessa said...

The trick that really works for me is to always keep a filled water bottle around. Mine is a 1 litre bottle and I drink it twice.

My husband is a coffee freak too. We measure his intake in pots, not cups. When I looked it up for him, the info I found said you don't need to drink extra water to make up the coffee you drink.

I don't know if this would work for you, but I'm a little on the competitive side, so my husband and I have a little bet goign to see who can drink more water during the day, and it helps me to remember. haha

Good luck!

LaVonne said...

Well, I am terrible at drinking water too! For me, I am hooked on diet Coke. I like crystal light too (peach iced tea flavor), and it is powder with a whole bunch of water. So that should count right? I mean, look at all the water you drink in the coffee!?! :)

Visiting from Say It Forward Carnival. Great blog!

Bingo said...

You poor thing! Good luck and good ideas. I am a natural water fact it is pretty much all I drink unless I go out for a frap with the girls! However, my doctor told me that in trying to get enough fluids in during the day that coffee and tea counted toward the water. Personally, I prefer all the water you keep a water bottle near you at work? I wish you luck as I know some people have such a hard time. It is THE ONLY thing I CAN do right on any diet!

Gwendolyn B. said...

You live in the desert! Drink more water! Just teasing. I'm addicted to Coca Cola - I force myself to drink at least 4 glasses of plain water every day. Some days it's easier. I definitely like the trick of drinking the water before the Coke. Oh, and btw - my skin definitely looks better when I drink more water!

Alyce said...

I could hear the angel music when I saw that picture. :) I'm not good about drinking my water either. I also have to take a thyroid pill in the morning, so I get one glass first thing. I'm a SAHM, so I try to remember to drink at least half a glass whenever I walk through the kitchen (obviously not going to happen every time, but with the good intentions there I remember more often).

I love, love, love coffee too! Unfortunately I had to give up caffeine because it and my thyroid medicine and my heart are not good friends (it makes my heart race). So I drink decaf and pretend it's just as good. That was a huge adjustment at first, and I was almost more upset about giving up my caffeine fix than I was about taking a pill every day for the rest of my life.

Good luck with your water drinking!

kalea_kane said...

It's funny Luanne. It isn't that I don't like water. I just love coffee more. I also tend to "busy" myself into not drinking enough water. I really think for me it is something I have to schedule at least for now. I like the idea of adding lemon to my water. :) Who would think that drinking water would be this difficult? :) I did well today though. I managed two eight ounce glasses and seven 0.6 liters (my stainless bottle). :)

kalea_kane said...

Nessie, I LOVE the competition idea. I think I could totally get my husband into that. IF the prize was worthwhile. ;) He is pretty much a pushover. :) I think I'll bring that up tomorrow. Thanks for the advice!

kalea_kane said...

Thanks for the suggestions, Lavonne and for dropping by! :) I am trying to go the way of the water purist for now. :) Though I love me some Crystal Light too and iced tea IS also a big fave of mine. I finally quit the Diet soda thing a few years ago. I still drink it on occasion, but I am a lot better than I was. :) Thanks again for dropping by!

kalea_kane said...

Bingo, you rock. I do have a water bottle that I have started taking to work. Unfortunately I get so busy that I tend to forget about it (it also has to fight for attention from my coffee mug). That is why I decided to set an alarm on my cell phone. I think that will be my best reminder. At least until I get in a good habit. My son is amazing with drinking water like you. He has his bottle with him everywhere and must fill it ten times a day. :)

kalea_kane said...

Gwendolyn, that is one of my goals too. I want to keep my skin nice. I'm hitting 42 in another month and so far I have been lucky, but I really need to be more proactive with what I put on the inside of my body. ;)

kalea_kane said...

I certainly hope I don't have to give up coffee totally. Though I did give up caffeine when I was pregnant, and I found nice substitutes...well, nice enough. :) This thyroid stuff is so difficult. I am really hoping that maybe even drinking more water will help me with that, but it is a total family thing. :)

Maybe I could write DRINK WATER on my knuckles link Deniro did in Cape Fear. Okay...he didn't have drink water, but same idea. :)

Lisa G said...

I can't stand plain water. My answer is decaf iced tea, and lots of it. Although, I don't start drinking it until after I've had my morning coffee. I wish I had better habits, but it is what it is, LOL!

Helga Marie Bee said...

being pregnant the dr is constantly on me to drink more water, I started carring a Camelbak bottle (from REI) and I fill it with 24oz of water and one pouch of propel powder from gatorade, maybe that would help you too?

LuAnn said...

A straw! That's the secret. It goes down faster and you'll get more that way. Then, you can finish the required amount for the day and move on to the coffee.