Wedding Day

Wedding Day
Enjoy EVERY moment in your wedding gown. You can't stay in it forever...SO UNFAIR!!!!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

My get-up-and-go....

Have you ever had one of those days where you just can't seem to get past the coffee pot?
I am sitting here and enjoying probably my 8th cup (don't gasp), and I just do not feel like moving in any direction other than to maybe the 9th cup. :)

Don't get me wrong. I have accomplished a few things this morning like...making the bed, doing dishes (two sets), and doing two loads of laundry. What I haven't done is get my sorry hiney out of the house. That isn't necessarily true. I did go to the porch and throw food out to my skunk family. They aren't my skunks (I only wish they were as they are just so darn cute), but they live somewhere really close to my back porch. They are really pretty too, and I guess that is because my husband, son, and I feed them nightly left overs that I must say are pretty darn good! They have the fluffiest tails and shiniest coats around. I am sure all the other rodents in town are pretty jealous when my two skunks come hang out at the neighborhood meeting. That is a funny picture in my mind, and also a subtle reminder that I have gotten WAY off track in what I was writing about. Ahhhh such is the random mind. :)

What I am avoiding is shopping. Specifically clothes shopping with my son and husband. My son needs new jeans and my husband just wants to come along as a good hubby. I stress it because it takes a long time to find the right size, get him in everything, and my husband wears out quickly from shopping. He isn't impatient. He just gets bored. What I would like to do instead is get a cappuccino at a new coffee house in town. Yep...back to coffee. Surprised? If you are that is because you do not know me that well yet. I am single mindedly coffee obsessed. I am also just thrilled to have a day off. :) Saturdays really are amazing, and who wants to spend them doing something you kind of don't care to do?

I do have the highlight of my husband cooking dinner for me tonight! How awesome is that?!!!!

I hope that everyone is having a fabulous weekend!

Kelly :)

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Yes...Superbowl is over and for some of us it was a disappointment. I am cool with it really. I wasn't very cool initially. I have been a Pats fan since I was about 18. That is really when I got into football beyond the high school. I liked the Pats when they stunk and when they didn't. I have prayed for them with all the controversy about the video taping and whatnot. They lost this Sunday, and I cried. I kind of got angry after that, but I also got a nice foot rub from my husband afterward...and all was right with the world (insert the sound of birds chirping here). The Giants won, and honestly I kind of thought they would. They were hungry, and they had nothing too lose really. They did some awesome defense work out there as well.
And now my husband and I will have our Sundays back. :) really is all good.