Wedding Day

Wedding Day
Enjoy EVERY moment in your wedding gown. You can't stay in it forever...SO UNFAIR!!!!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thrifty Tips for May 31, 2012 Wow is it really almost June?!



Last week my husband and I were on our second honeymoon in Carmel Highlands.  We enjoyed the ocean, the beach, lots of seafood (especially from the fish market) and of course shopping.  But when I talk about shopping, everyone who knows me knows that I am talking bargain shopping.  My husband realized that he really did not pack enough warm clothing and since we were going to be gone a week, I took that opportunity to suggest that we hit the thrift stores.  We did, and we found some great deals.  So I am taking this opportunity to tell you that you should totally look up thrift stores, second hand stores, and benefit stores when you vacation.  You could seriously stumble into some great finds AND you will also be doing something extra special for a good cause.  Once I caught site of sun dresses for, and I'm not kidding here $278, I knew that I was more than willing to check out their second hand stores.  I figured I would not only find a good deal, but I might get something REALLY sweet!  :)


John MacArthur's book Twelve Unlikely Heroes is available from now until June 20th.

LINK:  Twelve Unlikely Heroes

Check in at Garnier's Facebook page around noon EST today (5/31) for a free sample.  Love their products!

LINK:  Garnier Free Sample 

Olay has freebies every Friday on their Facebook page.  Be sure to drop by and find out the time and the freebie.  It can be anything from free samples to free music downloads.

LINK:  Olay Facebook Freebie Friday

While supplies last sign up for a free sample of Milk Bone Trail  Mix dog snacks.

LINK:  Milk Bone Trail Mix Dog Snacks

Get a free night video game rental from Redbox by texting TRYUS to 727272.  they will send you a code that will expire on 8/1.  My son loves trying games out with Redbox.  Find Redbox locations at the link below.  Remember that text messaging rates will apply.

LINK:  Redbox Locations


Lowe's Build & Grow Clinic is Celebrating  Disney's Madagascar with two Madagascar themed Build & Grow Clinics.  On Saturday and Sunday, June 9th and 10th, the kids can build a monkey  powered plane.  Saturday's activity begins at 10:00 am and Sunday's begins at 2:00 pm.  Remember that you do need to register in advance.  While you are there you can also sign up for the other June activity.

LINK:  Lowe's Build & Grow Clinic 

Members of the military and up to three of their direct dependents can have free admission to Sea World, Busch Gardens or Sesame Place through the end of 2012.  Follow the link below for all the details.  I know that none of these parks are in Arizona, but if you are doing any summer traveling or have family members in the military who are, this is a great opportunity to get a well-earned thank you to our military and their families.

LINK:  Hero Salute 

From Memorial Day through Labor Day (September 3), Blue Star Museums is offering free admission to all active military and their families.  Follow the link below to see the participating museums in your area (30 in Arizona!).

LINK:  Blue Star Museums

FREE EBOOKS - Note that these books were free at the time of posting.  Always look at the price before downloading, because some books are only free for a limited time.

Secondhand Jesus - Trading Rumors of God for a firsthand faith by Glenn Packiam (AMAZON) (Barnes & Noble) (

What Your Childhood Memories Say About You...and What You Can Do About It by Kevin Leman (AMAZON) (Barnes & Noble) (

The Mysterious Epigenome by Thomas E. and James P. Gills (AMAZON)

A Hearth In Candlewood by Delia Parr (AMAZON)

Legacy Lane by Robin Lee Hatcher (AMAZON)

Homespun Bride by Jillian Hart (AMAZON) (Barnes & Noble)

To Love Anew (Sydney Cove Series #1) by Bonnie Leon (AMAZON) (Barnes & Noble) (

Child of the Mist (These Highland Hills, book 1) by Kathleen Morgan (AMAZON)

A Very Special Delivery by Linda Goodnight (AMAZON) (Barnes & Noble)

The Everything Food Allergy Cookbook: Prepare easy-to-make meals--without nuts, milk, wheat, eggs, fish or soy (Everything (Cooking)) by Linda Larsen (AMAZON) (Barnes & Noble)

Composting Inside & Out by Stephanie Davies (AMAZON) (Barnes & Noble)

Circle of Friends Cookbook 25 Brownie & Bar Recipes from Gooseberry Patch (AMAZON) (Barnes & Noble)

Organic Gardening Beginner's Manual by Julie Turner (AMAZON)

31 Low Card Breakfast Recipes by Ella Mentry (AMAZON)

35 Slow Cooker Chicken Recipes by Jean Pardue (AMAZON)  -As one reviewer noted I want to make one thing clear.  It is not recommended to cook a whole chicken in a slow cooker.  There is a recipe for this.  I wouldn't use it.  The rest should be pretty awesome though.

Relentless A Novel (Dominion Trilogy #1) by Robert Parrish (AMAZON) (Barnes & Noble)


Forbes Magazine is available now at Rewards Gold.  Sign up for Rewards Gold, refer 3 friends to Rewards Gold and complete a Watch Survey and two reviews to qualify.  Rewards Gold is one of my favorite ways to get free magazines.  I do not know how long this particular deal will be available so check it out.

LINK:  Forbes Magazine Subscription



Whole Boneless Pork Loin Sold whole in the bag $1.99 lb
Fresh Whole Pork Shoulder blade Roast Bone-in Sold in the bag $1.87 lb
Fresh Safeway Drumsticks, thighs or leg quarters bone-in $1.19
Progresso Traditional or Rich & Hearty  Soup 18.5-19 oz 3/$4
Pure Protein or Balance Bar 1.76-2.01 oz Selected Varieties 99 cents
Ragu or Francesco Rinaldi Pasta Sauce 16-24 oz Selected Varieties 8.5-19 oz $1.25
Marie Callenders or Healthy Choice Meals 8.5-19 oz Selected Varieties Excluding Steamers 4/$10
Pantry Essentials Milk Gallon, Whole, 2%, 1%, or Fat Free (limit 2) $1.57
Safeway Grape tomatoes 10 oz container 2/$3
Red or Green Seedless Grapes 87 cents lb
Navel Oranges 99 cents lb
Hass Avocados 4/$5

GREAT FLIER COUPONS (Just a sample of what you can find in the Safeway Flier)
Spam Luncheon Meat $2.49 (limit 5)
Rosarita Refried Beans 15-16 oz 89 cents
Pillsbury Cake or Traditional Brownie Mix 15.25-19.5 oz 99 cents (limit 3)
General Mills Cheerios 14 oz, Reese's Peanut Butter Puffs 18 oz, Coco Puffs 16.5 oz $1.99 (limit 4)
Nature Valley Granola Bars 6.7-8.9 oz $1.99 (limit 4)
Kellogg's Nutri-Grain Bars 8 count or 12 Count Pop Tarts $1.99 (limit 4)
Mott's Apple Juice 64 oz $1.79 (limit 3)

FOUR DAY SALE (Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday)
Deli Counter Turkey Breast $4.99 lb
Betty Crocker  Fruit Snacks 4.5-8oz Selected Varieties $1.49
Safeway Cranberry Cocktail Drinks 64 oz $1.79
12 Pack 7Up and A&W Select Varieties 4/$10
Tasty Catch Pink Salmon Fillet 1 lb Frozen $4.99 each
Frigo String Cheese 24 oz $5.99
Oscar Mayer Family Event - Oscar Mayer Select or Carving Board Lunch Meat, Beef or Angus Franks or Fun Pack Lunchables Buy 1/1 Free Equal or Lesser Value

Waterfront Bistro Large  Raw Shrimp $5 lb
20-Pack Coca-Cola 12 oz cans Selected Varieties $5 Each
Foster Farms Breaded Chicken Selections 20-33.6 oz Frozen Selected  Varieties $5 Each


General Mills Cereal Select Varieties 8.9-14 oz 3/$5
Ocean Spray Juice Select Varieties 64 oz or 4 ct 3/$5
Kellogg's Cereal Select Varieties 15-25.5 oz $1.99
Boneless Half Pork Loin $1.97 lb
Atlantic Salmon Fillets Fresh, Farm Raised Family Pack $4.88 lb
Fry's Milk Gallon, Whole, 2% Reduced Fat, 1% Lowfat or Nonfat, Gallon (limit 2) $1.57
Pepsi Soft Drinks 20 Packs Select Varieties $4.99
Chef Boyardee Pasta Select Varieties 7.5 oz cup or 14-15 oz can 88 cents
Nabisco Snack or Ritz Crackers Select Varieties 5.5-16 oz $1.99
Barilla Pasta Select Varieties 12-16 oz 10/$10
Michelina's Zap'ems Entrees Select  Varieties 7.5 oz 20/$10
Red Seedless Grapes 85 cents lb
Blueberries 6 oz 2/$3
Raspberries 2/$3
Blackberries 2/$3
Roma tomatoes 88 cents lb
Romaine, Boston, Red or Green Leaf  Lettuce $1
Bananas 57 cents lb
Zucchini or Yellow Squash $1 lb
Philadelphia Cream Cheese Select Varieties 8 oz Bar 2/$3


Sanderson Farms Split Breast, Drumsticks, Thighs or Leg Quarters Bone-in Jumbo Packs or Whole Body Fryers 99 cents lb
Atlantic Salmon Fillet Farm Raised $4.99 lb
New Crop Red or Green Seedless Grapes 88 cents lb
Albertsons Gallon Milk Select Varieties $1.57 (limit 2)
Albertsons Large Eggs 12 ct Grade AA $1
Albertsons Sandwich Bread 24 oz Select Varieties $1
Bar S Meat Franks 12 oz $1
Hunts Ketchup 24 oz $1
American Beauty Pasta 12-16 oz $1
Roma Tomatoes 99 cents lb
Broccoli Crowns 99 cents lb
Bulb Green Onions 2/$1
Premium Fuji Apples $1.29 lb

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thrifty Tips for May 17, 2012



Richard, one of the station's listeners from Prescott Valley asked that I share a little something with you.  It involves the importance of reading terms and contracts before you sign them.  He also wanted me to stress the importance of making sure that when you do look for a place to rent or a car to purchase, make sure that you can afford the payments.

I thought it might be nice to add some links here that can help you out.  Mr. Landlord had a great calculator that can actually help you figure out with all expenses and income, how much rent you can really afford.  Now typically this site is for a landlord to go to in order to see if a rental applicant can reasonably afford the rent, but hey, why not take advantage of it yourself?

LINK:  Rental Calculator Mr. Landlord

I am also adding a rental calculator that is much simpler.  This calculator comes from Vinebrook Properties.  Put in your monthly income, and quickly see what you should be paying for rent.  According to Vinebrook, housing costs are affordable if they take up no more than 30%  of a family's income.  This information is from the US Office of Housing and Urban Development.

LINK:  Simple Rental Calculator Vinebrook

You may be wondering how you to get started in making up a budget.  One simple thing that is pretty much always recommended is to start to track your income and expenses.  Doing this can really keep you on target.  Follow the link below to a wonderful article at Christian PF.

LINK:  How to Make a Budget at Christian PF


Lowe's Build and Grow Clinic has a great list of activities coming up and with summer coming, they are filling up fast.  Follow the link below for a chance to sign your children up for the ice cream truck making class on May 26th or the Monkey powered plane class on June 9th and June10th.

LINK:  Lowe's Build and Grow Clinic


This came from our station manager.  When shopping online always check out the clearance section.  Sally picked up a great top at an online store for a wonderful price in the clearance department.  Amazingly that same top was still for sale in the website at double the price.  It pays to shop around the site.  And don't forget to sign up for Ebates which enables you to get cash back when you shop at their participating stores.  Each store has different percentages back.  One of my favorites was a magazine store which gives 39% back to you!  Most of my magazines I do get for free, BUT when I order my Writer's Digest Magazine, I am all about Ebates and  :)


This may take a while, but while they are still available, sign up for a free sample of Quaker Oatmeal Squares Cereal on their Facebook page.

LINK:  Quaker Oatmeal Squares

Get a free Beech-Nut Toddler Welcome Kit when you sign up for their free monthly E-Newsletter while supplies last.

LINK:  Beech-Nut Toddler Welcome Kit

 Sign up for a free Subscription to Baby Talk magazine.

LINK:  Baby Talk Magazine Free Subscription

Also available for a free subscription is American Baby Magazine.

LINK:  American Baby Magazine


Head on over to Noise Trade for a free download of The Choir's album "Burning Like The Midnight Sun."  With Noise Trade you can spread the word about the album and earn a free download or leave a nice tip for the band.  It is a great way to get free, legal music.

LINK:  The Choir Free On Noise Trade

Follow the link below to Phil Wickham's website and download Singalong 2!  I got the first Singalong last year, and it was amazing.  It is easy to pick up this amazing free download.  head over to the site, enter your name and email, head to your own email and download.

LINK:  Phil Wickham Singalong 2

FREE EBOOKS (Remember that these books were free at the time of posting. Always look at the price before downloading.)

The God Who Sees You:  Look To Him When You Feel Discouraged, Forgotten or Invisible by Tammy Maltby and Anne Christian Buchanan (AMAZON) (BARNES & NOBLE)

Closer: Devotions to Draw Couples Together by Jim Burns and Cathy Burns (AMAZON)

Chasing Mona Lisa by Tricia Goyer and Mike Yorkey (AMAZON)

How To Grow Container Gardens: Vegetable, Flower and Herb Gardening the Easy Way by Sarah Rush

The Search Committee by Tim Owens (AMAZON) (CHRISTIANBOOK.COM)

How To Make And Sell Homemade Soap by Suzanne A. Young (AMAZON)

Stuck in the Middle by Virginia Smith (AMAZON)

A Very Special Delivery by  Linda Goodnight (AMAZON)

Homespun Bride by Jillian Hart (AMAZON)

Hide In Plain Sight by Mara Perry (AMAZON)

Cross Fire by Jeanette Windle (AMAZON)

RV Cooking Cookbook by Gooseberry Patch (AMAZON)

Medical Error by Richard L. Mabry M.D. (CHRISTIANBOOK.COM)

Lie Down in Green Pastures by Debbie Viguie (CHRISTIANBOOK.COM)

Always the Designer, Never the Bride by Sandra Bricker (CHRISTIANBOOK.COM)

Always the Wedding Planner, Never the Bride by Sandra Bricker (CHRISTIANBOOK.COM)

Mood Boosting Foods with Mood Boosting Recipes (Healing Foods Series) by Lee Ann Dobbins (AMAZON)

2012 Family Guide to Groceries Under $250 a Month by Melissa Burnell (AMAZON)



Sanderson Farms Fresh Tray Pack Chicken Includes all boneless & bone-in regular size packages 1/1 Free (Identical item only) Prices $1.29 lb to $4.99 lb
USDA Choice Boneless London Broil, Chuck or bottom round Roast or Steak Family Pack 1/1 Free (Equal or lesser value) Prices $5.99 lb
Tilapia Fillets16 oz Bag Frozen 1/2 Free $7.99 each
Boneless Pork Half  Loin sold in the Bag $1.88 lb (cut and wrapped free)
Seedless Watermelon $1.99 each (limit 2)
Nabisco Snack Crackers 5.5-10 oz $1.99 (limit 6)
Pepsi 12 12oz Select Varieties 4/$9.88 (must buy 4 with minimum $25 purchase)
Farmer John Smoked Bacon Regular or Thick 12 oz 2/$5
Bar-S Jumbo Meat Franks 16 oz Select Varieties or Meat Bologna Regular or Thick 12 oz 4/$5
Yoplait Yogurt 6 oz Select Varieties 10/$6
VO5 Shampoo or Conditioner 15 oz Select Varieties 89 cents
Zucchini or Yellow Squash 99 cents lb
Green Bell Peppers or Cucumbers 69 cents each

BUY ANY 8 PARTICIPATING ITEMS SAVE $4 INSTANTLY AT THE REGISTER (Prices listed reflect savings when 8 participating items are purchased)
Albertsons Large Eggs 12 ct 99 cents
General Mills Cereal 11.25-14oz $1.99
Kool-Aid Jammers or Capri Sun Juice Drinks 10 pk Select Varieties $1.49
Powerade Sports Drink 32 oz Select Varieties 58 cents
Nature Valley or Fiber One Bars 5-6 ct Select Varieties $1.99
Progresso Rich & Hearty Soup 18.5-19 oz Select Varieties $1.29
Seattle's Best Coffee 12 oz $4.99
Betty Crocker Suddenly Salad 4.9-7.75 oz Select Varieties 99 cents


Eating Right Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts or Sanderson Farms Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts $1.99 lb
Pantry Essentials Milk Gallon, Whole, 2%, 1% or Fat Free $1.57 (limit 2)
Fresh Express Salads 9-12 oz Selected varieties 99 cents each
Ranchers Reserve Beef Back Ribs Bone-in Previously Frozen $1.29 lb
Whole Shoulder Pork Blade Roast Bone-in Sold in the bag $1.87 lb
Heinz Ketchup 32-36 oz Selected Varieties $1.49 (limit 2)
Barilla Pasta 12-16 oz Selected Varieties $1.00
Knorr Lipton Rice or Pasta Sides 4.2-5.8 oz Selected Varieties 99 cents (limit 10)
Bananas 57 cents lb
Kiwi Fruit 3/$1
Crisp Cucumbers 99 cents lb
Red Potatoes 99 cents lb
Navel Oranges 99 cents lb
Roma Tomatoes 99 cents lb


Boneless Half Pork Loin $1.97 lb
USDA Choice Steak Sale Bone-in, Ribeye, New York Strip, T-Bone or Top Sirloin 50% off
Strawberries 1 lb First 4 88 cents or 4 lbs First 2 $3.48
Bananas 57 cents lb
Mangoes 88 cents lb
Vidalia Sweet Onions 99 cents lb
Sara Lee Bread Select Varieties 20 oz $1.77
Pepsi or 7Up soft drinks Select Varieties 12 pk 12 oz cans 4/$10 (with $25 minimum purchase)

BUY 10 PARTICIPATING ITEMS AND SAVE $4 INSTANTLY PLUS AN ADDITIONAL $1 IS DONATED TO THE USO (Prices reflect the discount when 10 participating items are purchased)
Van Camp's Pork and Beans 15 oz 29 cents
Marie Callender's (12-19 oz) or Healthy Choice Dinners (10.2-12.5 oz) Select Varieties  $1.99
Challenge Butter Select Varieties 16 oz $2.49
Doritos Select Varieties 11-11.5 oz $1.99
Sargento Cheese Select Varieties Slices 6.6-8 oz $1.99
Red Baron or Freschetta Pizza Select Varieties 12.6-30oz $3.99
Fuze or Snapple Select Varieties 16-16.9 oz 99 cents
Sun Laundry Detergent Select Varieties Liquid 188 oz $5.59 each
Daisy Sour Cream Select Varieties 16 oz $1.79
Tyson Nuggets or Patties $4.59

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thrifty Tips for May 10, 2012



There are reward programs for our credit cards, the airlines we fly, retail stores, hotels and I am sure more.  Rewards for loyalty is great!  The problem is trying to keep track of them all.  Knowing when you have reached a reward limit, when a reward period expires and even changes can mean a lot of information to juggle.  Thankfully can help you. keeps track of your rewards for you.  Why is this important?  Because if you aren't keeping up on what you have, you could easily lose it.  Why waste what you have earned through your loyalty.  Check it out at the link below.

LINK:  Award Wallet


Rewards Gold has another opportunity for you to get a free subscription to Martha Stewart Living Magazine.  Sign up, do a survey, share with a friend and get your awesome magazine subscription.  I love Rewards Gold.  They have hooked me up with some great magazines.  Check this out soon too, because this could go really fast.

LINK:  Free Martha Stewart Living Magazine

Into the news?  You might like to also check out this link for an opportunity from Rewards Gold to earn a subscription to Newsweek magazine.

LINK:  Free Newsweek Magazine 

Send mom a free E-Card from  Denny's and you both will get a coupon for a free Skillet Cookie A La Mode with your entree purchase.

LINK:  Denny's Skillet Cookie Coupon with Mom's Day E-Card

Take mom to Ikea for a free Mother's Day breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon, potatoes and a cup of coffee.  Mind you, it isn't the priciest breakfast in town anyway, but still it is a great treat.  This breakfast deal is good until 11:00 AM.

LINK:  Mother's Day Breakfast at Ikea

Send a free movie to all the moms you know on Facebook by heading over to the Redbox Facebook page and sending them an E-Card.  This freebie is only good for Mother's Day.  Enter your phone number afterwards if you like, and they will text you another rental code.

LINK:  Redbox Mother's Day Free Movie

While supplies last sign up for a free sample of Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Stretch Mark Care.  This is also an entry to a giveaway for a special gift basket from Palmer's.  They will send you a confirmation email so be sure to look for it.

LINK:  Sample of Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Stretch Mark Care

While supplies last head over to Propel's Facebook page for a free sample of Propel Zero On-The-Go flavor pouches.

LINK:  Propel Flavor Samples


The Organized Kitchen by Brette Sember (AMAZON) (BARNES & NOBLE)

Words Spoken True by Ann H. Gabhart (AMAZON) (BARNES & NOBLE)

21 Bacon Dessert Recipes That You'll Wish You Would Have Tried Sooner (AMAZON) (OH MAN SORRY NOT FREE ANY MORE, BUT IT IS ONLY 99 CENTS)

Pearl In The Sand by Tessa Afshar (AMAZON) (BARNES & NOBLE)

Circle of Friends Cookbook Volume 2 25 Brownie & Bar Recipes (AMAZON) (BARNES & NOBLE)


Friday, May 11th is National Public Gardens Day!  Participating gardens in Arizona are as follows:

Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum in Tucson
Boyce Thompson Arboretum in Superior
Desert Botanical Gardens in Phoenix
The Rose Garden at Mesa Community College
Tohono Chul Park in Tucson
Tucsan Botanical Gardens

Print out your tickets by following this link from Better Homes and Gardens.  You can take up to a party of 10 (including yourself).


Don't forget to head to SavingStar and add in the latest coupons to your loyalty cards.  It may take some time, but those additional savings can add up to Paypal cash, Amazon gift cards and more.

LINK:  SavingStar 

Follow the link below to print a $1 off coupon on one Cherry Berry Chiller from McDonalds.  This looks like a perfect warm weather treat.  The coupon expires on June 15th so don't hold off too long.

LINK:  Cherry Berry Chiller Coupon


Rent one movie at a Block Buster Express Kiosk and use the code 2MOVIES and you can get $1 off your second movie rental.  This coupon code is good until 5/13.  What a great deal with the weekend coming up!  Follow the link below to find a kiosk near you.

LINK:  Block Buster Kiosk


Don't forget to head over to FreeCCM for free music downloads.  This week you can get music from Mark Wagner, Lara Landon, Shane & Shane, Sara Groves, 33Miles, Fuzed Worship and Chris Rice. 

LINK:  FreeCCM Free Music Downloads



Blackberries 6 oz 98 cents
Red Tomatoes on the Vine 75 cents lb
Kroger Cheese Select Varieties 6-8 ox 3/$5
D'Anjou Pears or Navel Oranges 99 cents lb
Private Selection Roses Assorted Colors Dozen $8.88


Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Select Varieties 6.6-8 oz 99 cents
SunnyD Select Varieties 64 oz 99 cents
Van Camp's Pork and Beans 15 oz 29 cents
Doritos or Ruffles Ultimate Select  Varieties 8-11.5 oz $1.99
Marie Callender's Select Varieties 8.5-19 oz $1.99
Healthy Choice Select Varieties 9.5-12.5 oz $1.99
Kettle Brand Potato Chips Select Varieties $1.99
Old Spice or  Gillette Body Wash Select Varieties 16-18 oz $2.99
Freschetta or Red  Baron Pizza $3.99
Fuze or SNapple Select Varieties 16-16.9 oz 99 cents
Hillshire Farm Smoked Sausage Select Varieties Ropes or Links 13-14 oz
Coffeemate Coffee Creamer $2.59 each
Ragu Pasta Sauce Select Varieties 16-26 oz $1.17


Ranchers Reserve Beef Loin New York Strip Steak Bone-in $4.99 lb
Sweet Strawberries 1lb container $1.28
Navel Oranges 59 cents lb
Fage Greek Yogurt 5.3-7 oz Selected Varieties 10/$10
Smart Ones Meals 3.95-11.5 oz Selected Varieties 5/$10
General Mills Honey Nut Cheerios 12.25-11.5 oz $1.88
Jennie-O Turkey  Store Extra Lean Ground  Turkey Breast 20 oz $4.99
Chef Boyardee Canned pasta 7.25-15 oz Select Varieties $1.00
Duncan Hines Cake or Traditional Brownie Mix 16.5-19.95 oz Selected Varieties $1.11
Red, Orange, Yellow or Green Bell Peppers $1.00 each


USDA Choice Ribeye Steak Bone-in Family Pack $4.77 lb
Cold Water Lobster Tails 3 oz Minimum $3.99 each
Dozen Rose bunch Assorted Colors $8.88 Each
Albertsons Gallon Milk Select Varieties (limit 2) $1.57
Lay's or Tostitos Chips 9-13 oz Select Varieties $1.99 When you buy 3 (limit one reward per transaction)
Fresh Leaf Lettuce Red, Green, Romaine or Spinach 99 cents each
Anjou or Red Pears 99 cents lb
Healthy Choice Steaming Entrees 8-9 oz, Marie Callender's Pot Pies 10 oz, or Kid Cuisine Meals 7.6-10.6 oz Select Varietes 5/$10
Old Orchard Cranberry Naturals, Albertsons Apple Juice or Cider 64 oz Select Varieties $1.99
Surf 2x Liquid Laundry Detergent 50 oz Select Varieties $2.99

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Thrifty Tips for May 3, 2012



Did you know that on average, Americans throw out 25 percent of the food they bring home?  This adds up to roughly $2,200 per year!  That is crazy.  I hate to say it, but I am definitely guilty.  I do try very hard to incorporate leftovers into our meal planning.  Still I miss the mark.  This caused me to look for a good site to help me with the leftover question.  I think you're going to like it.  Check out Love  Food Hate Waste.  This is a website from England so you will find things like haggis in it, but it is very, very cool and informative on serving sizes and recipes that you can make using your leftovers.

LINK:  Love Food Hate Waste


While supplies last, like Mrs. Dash's Facebook page and get four free sample packets of Mrs. Dash.  Love that stuff!

LINK:  Mrs.  Dash Samples

Costco members can sign up for a free sample of NEXXUS Promend shampoo, conditioner and leave-in treatment care while supplies last.


While supplies last, Walmart has free samples of Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine.

LINK:  Garnier Sleek & Shine

I love free samples of perfume.  It is always nice to try before you buy, and lately so many samples have actually been in those cute little spray it!!!!!  While supplies last, sign up for your free sample of  Calvin Klein's Beauty.  I cannot guarantee it will be in a cute little bottle, but a sample is a sample, and Calvin Klein has never disappointed me.  :)

LINK:  Calvin Klein Beauty


Lowe's Build and Grow Clinics have to pretty neat activities for the kids this month.  On Saturday, May 12, the kids can build a picture frame planter and on Saturday, May 26th a cute little ice cream truck is the project.  Do not forget that you need to register in advance.  Follow the link below to those fun activities for the kids.

LINK:  Lowe's Build and Grow Clinic

Do your kids love stuffed animals?  Of course they do.  If you are in the Phoenix area (specifically East Thomas  Road, you might want to take advantage of the Stuffington Bear Factory free daily drop-in tour which is on Mondays through Saturdays at 1:00 pm.  This is a little mini tour of about 15 minutes.  I would have loved this as a kid.  If you have a party of ten or larger, you can sign up the group for a longer more in depth tour.  All the details are at the Stuffington Bear Factory website.  Their phone number is listed there too so you can also call for details.

LINK:  Stuffington Bear Factory

FREE EBOOKS (These are all either Christian fiction or Christian subject matter from Christian publishers)

Ruby (Dakotah Treasures Series) by Lauraine Snelling (AMAZON)

Handle With Prayer: Unwrap the Source of God's Strength for Living by Charles Stanley (AMAZON) (BARNES & NOBLE) (

Refuge on Crescent Hill by Melanie Dobson (AMAZON)

Fatal Loyalty by Sue Duffy (AMAZON)

Seeing Things by Patti Hill (BARNES & NOBLE) (

Freefall by Kristen Heitzmann (AMAZON) (BARNES & NOBLE) (

Autism's Hidden Blessings by Kelly Langston (AMAZON)

FREE MUSIC DOWNLOADS has two free Christian music downloads this week with "Rise Up" by Matt Maher and "Toy Soldier" by Stephanie Pauline.

LINK:  iTickets Free Music

Free CCM's download offerings this week include "The River" by Lara Landon, "Miracle" by Shane & Shane, "Open My Hands" by Sara Groves, "Calling My Name" by 33Miles, "How Great Thou Art" by  Chris Rice, and "All I Want" by Fuzed Worship.

LINK:  Free Christian Music FreeCCM

New Release Tuesday has some great downloads.  They too have "The River" by Lara Landon as well as "My Desire" by Anthony Evans, "Holes" by  Heather Williams, "Victorious" by Harvest Worship, "Inside of Me" by Ashes Remain, and "Beauty From Ashes" by 737.

LINK:  New Release Tuesday Free Christian Music



Cook's Spiral  Sliced Half Ham $1.27 lb Bone in (limit 2)
Strawberries 16 oz 4/$5
Ball Park Franks Select Varieties 16 oz 2/$3
Farmer John Breakfast Sausage Select Varieties 8 oz links 4/$5
USDA Choice Roast Sale - Bottom Round, Sirloin Tip, Eye of Round, Top Round, Beef Chuck or Shoulder Buy 1 Get 1 of equal or lesser value Free
Bar-S Bacon 12 oz $1.97  (limit 4)
Banquet Entree or Michelina's Select Varieties 4-11 oz 88 cents
Quaker Creal Select Varieties 12.3-14 oz $1.88
 Fry's Large Eggs Grade AA 12 ct (limit 2)
Country Time or Kool-Aid or Tang Drink Mix Select  Varieties 10-12 ct or 6-8 qt 10/$10
Barilla Pasta Select Varieties 12-16 oz 10/$10
Kraft or Sargento Cheese Select Varieties 5-8 oz 2/$4
Smart Ones Classics Favorites Select Varieties 4.3-11.5 oz 6/$10
Progresso Soup Select Varieties 18-19 oz 10/$10
Cilantro bunches 2/$1.00
Roma Tomatoes 99 cents lb
Bananas 57 cents lb


Fresh Safeway Split  Chicken Breasts Bone-in or Fresh Safeway Drumsticks, Thighs or Leg Quarters 99 cents lb
Fresh Whole Pork Shoulder Blade Roast Bone-in Sold in the bag $1.49 lb
Jennie-O Turkey Store Lean Ground Turkey 20 oz $3.99 each
Chicken Leg Quarters Frozen Sold in a 10 lb bag 75 cents lb
Tomatoes on the Vine 88 cents lb
Yoplait Yogurt 10/$6
Marie Callender's Meals 10.25-19 oz Selected Varieties Excludes Steamers $2.00
Pantry Essentials Milk Gallon, Whole, 2%, 1% or Fat Free (limit 2) $1.57
Campbell's Condenses Soups Select Varieties 99 cents
Kiwi Fruit 3/$1.00
Texas 1015 Sweet Onions 99 cents lb
Green Onions, Cilantro or Red Radish bunches 2/$1.00
Garlic 2/$1.00


USDA Choice Petite Sirloin Steak  Boneless 1/2 free with in-store coupon ($8.99 lb)
Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts $1.67 lb
Pork Butt or Picnic roast Bone-in, whole in Bag $1.47 lb
Pork Sirloin Roast Boneless, Whole in Bag $1.47 lb
New Crop  California Sweet Corn $5/$1.00 (limit 10)
Coke Products 12 packs select varieties 4/$10 (with minimum $25 purchase)
Casa Fiesta Beans 15-16oz Select Varieties 2/$1.00
Green Onions or Cilantro bunches 2/$1.00
Roma Tomatoes 99 cents lb
Iceberg Lettuce 99 cents each