Wedding Day

Wedding Day
Enjoy EVERY moment in your wedding gown. You can't stay in it forever...SO UNFAIR!!!!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thrifty Tips for February 23



A while back I mentioned how I was learning to make more things myself rather than buying them.  I gave a recipe for making your own laundry detergent and now I have another recipe to share.

Make your own liquid fabric softener.  

6 Cups of Hot Water
2 Cups of Suave Conditioner (pick the fragrance you like best)

Combine all ingredients and stir until thoroughly mixed.  Use like any fabric softener in rinse cycle or add to a Downy Ball.  You can also add it to a spray bottle and mist a wash cloth with it (light mist not overly damp) and toss the cloth into the dryer.


If you are the type of writer who buys blank cards because you prefer to put your own prose inside, you  just might be able to make a little extra money selling your verse.  Check out Blue Mountain Arts.  They are open to poetry written to be used with their cards.  If you know their work, you know what I am talking about.  If not, head to the store or look at their website and see the kind of work they use in their cards.  This could be a wonderful opportunity to make a little extra cash.  They pay very well.  Check out their submission page at the link below.

LINK:  Blue Mountain Arts Writer's Guidelines


Okay...this is seriously the cutest shower gift I have ever seen.  Well, bridal shower or housewarming gift.  I imagine you may have seen diaper cakes where baby blankets and diapers are used to make adorable little cakes that you can give as a shower gift.  Follow this link to an absolutely beautiful Tea Towel Shower Cake and tutorial at Aly & Ash.   


Sign up for a free sample of Calvin Klein's Beauty while supplies last.

LINK:  Calvin Klein's Beauty

Free samples of LaCoste Challenge for men as well as other LaCoste male fragrances are available again while supplies last.

LINK:  LaCoste Sample

Like Quaker Oatmeal Squares on  Facebook and qualify for a free sample box for you and you can also extend the offer to your friends.  I do not know how long this will last so get in while you can.

LINK:  Quaker  Oatmeal Squares


Reclaiming Lily by Patti Lacy (AMAZON)

Money Savings Blueprint: Slash Hundreds From Your Bills Every Month by Bryan Bowers (AMAZON)

The Someday List by Stacy Hawkins Adams (AMAZON)

A Very Special Delivery by Linda Goodnight (AMAZON)

101 Offline Activities You Can Do With Your Child by  Steve Bennett and Ruth Bennett (AMAZON)

FREE MUSIC DOWNLOADS has two songs available for download this week.  You can download "I Have Decided" by Starfield and "Love You All The Way" by  Sean McNeill.

LINK:  iTickets Free Downloads

FreeCCM is offering free downloads this week including "Faithful" by Darlene Zschech as well as songs from The Afters, Ashes Remain, Jonny Diaz, Building429 and Skillet.

LINK:  FreeCCM Free Music Downloads



Blueberries 6 oz 99 cents each
Red Tomatoes on the Vine 99 cents lb
Broccoli or Cauliflower 99 cents lb
Romaine, Boston, Red or Green Leaf Lettuce 99 cents each
Kroger Value Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts or Tenderloins $1.88 lb (limit 4)
Fry's Large Eggs Grade AA 12ct 98 cents
New York Strip Steak USDA Choice, Bone-in, Beef Loin, Family Pack (limit 2)  $4.88 lb
Ocean Spray Juice Cocktail or Light Select Varieties 4 ct or 64 oz $1.99
Hot House English Cucumbers
Gala Apples 99 cents lb
Celery Bunch 99 cents each

BONUS SAVINGS BUY 10, SAVE $3 NOW AND SAVE $2 LATER-Sale price is after $3 discount is reflected (STORE COUPON AT CHECK OUT)
Best Foods Mayonnaise $2.99
Oscar Mayer Fully Cooked Bacon $2.69
Gatorade or G2 Select Varieties 32 oz  .69 cents
Eggo Waffles, Pancakes or French Toast Frozen, Select Varieties 10.7 to 14.1 oz $1.99
General Mills Cereal Select Varieties 11.3 to 17 oz $1.99
Campbell's Chunky Soup $1.33
Coffee-Mate Coffee Refrigerated Creamer Select Varieties 32 oz $2.89
Suave Professionals or Kids Shampoo or Conditioner Select Varieties 8.5 to 12.6 oz $1.55
Minute Maid Orange Juice Select Varieties 59 oz $1.99
Kraft Barbecue Sauce Select Varieties 16 oz .69 cents
Hungry-Man Entree Select Varieties 13.1 to 17 oz $2.19


Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast $1.87 lb
Clementine Tangerines 3 lb Bag 2/$5
Assorted Pork Loin Chops Bone-In $1.88 lb
Red, Yellow, or Orange Bell Peppers $1 each
Chef Boyardee Canned Pasta 14.75-15 oz $1 each
Hunts Spaghetti Sauce 24 oz $1
Hunts Ketchup 24oz $1
Fresh Ground Chuck $2.79 lb
Albertsons Block Cheese 8 oz $1.99
Grape Tomatoes 12 oz $1
New Red Potatoes $1 lb
Pink Lady Apples or Navel Oranges $1 lb


Chicken Leg Quarters Frozen, sold in 10 lb bag, 59 cents lb $5.90 each
Fresh Safeway Chicken Thights or Drumsticks 99 cents lb

Rancher's Reserve Beef Loin New York Strip Steak Bone-in $4.99 lb

Safeway Farms Russet Potatoes 5 lb Bag 99 cents each
Sweet Navel Oranges 2 lbs $1
Fresh Express Salads 8 to 12 oz Select Varieties 99 cents
Lucerne butter 16 oz Regular or Unsalted 2/$5
Yellow Bananas 57 cents lb
Kiwi Fruit 3/$1
Crisp Cucumbers 2/$1
Tender Asparagus $1.99 lb
Anthony's Pasta 12-16 oz Select Varieties10/$10
Knorr or Lipton Rice or Pasta Sides 4-5.7 oz Select Varieties .89 cents limit 10

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Jimmy Needham -

Jimmy Needham is an incredible Christian artist. This is a great opportunity to try out his music and spread the word to help promote it. :)

Monday, February 20, 2012

Cozy Book Giveaway at Socrates' Book Reviews

I have been diving into Cozy Mysteries with abandon lately.  I love how they are a bit quirky, often involve people who a reader can totally relate too, and they take you to sometimes the quaintest lil towns.  I also like that you can get a good laugh from a cozy too.

Head on over to Socrates' Book Reviews and check out Yvonne's review of "Little Shop of Homicide" by Denise Swanson.  There is a giveaway too!  I am in the midst of reading "Murder of a Small-Town Honey" which is also by Denise Swanson, and I am absolutely crazy about this author.  I think this is a giveaway that you are not going to want to pass up.  Follow the link below to get your chance!

LINK:  Socrates' Book Reviews Giveaway of Little Shop of Homicide

Book Review - A Taste Of Murder by Virginia Smith


I have been working my way through one of the Love Inspired Suspense books by Virginia Smith titled "A Taste of Murder." Love Inspired Suspense is fabulous division by Steeple Hill. I like it more than the other Love Inspired stories, because I enjoy a little thrill with my inspiration, and I love me some mystery! Excuse me for not being very grammatically correct here. I am just sharing my shear joy. I first discovered Virginia Smith when I read "Murder By Mushroom" another Love Inspired Suspense book. At that point, I became an instant fan.

About The Book (From Goodreads):
Who murdered a small-town beauty-pageant judge--in a very strange way? Jasmine Delaney must find out. Because she's taken the victim's place. She came to the Kentucky Bar-B-Q festival for a wedding, eager to meet the bride's handsome brother, Derrick Rogers. Yet she's suddenly surrounded by pint-size contestants whose competitive parents will do anything to ensure the crown. Even kill? Derrick fears she's the killer's next target and promises to keep a close eye on her. Yet someone is already watching Jazzy's every move. Someone who's had a taste of murder. And is hungry for more.

My Review:

I was thrilled to get into another one of Virginia Smith's mysteries.  I have enjoyed her well-developed characters and attention to detail with settings.  She really fleshes out a book from top to bottom which allows a reader to get totally immersed in the story.  Also her humor totally shines through, and I love that.

Jazzy is part of a classical trio who have been hired to perform at a wedding that is taking place the same weekend as a colossal Kentucky B-B-Q festival.  The girls arrive at the hotel in the midst of pageant moms and beauty queen hopefuls.  The hotel is absolutely engulfed in chaos.  The girls are taken aback by the crowd and surprised at the wedding's timing, but they are professionals and more than ready for the task at hand.  Jazzy is also looking forward to meeting the bride's older brother Derrick whom she met via a Christian online community as he was looking for someone to perform at his sister's wedding.  

Jazzy has the slight idea of a little romance on the brain, and is completely blindsided when she and her friends find themselves stuck in the middle of a murder investigation and new commitments as judges for several activities that will be taking place during the B-B-Q festival weekend.  Add to that the fact that their host, Derrick is extremely attractive although not really the kind of guy Jazzy is usually interested in.

What ensues is a murder mystery with a little romance thrown in for good measure.  Jazzy feels as if she sees the killer at every turn and is convinced that it must be someone who would like to win one of the contests at any cost.  However, Jazzy behaves several times in ways that aren't terribly bright for someone who is concerned that a murderer is watching their every move.  I expected someone to call her out on this with a little more force though that did not happen.  

I quite enjoyed "A Taste Of Murder."  I felt like I was on a little vacation with just enough excitement and puzzle thrown in.  The romance to me was a little off with everyone and their mother being over-the-top pushy with Jazzy and Derrick, but I would not say that it is unbelievable.  I have a friend who met her husband when they were both in a wedding and they fell VERY quickly.  As for meeting the man of your dreams online...that happened to me and my husband and I are heading to our fifth year of wedded awesomeness.  My only head scratching was that with all the murder and worry going on, who really has time to think about courting?  Still that did not take me away from the story.  

I understand that there are more mysteries with these characters, and I plan to check out each and every one.  Oh, and if I ever find myself in Kentucky, I am hitting up some BBQ and looking for some burgoo!

PS ---This is also posted on my other blog Room For Improvement - Project Me

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thrifty Tips for February 16th


Yesterday as I was speaking to a sick friend I became inspired.  Lightning didn't strike and no light bulbs flashed over my head, but my focus for today's post came to me like a shot.  Thrifty ways to cure or at the very least ease booboos, owies and other ailments.  Okay...booboos may not be an "ailment."

Got a cough?  Chewing two Altoids Peppermints helps clear it up by literally clearing up phlegm and congestion.  Who'd have known?

Oh...and though this is certainly not a pretty thing to note...Altoids also are good for revealing gas.  Again...chew two.  

Got a toothache?  Put oil of clove on a cotton ball and apply to the tooth.  If you lack the oil of clove, and I'd be surprised if you did have it, soak a cottonball with some vanilla extract and put that on the tooth.

Okay...I'm really not trying to get you sick here, but if vomiting is a problem, drink plenty of tea.  The tannins in the tea will relax the stomach contractions that can cause that heaving.  

Upset tummies are also calmed by flat cola.   It works especially well on nausea.

Leg cramps (restless leg at night) can be alleviated by (don't laugh) placing a fresh bar of soap under your bottom sheet by where your feet will be.  Apparently this works really well for restless leg syndrome and when the RLS comes back it is advised to just change the soap.  Give it a shot.

Warts giving you the blues?  Cut a square of banana peel.  Rub the inside of the banana peel on the wart and then tape the square to the wart.  I don't have a wart so I haven't tried it, but supposedly something about the potassium works the wart out.

Nose bleeds may stop more quickly when you try this quirky home remedy.  Get a nose bleed?  Have someone place cold keys behind your neck and back.  I heard that a cold washcloth works that way too.


Like Nine West on Facebook and while supplies last, you can get a free sample of their Love Fury perfume.  The bottle is very, very cute.  It looks like it has a very high high-heel stuck in it.  Maybe my definition of cute is not quite like yours.  :)  Follow the link below.

LINK:  Nine West Love Fury Sample


Head over to because they have some great songs on deck for free for all members.  You can download "Inside of Me" by Ashes Remain as well as songs from Jonny Diaz, The Afters, Building429, and Skillet. 

LINK:  FreeCCM Free Music Downloads

New Release Tuesday's free downloads this week are "Desperation Calls" by Kiros, "Anthology" by Thrice, "The Sound of Your Voice" by Jaci Velasquez and "Freedom Is Rising" by Worth Dying For.

LINK:  New Release Tuesday Free Music Downloads


Bring on the Blessings by Beverly Jenkins (AMAZON) (BARNES & NOBLE)

Into The Free: A Novel by Julie Cantrell (AMAZON) (BARNES & NOBLE) ***This one is probably not going to be free for long as the book will be releasing very soon.

Legacy Lane (Book One in the Hart's Crossing series) by Robin Lee Hatcher (AMAZON)

Ruby (Dakotah Treasures #1) by Lauraine Snelling (AMAZON)

The Big 5 Oh! by Sandra D. Bricker (Amazon) (Barnes & Noble)

Nobody by Creston Mapes - Looking for a thriller with a message?  Creston's "Nobody" will be FREE on Friday, February 17th through Sunday February 19th!  (AMAZON)  This will definitely be a short time so don't miss out!


Lowe's Build and Grown Clinics for kids has two great activities that you can sign up the kiddos for.  February 25th they can make a fabulous "Rumblin Race Car" and on March 10th the kids can make their own "Carnival Hoops" a sweet little basketball like game.  Sign them up today.

LINK:  Lowe's Build and Grow Clinic Free Activities


Okay this one is not free BUT the kids can sign up for a Make It And Take It "Express Yourself Tote." Bandanna purchase is required for this activity.  Learn more at the link below, and check with your local Michaels to see if they are participating.

LINK:  Make It And Take It Event At Michaels



Sanderson Farms Chicken Breast -Boneless, Skinless Small Pack regular retail $4.99 (1/2 free) limit 1
Pork Loin Roast Boneless sold in bag $1.88 lb
Red Seedless Grapes 77 cents lb
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USDA Choice  Beef Chuck, Cross rib or Bottom Round Roast boneless Regular Retail $5.399 lb 1/1 free
Iceberg Lettuce 88 cents 
Ruffles or Tostitos Chips 9-13 oz $1.99 each (when you buy 3)
Campbell's Condensed Soup 10.5 to 11.5 oz Select Varieties 10/$10
Tilapia Fillet 16 oz bag frozen $7.99 each 1/2 free
Bottom Rounds Steak Family Pack $5.99 lb 1/1 free
C&H Granulated Sugar 4 lbs 2/$5
Large Navel Oranges 99 cents lb
Roma Tomatoes 99 cents lb
Hass Avocados 99 cents
Kale, Collard, Mustard, Turnip Greens 88 cents each


Fuji, Gala, Granny Smith, Red or Golden Delicious Apples 77 cents lb
Pork Spareribs or Boneless Pork Loin $1.97 lb
Kroger Cheese Select Varieties Bar, Shredded or Sliced 6-8 oz $1.77
Romaine, Butter, Red or Green Leaf Lettuce 99 cents
Broccoli or Cauliflower 99 cents lb
Colgate Toothpaste Select Varieties 6.4 oz or Colgate Plus or Triple Action Toothbrush 10/$10

MIX OR MATCH ANY 10 PARTICIPATING ITEMS SAVE $3 NOW AND $2 LATER (all prices reflect this savings)
Kraft Barbecue Sauce Select Varieties 18 oz 69 cents
Eggo Waffles, Pancakes or French Toast $1.99 each Frozen Select Varieties 10.7-14.1 oz
Best Foods Mayonnaise Select Varieties 30 oz $2.99
Dannon Yogurt $1.69 each Select Varieties 4-6 ct or 32 oz $1.69
Minute Maid Orange Juice Select Varieties 59 oz $1.99
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44 oz $2.99
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Spam Select Varieties 12 oz $2.19
Hormel Compleats 10 oz Select Varieties $2.19


Assorted Pork Loin Chops Bone-In $1.49 lb
Red Seedless Grapes 88 cents lb
Broccoli or Cauliflower 88 cents lb
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Buy 2 Coca Cola Product 12 packs get 2 Free of equal or lesser value plus Get 1 Free box of Nabisco Snack Crakers 5.5 to 10 oz Select Varieties
Starkist Solid White or Chunk White Tuna 5 oz Select Varieties 10/$10 (FRI, SAT & SUN Only)
12 Pack 7 Up 12 oz Cans Select Varieties 4/$10
Safeway Farms Navel Oranges 8 lb bag $4.99 each
Kiwi Fruit 3/$1.00
Sweet Navel Oranges 99 cents lb
D'Anjou Pears 99 cents lb
Green Onions or Red Radishes 2/$1.00
Yoplait Yogurt 8 pack 6 oz Select Varieties $3.99
Campbell's Condensed Soup 10.5 oz to 11.5 oz Select Varieties 10/$10
Eating Right Meals 6-11.5 oz 5/$10

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thrifty Tips for February 9th



I have mentioned this to several people I know, but I haven't really shared it during thrifty tips.  I LOVE EBATES. is a shopping site where you can earn while you buy.  Sign up for an account for free with, and when you shop at their participating store, you can get cash back quarterly. also has discount codes too.  You wont find all your stores there, but you'd be surprised at what you do find.  For example, my husband and I like to purchase colognes and perfumes through  If we order our perfumes at but first go through, not only will we get a great price on perfume, but we also will get a percentage of our purchase price back!  Right now that percentage is 12%!  Shopping through does not change the price of the item, it just gives you an added benefit of cash back.  Here is a small list of just a few of the other online stores you can shop at and get money back:  Kmart, Kohls, Red Envelope, Barnes & Noble, New Egg, Bath & Body Works, Gamestop and many, many more.  Check them out at the link below.  Oh, you can also get money for referring friends.  I think it is like $5 per friend.  I am not using a referral code here.  You can just head on over.  :)


Valentine's Day is coming soon, and really even if you feel it was a  holiday created for merchants, it is an awesome time to remember to tell and show the people in your life that you love them.  You also do not have to break the bank to do it, though I must admit, I sure do appreciate a little blingage here and there.  Here are a few things I found that you can make or do to share the love.  :)

Vintage Spool Valentine - I found this absolutely dear and sweet craft at where it was highlighted.  Thanks to their crediting Maize Hutton and a dash over to Flickr, I was able to locate the fabulous blog where it was originally posted.  This is absolutely a sweet way to pass a love note onto one of your loved ones.  Go follow this link, and the picture is all it is going to take to convince you. 

LINK:  Vintage Spool Valentine at Maize Hutton's Blog

Let's face it, cutie flowered pins are not for everyone, but I do not know of many people who do not LOVE chocolate covered or dipped strawberries.  Follow the link below for a simple recipe, and remember that there are lots of strawberries on sale.  Here are a couple of tips:  Dipping the strawberries can sometimes cause stems to break so feel free to also spoon and ladle chocolate over the strawberries and use a tooth pick to hold them during the process.  

LINK:  Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Love Coupons.  All you need is a printer for these dolls, and honestly if you don't have a printer, you can pick up some nice paper at the store and hand write some nice coupons to give to your spouse. These coupons of course are also great for the kids to give to mom and dad too, because you add the gift value.  Love, Actually blog has some great printables for this as well as ideas to put on your coupons.  Follow the link below to head over to their blog.

LINK:  Love Coupons


Head on over to Versace's Facebook page and give it a like for a sample of Versace Yellow Diamond.  This is another whiles supplies last so don't hold off too long!

LINK:  Versace Yellow Diamond

While supplies last, sign up for a free sample of Prai perfume for women.  

LINK:  Prai Perfume

Also available while supplies last are free samples of Lacoste cologne for men.

LINK:  Lacoste Cologne Sample

FREE MUSIC DOWNLOADS has two downloads this week.  You can download "At Your Name" by Worship Central and "You Wont Relent/All Consuming Fire" by Rushworship.  Follow the link below.  Don't forget that you do need to be a member.

LINK:  iTickets Free Music Download

Members of New Release Tuesday can download the song "The Sound of Your Voice" by Jaci Valasquez off of her new album "Diamond" plus "Freedom is Rising" by Worth Dying  For from their new album "Live Riot."  New Release Tuesday also still has songs from Parachute Band and Andrew Greer.  Also this week only you can follow a link to Nine Lashes Facebook page where you can download their new song "Adrenaline."

LINK:  New Release Tuesday


Some days are better than others.  I do want to remind you that I am only posting cookbooks or books by Christian authors and publishing houses. Remember also that what is free today may not be free tomorrow.  Always look at the price BEFORE you download to be sure it is still free.

I love the compilation of recipes that you can get from Gooseberry Patch.  Right now Gooseberry Patch has a candy cookbook for download via AMAZON or BARNES & NOBLE has a fabulous download of 21 Valentine Craft Ideas For Kids.  Follow the link below and get those kids crafting.

LINK:  21 Valentine Craft Ideas For Kids



Whole Boneless Pork Loin $1.99 lb
Rancher's Reserve Whole Beef Top Sirloin roast $2.99
Tender Asparagus (yep...tender) 97 cents lb
Safeway Farms Grape Tomatoes or Roma Red Tomatoes 99 cents lb
Whole Pork Shoulder Blade Roast Bone-In Sold in Bag $1.87 lb
Crisp Cucumbers 69 cents lb
Hot House Tomatoes $1.69 lb
Hass Avocados 99 cents lb
Organic russet Potatoes 99 cents lb

8 lb Bag Safeway Farms Navel Oranges $5
Dozen Roses $19.99
Fresh  Cut Tulips 10-stem Bunches $6.99
Blooming Tulips in a 6-inch pot $7.99
Blackberries, Blueberries or Strawberries 5.6 to 6 oz containers Blackberries or Blueberries or 1lb Strawberries $3.00


New York Strip Steak USDA choice, Bone-in, Beef Loin, Family Pack Limit 2 $4.67 lb
Smart Ones Entree Select Varieties 4.4 to 11.5 oz or TGI Friday's Entrees 12 oz $1.88
Ambrosia Apples 99 cents lb
Broccoli or Cauliflower 99 cents lb
Kiwi 3/99 cents
Organic Hass Avocados 99 cents
Asparagus $1.00 lb
Farmer John Bacon Select Varieties 12 oz Buy One at $3.72 get one at 27 cents
Kroger Butter Select Varieties 16 oz Buy One at $3.49 get one at 36 cents
Russet Potatoes 5 lb bag Buy One at $2.79 Get One at 10 cents
Fry's Large Eggs Grade AA, 12 ct Buy One at $1.70 and Get One at 26 cents
Private Selection Roses $17.77
Miniature Rose Duets in 6 Inch Pot $9.99


USDA Ribeye Steak Bone-In  Family Pack $4.77 lb
New Crop Strawberries 2 lb Buy 1 Get 1 Free
Albertsons Gallon Milk Select Varieties $1.57 (limit 2)
Yoplait Yogurt 4-6 oz Select Varieties 10/$5
Ragu Pasta Sauce 16-24 oz 99 cents (limit 2)
Barilla Pasta 12-16 oz Select Varieties 99 cents (limit 2)
White Rain Shampoo or conditioner 12-18 oz Select Varieties 79 cents
Purex Ultra Liquid Detergent 50 oz or Fabric Softener 44 oz Select Varieties $1.99 (limit 2)
Doritos Tortilla Chips 11-11.5 oz Select Varieties 1/1 Free ($4.29)
Albertsons Sweet Relish 16 oz or Manzanilla Olives 5.75 oz 2/$3
Jennie-O Smoked Turkey or Eckrich super Lean cooked Ham (Deli) $3.99 lb
White Rain Body Wash 12 oz Select Varieties 89 cents
Dozen Rose Bunch Assorted Colors $17.77
Premium 4" Potted Mini rose Assorted Colors $4.99 Each
Fresh Cut Tulips 5 Stem Bunch $4.99 Each

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thrifty Tips for February 2nd



This Sunday is Superbowl Sunday, and it is the time for fun, friends, family and really odd commercials, and it can also be a real wallet denter.  Sooooo let's think of some ways that we can save money on enjoying the Superbowl. 

1 - If you are having a party, make it a potluck.  Assign different items to different guests.  Some can bring drinks, appetizers, desserts, plates and cups.  You supply the main dish and of course the locale.  This way everyone takes part in the cost.

2 - If child care is needed, chip in together and hire some sitters to take care of all the kids at your party. 

3 - Save time on Superbowl Sunday and prep as many things in advance as you can.  One of my favorite foods for a large group is chili.   Follow this link to a great slow cooker chili recipe.  You can set up an inexpensive chili and baked potato bar with all the fixings.  Because it is Superbowl weekend, you can pick up many of the sides at low cost, because all of these goodies are on sale.  Normally I would also suggest making meatballs and keeping those hot in a crock pot full of sauce.  But if you want to save time, you can buy those big bags of frozen meatballs and save yourself a step.  Ragu is on sale at Fry's right now grab a couple of jars.  Toss a bag of frozen meatballs in a crockpot, add two jars of sauce and let them cook on low until game time.  You can make meatball sliders or full on meatball grinders for a very inexpensive Superbowl meal.  Of course you can always grab a big family pack of ground beef and bang out the chili, meatballs and maybe some taco meat for a fabulous buffet.  The meatballs will take a little time, but you can save time in other ways by buying prechopped frozen onions, peppers and even celery (I do this all the time).

4 - Team Spirit - My team is playing this year, and I will be spray painting my own team shirt.  Pick up stencils or make your own by printing and cutting out the stencils at this link.


As many of you know, I love getting free magazine subscriptions.  You never know what kind of information you are going to find.  I have a free subscription for Entrepreneur magazine, and although much of it is well out of my income bracket, I always find interesting articles.  The latest had an article on entrepreneurship opportunities that military veterans have been pursuing.  The article included some fabulous websites that I think could be a benefit to a veteran you may know.  These websites can help veterans start businesses.

SBA.GOV website is loaded with information for everyone, but they have an awesome page for the Office of Veterans Business Development with many links to programs and resources for veterans to get information on loan programs for veteran owned small businesses. 

LINK:  SBA Office of Veterans Business Development

US Department of Veterans Affairs helps small businesses become certified as Veteran-owned small businesses and service-disabled veteran-owned businesses.  Once certified these businesses can become eligible for even more programs.  Their site, is loaded with information.



Last week I posted many, many uses for used coffee grounds and also left over coffee.  This week I thought I would share some uses for baking soda.  Baking soda is relatively inexpensive and something we usually have on hand for baking, but there is so much more you can use it for.

1 - Okay...we all know the obvious, but in case you do not, put an open box of baking soda in the fridge to absorb icky odors.

2 - Tooth whitening paste - Back in the mid 80s when tooth whitening products first hit the scene, my friends and I found that you could combine baking soda and 3% hydrogen peroxide into a goopy paste and mimic the whitening formulas.  We were college students on a very limited budget and really were pleased with the results.  You can also simply use baking soda as a simple toothpaste.  It isn't tasty, but it is effective and really makes your teeth feel pretty awesome.

3 - Silver Cleaner - When my silver gets a little grubby, I mix up some baking soda and water and gently rub it into the silver.  Tarnish comes off easily and leaves behind a nice shine.  I have not used it on large silver pieces, but I have used it on silver chains, rings, and flatware.

4 - Baking soda and water make a great gentle scrub for your face.  It is gritty so you will need to rinse quite a bit, but you will feel squeaky clean and exfoliated without overdoing it.

5 - Hair clarifying - A teaspoon of baking soda mixed in with your daily shampoo is all you need to use to remove a week's worth of product build up in your hair.  This is really something you only need to use once a week.  Trust me, I lived in the hairspray capital of the US back in the 80s and 90s, and all it took was this little trick to safely and inexpensively remove that build up.

6 - Fruit and veggie rinse - Add a tablespoon of baking soda to a bowl of water and use the mixture to clean off your fruit and veggies.  It works wonders with getting off the dirt and other residues.  Be sure to rinse well when done, because baking soda is not tasty.

7 - Keeping baking soda nearby when cooking is a great tool to have on hand in case of grease fires. 
Baking soda will smother the fire.  Be sure to put some distance between you and the flame before tossing the baking soda onto it, and of course if you can safely do so, turn off the appliance.

8 - Clean a curling iron - Just as your hair can hold a build up of hairspray and product so can your curling iron.  The nice thing is they clean really well with the use of baking soda.  Make a mixture of equal parts baking soda and water.  Take your cool and unplugged iron -let's repeat for emphasis...COOL AND UNPLUGGED CURLING IRON, and rub the iron with a soft cloth and the baking soda and water mixture. 

9 - Keep your sneakers from getting funky by sprinkling them with baking soda.  I like to do this at least once every two weeks. 

10 - Room refresher - Sprinkle baking soda on the floor.  Let it sit for 15 to 20 minutes and then vacuum up.

11 - When your kitty litter box is cleaned out but still a little off putting, sprinkle some baking soda on the top and let it sit.  It isn't going to harm your kitties toes, but it will take their kitty scents away.

12 - Give your sink and pipes a quick clean by putting about 3/4 cup of baking soda in the drain followed by half a cup of white vinegar.  Not only will it clean your pipes but it can also be a natural way to unclog your pipes.  Of course sometimes you still need a plumber, but we have had pretty good results with this as a maintenance method. 

13 - Car Care - Baking soda is a great car cleaning tool.  Use it on the chrome, lights and to remove road tar and sap.  Mix 1/4 cup of baking soda with 1 quart of warm water and use with a sponge or soft cloth.   

14 - Oven Cleaner - Wipe the oven with a wet sponge or cloth and then sprinkle with baking soda.  Let this sit over night and tackle it the next day.  I have also tossed baking soda on oven spills for a quick clean up when the oven is cool.

15 - Upset Tummy - Use baking soda to relieve acid indigestion.  Follow the directions on the box.  DO NOT OVERUSE.

16 - Underarm deodorant - Yep...apply baking soda with a puff (you can usually buy these at drug stores in the beauty department) for a natural deodorant.  Note this is not an antiperspirant just a deodorant.

17 - Bath - For a nice relaxing soak that will remove oils and soften skin, add a cup of baking soda to the tub and soak it out.  If your skin is irritated from a sunburn a soda wash will help take the irritation out.  It is also great for a foot soak too.

18 - Smelly Fish Hands - I am so sorry that I wrote smelly fish hands, but I was thinking about how when you have to squeeze out a can of tuna before you use it, and afterward you are left with smelly fish hands.  ICK!  I mentioned how you can wash your hands with used coffee grounds to remove the scent, but you can also wash your hands with baking soda and water.  Scrub them up and remove the stink.  Sorry about the silly side, but I have been eating a lot of tuna lately, and this has really been a priority in the cleaning department.  Plus if you wash your hands in the kitchen sink with the baking soda, it will minimize the odor in the sink.

19 - Clean the kitchen or bathroom sink - Baking soda is a great mild abrasive that you can use to clean your sinks, stove tops and counter tops.  In fact it is also great to use to remove marks on the wall.  It is also nice because it has no bleach.

20 - Draw out the stale smell from wash cloths by soaking in 1/4 cup of baking soda and a quart of water.

21 - Make beans more digestible - Okay...I haven't tried this yet, but I have read that if you add some baking soda to the water that you soak your dried beans in, it will help the beans be more easily digestible. 

22 - Stings and bites - Baking soda with a little dash of water on a sting or bite is said to remove the ouch.

23 - Make a soak for retainers or other appliances.  Add two teaspoons of baking soda to two cups of water or a bowl of water, mix and add the appliance or a retainer.  This will clean and freshen the retainers.  NEVER soak your retainers in mouthwash.

24 - Make Play Clay!  Simply combine baking soda, corn starch and water and you can make clay.  Follow this link to the Arm & Hammer site for the recipe.


A lot of us use an envelope system in order to keep our budgets on track.  If you are interested in trying out the envelope system, follow this link to Dave Ramsey's website to learn how to get started with an envelope system.  If you would like a very cool printable that you can use to print your own envelopes which will have a spending register included, follow this link to Today's Nest for their fabulous free envelope printable.  Seriously, I love this. 


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