Wedding Day

Wedding Day
Enjoy EVERY moment in your wedding gown. You can't stay in it forever...SO UNFAIR!!!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Manic Monday #163

Do you recycle? Why or why not?

Yes, I am a recycling fool. :) I recycle because I grew up recycling. It is just the way things always have been done in my home. If you can reuse something in my home, you do it. :)

Would you rather be a pirate or a prince/princess?

As amusing as Johnny Depp is as Captain Jack Sparrow is (not to mention HOT), let's face it, piracy is far from the life for me. I'll take princess. Nice gowns, fancy balls, and your own fleet. Looks good to me.

Are you into astrology? If yes, how does it affect your life?

When I was a teenager and young adult, I was into astrology enough to look up my horoscope in the paper. I bought a book or two here and there, but at this point in my life, I am so happy with my family, my wonderful husband, and my career. I really do not care what the stars have to say. To be honest, they never really helped out anyway.


Carey said...

Having to answer question number one has made me think more about what I could be doing. I'm inspired now! Happy Monday!

Teena in Toronto said...

It's good that you are doing your part in recycling.

I played too :)