Wedding Day

Wedding Day
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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thursday Thunks -

Thursday Thunks!


This week we will answer some crazy questions brought to you by Berleen, the color orange and the number 9999.

1. What was the last thing you ate?


The last thing I ate was a salad. This is not because I am "eating right" or on a diet. I just was craving it. I also just bought this organic spring mix and want to eat it all up so I can try using the container to grow my own lettuce. Seriously! I am going to try to get back to nature this summer. DON'T LAUGH!

2. I say the color purple.. what do you think of?
Can it be possible that I am still haunted by Barney? Thank you so much for not even saying the color purple but writing it. Now I have that "I love you, you love me" song in my head. Oh wait that has been replaced by the movie The Color Purple which I have to say was pretty dang good. Who would have thought back then that Oprah would be so freaking successful! Crazy!

3. Lamps or ceiling lights?

Lamps. Of the fringy variety. I have a strong desire to own some killer fringed out lamps. My aunt owns a couple, and they are simply stunning. She has had them since I was a small child though, and I am not even sure where I could locate them, but dang...I want one.

4. What color rabbit is your favorite?

5. Your car breaks down on a deserted road and your cell phone has no signal - what do you do?
First...I look around before getting out of the car. Is it foggy? If so...I am totally not getting out of the car. I have seen enough horror movies to know that NOTHING good comes out of venturing away from a car parked on a deserted road in the fog.
If it isn't foggy, I still hang out in the car. I am not just jumping out without thinking things through. I may be able to do a text. So I try that first.
Okay...the text doesn't work. Now I grab my heavy flashlight (which I just realize I need to purchase because I don't have one right now, BUT I do have a tire iron so that will do - I do have a flash light just not a heavy one) and proceed to take a stroll off the road because I don't want to get hit by a car. This is taking too me...I'll make it work. :)

6. What is one thing most of your friends do online that you just can't understand the fascination and do not participate in?
They play World of Warcraft. Something like that anyway.

7. What do you need right now?
I need to empty the dishwasher before I get consumed by guilt. I also need to make some dinner. It is a toss up between leftovers and hot dogs. Left overs are a pork roast. Hmmmmm.

8. And your most serious injury you've had was....?
I got Gluteraldehyde in my eye. Hurt like a Mo Fo. I don't even use expressions like Mo Fo. That is how much it hurt!

9. What is the most evil thing you've ever done?
Well, there was this girl in high school that no one really liked. We got the football hero to invite her to prom. Then we arranged for her to win prom queen and...oh wait...that wasn't me. I am not an evil girl.

10. Give us some random fact about you.
When I was a little kid my mom told me that she was going to take me to the doctors if my shoes kept wearing funny in the back. I was eight years old and right then decided to walk on my toes so I could avoid going to the doctor. I wasn't crazy obvious with it, but I did what I had to do to avoid the doctor. I guess my mom should have looked at my feet more than just my shoes. is random. It is also a habit that has taken me years to get over.



Jen said...

Great answers!

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

Is it foggy? You want a weather report for a meme questions? So that's how you stay on your toes... ;)

Kimber said...

Funny and interesting answers! I said chocolate too.

Paula said...

I loved reading your answers...thanks for visitng me today!

Berleen said...

I'm haunted by Barney too!

Amber said...

wow, that's a crazy random fact. I'm impressed.
LOL I use Mo Fo, but that's because I have little ears round my house and I'd rather hear them repeat a silly chopped up version that the full one!
Now is a good time to toss together an emergency kit for your car for occasions like this!

Lenore Appelhans said...

I am still haunted by Barney too...

Ria said...

Can't believe all the people who think of barney!! can't believe I didn't think of chocolat rabbits 4 days before easter!