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Wedding Day
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Friday, August 29, 2008

Playing with Mindbump -- Thoughts on Childhood

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"My neighbor has a bumper sticker that reads: "Remember Who You Wanted To Be". Did you grow up to be who you always wanted to be as a child?"

So I was thinking about childhood, and I was thinking about blogging about it. Somehow I got off track. This is something that I am guilty of quite often. While off track I found a little blog place called mindbump. I saw this question and thought that I might as well answer it since it is still about childhood.

Did I grow up to be who I always wanted to be as a child? In part, yes. I grew up. That was my main goal. And also I wanted to be a mom some day. I am. That is the best thing about having grown up is having this awesome child of mine named Alex.

When I think of who I wanted to be I think of several things. The first is what I may have wanted to be when I grew up. So I will go there now.

I had mild goals as a child. I was a child who enjoyed fantasy and pretend play. I actively imagined being what I wanted to be, and during that imaginative play, I got to be those people or experience those occupations. I wanted to be one of Charlies Angels. I didn't have a particular one in mind. My friends and I would run about in the woods and fight imaginary villains. That was pretty fulfilling to my 8 or 9-year-old mind. Did I grow up to be some sexy secret detective...nope. Playing it out as a child pretty much met that desire though. I also pretended to be a puppy, kitten, and a bird. I am pretty glad that I didn't grow up to be any of those.

Now for who I am. I do not think that as a child I thought very much of WHO. I know I certainly did not aspire to be a jerk. I aspired to be someone my family could be proud of. It was a long road to 41, and I have been through some pretty tough times. They have made me who I am...a strong woman with a soft heart. A woman who has seen enough sides of the road to empathise with most anyone. I am a lover of people. I enjoy laughing and laughter. I am trusting and kind. I am also fiercely loyal and protective. I think little Kelly would be pretty happy with me.

Now I wonder how I will feel when I'm 64.