Wedding Day

Wedding Day
Enjoy EVERY moment in your wedding gown. You can't stay in it forever...SO UNFAIR!!!!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Thrifty Tips for May 9, 2013


Last weekend I posted my Saturday pick up from the Bountiful Baskets food co-op, and lots of my friends on Facebook and off asked about it.  I realized it has been a couple of years since I brought it up so I am bringing it up again.  When you join the co-op you get the opportunity to buy in on the week's pick up of fruits and vegetables plus additional items that you can purchase.  You can sign up for a 50/50 fruit and vegetable combination or go for an organic basket (I usually just stick with the regular).  In addition, there are opportunities to buy large quantities of other items like breads, tortillas, coconut oil and more.  The site is very easy to navigate and there is participation spots all over Arizona from Anthem to Yuma and in between.  You order between Monday afternoon and Tuesday evening and pick up on Saturday at the location required.  Learn more by going to the website.  Follow this link to learn more.   PS - Bountiful Baskets is available in some other states.

Friday, May 10th is free National Public Gardens Day.  Now this may not sound amazing to you, but if you took a good look at the gardens you can visit, for free on this day, you just might change your mind.  Visit the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix or Tohono Chul in Tucson.  The free admission tickets are thanks to Better Homes and Gardens and the American Public Garden Association.  Follow this link to get your link to participating gardens and your tickets.  It looks like you can get up to ten tickets.  Not a bad way to maybe spend a day with the home-school group.

Treat mom to a free breakfast at IKEA on Mother's Day from restaurant opening until 11:00 am.  Hey, I'm a mom, and if I don't have to cook, I'm happy.  I'll take a free meal anywhere. 

Dad's, teachers, grandparents or even older siblings can help fill out this sweet All About Mom printable from Tip Junkie.  It provides mom with a great snapshot of life with her little ones. 

Coupons are also a pretty awesome gift for mom.  I recently relocated some that my son gave me and although I haven't used them all yet, they have no expiration date so I intend to.  :)  There is a great printable at Homemade Gifts Made Easy.  Just scroll down a bit at this link.

Can't set up a getaway for mom on Mother's Day?  You can give her that feeling with breakfast in bed and a room service order.  Set up a menu for mom to choose her breakfast treats and print out this cute door hanger for her to write her choices on and hang on the door when she heads to bed.  So very sweet!

The kids can also make a really cute felt flower pot via this tutorial.  Felt is very inexpensive and these flowers will last a good long time.  

FREE EBOOKS (These ebooks were free at the time of my posting.  Be sure to check the price before you download because that can change quickly)
Through The Fire (First Responders Book #1) by Shawn Grady (AMAZON) (CHRISTIANBOOK.COM) (BARNES & NOBLE)

The Last Disciple by Hank Hanegraff and Sigmund Brouwer (AMAZON) (CHRISTIANBOOK.COM) (BARNES & NOBLE)

An Untamed Land (Red River of the North Book #1) by Lauraine Snelling (AMAZON) (CHRISTIANBOOK.COM) (BARNES & NOBLE)

The How-To Book on Creating a Beautiful Container Garden by Jonah Green (AMAZON)

Eating Clean to Stay Young by Emma Madison (AMAZON)

FreeCCM has three free downloads available right now including songs from Todd Agnew and The Afters.

NoiseTrade is offering a possible free download of Matt Maher's "Burning In My Soul."  There are two ways that this can work.  You can tip Matt for the song from $1 up to $25 or spread the word about this song and download via Twitter or Facebook and get the song for free.


USDA Choice Ribeye, T-Bone or New York Steak any size package 50% off regular retail
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Fresh Whole Boneless Pork Loin sold Whole in the Bag $1.99
Yoplait Yogurt 4-6 oz Selected Varieties 10/$5
Sweet White Corn 4/$1
Red Potatoes Bulk 69 cents lb
Safeway Farms Whole or Sliced White Mushrooms 8oz Package 2/$3
Country Time Drink Mix, Kool-Aid or Tang, Select Varieties 10-12 ct or 6-8 qt 10/$10

Kroger Value Boneless Chicken Breasts or Thighs, Fresh USDA Inspected $1.77 lb (limit 4)
Dulcinea Mini Seedless Watermelon 99 cents each (limit 4)
Blue Bell Ice Cream 64 oz $3.99
Fry's Large Eggs Grade AA 88 cents

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Some Thrifty Tips for May 2, 2013


A week or so ago, I was moaning to my husband about how badly I wished we had an app for our phone that could keep us on top of our grocery needs.  An app that could keep track of what we needed and also share that information with whomever we chose.  Grocery iQ is a perfect app for that.  With Grocery iQ you can scan items at home when you run out so they can be added to a shopping list, and whomever you share that list with will know as well.  This is a perfect plus for me and my husband.  I have missed more of his texts and calls when he is out at the store and wants to see if there is anything we need.  You can even organize your list by aisle which is a total time saver.  Free for Android and iPhone.  Learn more at

Next week is Teacher Appreciation Week.  Help your children share some appreciation for their teachers with these inexpensive gifts.

Pom pom yarn book marks are seriously cute.  All it takes is some inexpensive yarn, scissors and a wee bit of patience.  So simple, I could do it.  I found this tutorial at Design Mom

I found a great Back To School gift that can easily double as a teacher appreciation gift.  A small jar of dipping caramel and an apple wrapped up all cute.  This sweet gift is completely explained at Random Thoughts of a Supermom.

It doesn't get much easier than the gift of Fanta soda with the tag "You are a FANTA stic teacher."  The printable and tutorial is available at the blog 4 Men 1 Lady.

Bake your teacher some tasty cookies and pick up some take out boxes at the craft store.  There is a great printable and tutorial at Make Bake Celebrate (the cookies are awesomely decorated but any baked cookie will be just as sweet).  The printable tag that says "Thanks to you, I'm one smart cookie" is sweet as can be.

Plan on getting some flowers for the teacher?  Mom in Time Out has a great printable to go with flowers or put together a little garden kit like you will see at the website.  Very cute. 

If you have kids, you probably have crayons around.  If you don't have crayons around, they are easy to pick up and use to make a simple crayon frame.  Follow the tutorial at Mom It Forward.

Other quick ideas:
-Fill plastic lidded drinking glasses with single serve powdered drink mixes that they can add to the glass.  Perfect for the teacher to quench their thirst with a treat at any time. You can also fill that plastic cup with a couple of snack treats as well as drink packets. 
-If you can locate an old Scrabble game at the thrift store, you can combine the tiles to spell the teacher's name, glue it to the tile holder and give your teacher a creative desk plate.

While supplies last, sign up for a free sample of Color Scents trash bags.  Yes scented trash bags.  :)  Why not.  Follow this link to their Facebook page to order yours.

While you are online, check out this Facebook freebie for a sample of Ovaltine while supplies last as well.

Today is the National Day of Prayer.  Head over to the National Day of Prayer website for more information, to find events in your area and for a free download of Sanctus Real's song "Pray."


Boneless  Half Pork Loin $1.77 lb Whole in Bag (limit 2)
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Fry's Milk 2% Reduced Fat, Whole, Lowfat or Skim Half Gallon 88 cents each (limit 4)
Iceberg, Romaine, Red or Green Leaf Lettuce 99 cents 
Large Lemons 3/$1

Pork Spare Ribs Previously Frozen $1.88 lb
USDA Boneless Petite Sirloin Steak Buy 1 Get 2 Free ($8.99 lb)
Jumbo Cantaloupe $1 each
Tropical Mangos 3/$1
Red, Ripe Roma Tomatoes 99 cents lb

Fresh Whole Pork Shoulder Blade Roast Bone-In (sold whole in bag)$1.49 lb
Pantry Essentials Milk Gallon, Whole, 2%, 1% or Fat Free $1.79 (limit 2)
Hass Avocados 77 cents each
Large Limes 4/$1
Cacique Chorizo 10 oz Selected Varieties 99 cents each

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Thrifty Tips for April 25


One of my favorite sites for finding that ideal location when traveling is AirbnbAirbnb hooks you up with locals who are renting out their homes to travelers.  These homes could be condos, apartments, houses or even simply a room.  The bonus is the prices are right, the places belong to locals, and you are in the thick of things rather than in a hotel.  It is terrifically easy to navigate.  Another bonus, you can even rent your own place or rooms via Airbnb

Okay, the fact is even if it is petroleum jelly many of us just call it Vaseline.  It can be a money saver.  Here's a couple of tips.

-To make candle wax cleanup easier, lightly rub petroleum jelly inside the candle holder.
-Get a clean looking at home manicure by dabbing a light layer of the jelly around your fingernails before polishing.  Excess will wipe away cleanly.
-A light layer of the jelly around the mouth of the polish bottle will also make it a breeze to open.
-If your door has a squeak, apply a little jelly to silence it.
-Remove water stains from wood tables by applying the jelly to the stain and let it set over night.  Buff the stain out in the morning.   

FREE EBOOKS (Remember that these were free at the time of my posting.  Prices can change.  Please confirm the price before you confirm your order).

Alone: Finding Connection in a Lonely World by Andy Braner (AMAZON)

The Prayers of Agnes Sparrow: A Novel of Bright's Pond by Joyce Magnin (AMAZON) (BARNES & NOBLE) (CHRISTIANBOOK.COM)

In the Company of Secrets (Postcards from Pullman Book 1) by Judith Miller (AMAZON) (BARNES & NOBLE) (CHRISTIANBOOK.COM)


Fresh Safeway Split Chicken Breasts, Drumsticks, Thighs or Leg Quarters (Bone-In) 99 cents lb
Red Delicious or Gala Apples 99 cents lb
Sweet Strawberries 1lb container 99 cents each
Powerade 32 oz Selected Varieties 49 cents each (limit 15)
Rosarita Refried Beans 15-16oz Selected Varieties 99 cents

Fresh  Whole Frying Chicken or Jumbo Pack Leg Quarters 88 cents lb (limit 2)
Albertsons Gallon Milk Select Varieties $1.79 (limit 2)
American Beauty Pasta 12-16 oz $1
Hunt's Ketchup 24 oz Select Varieties $1
Albertsons Large Eggs 12 ct Grade AA $1.27 (limit 2)

Pork Loin Back Ribs or St. Louis Style Spareribs Previously Frozen Moist and Tender buy 1 get 2 free of Equal or Lesser Value (must be like items)
Iceberg, Romaine, Red or Green Leaf Lettuce 99 cents lb
Artichokes 10/$10
Kroger Cheese Select Varieties 6-8 oz or Singles 16 ct $1.88

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Thrifty Tips



I love when I find a great recipe that takes advantage of a sale.  There is a super great slow cooker recipe for sweet pork at the blog Butter, with a side of bread.  Follow this link to check it out.  It is beyond easy, and very inexpensive.


Heading out on a road trip and want to find a place fast and at a discount?  Download the app from Hotel Tonight.  You can save up to 70% on a room.  The app works on iPhones and Android phones.  

Get alerts for the best travel deals by typing in your location and destination at Air Fare Watchdog, and they will email you when they find an awesome deal.  


While supplies last sign up at Target for a fee sample of Voots kids supplements. There is a small Q&A first to be qualified.

While supplies last you can sign up for a free sample for your cat with a sample of Purina One Healthy Metabolism Cat Food.  You will see the sample request on the first banner.


Wet & Wild in Phoenix is selling their season passes as a low cost when you buy four until April 21st.  This is a quick savings if it is a place you are going to visit more than twice, and with the warm Arizona weather coming, that might be a good idea.  Get details at their website.


Sign the kids up for a free Lowe's Build & Grow Clinic on May 11th where the kids can learn and make a sweetheart frame. 


The Afters has a new album that was released on Tuesday called "Life is Beautiful" and right now you can get a free download of the song "Life is Beautiful" at Free CCM as well as four other great songs.

FREE EBOOKS (Keep in mind that these books are free at the time of my posting.  That can change so always look at the price before downloading)

One Chance by Daniel Patterson (AMAZON)

The Narrow Path by Gail Sattler (AMAZON) (CHRISTIANBOOK.COM



California Grown Sweet Corn 6 for $1
Boneless Half Pork Loin (sold in the bag) $1.99 lb
Boneless, Skinless  Chicken Breast or Thighs $1.88 lb
Fresh Romaine, Green or Red Leaf Lettuce 99 cents each
Ataulfo Mangos 69 cents each


Rancher's Reserve Boneless Beef Top  Round London Broil $2.79 lb
Jumbo Navel Oranges 77 cents lb
Tender Asparagus 99 cents lb
Boneless Pork Sirloin Country Style Ribs or Pork Sirloin Chops $1.99 lb
Pantry Essentials Milk $1.79 gallon 2%,1% or Fat Free (limit 2)


USDA Boneless top Sirloin Beef Loin, sold in Bag (limit 2) $3.99 lb
Strawberries or Blackberries 6-16 oz 2/$3
Zucchini or Yellow Squash 99 cents lb
Fry's Large Eggs Grade AA, 12 ct 2/$3 (limit 2)
Eggo Waffles Minis Pancakes or French Toaster Sticks Frozen Select Varieties 6-10 ct $2.29

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Some Thrifty Tips 4/11/2013



A while back I shared that I was planning on doing some gardening this summer and I was looking for tips to have some success.  One of the tips shared with me was that there are several produce items that you can regrow.  I shared in the past how you can keep green onions on hand by simply placing them in a jar of water and that they will grow and grow and grow (LOVE THAT!), but I thought it would be cool to share these others.

-Romaine lettuce - My mom shared this one with me.  Whenever she buys Romaine lettuce, she cuts off all the leaves as far as she can and then cuts the bottom with a cross shape and places it in water.  Within days it begins to root.  Once they grow a bit she pots them up and lets them continue on growing until she is ready to enjoy the lettuce and start it all over again.

-Celery - A listener shared this with me.  Cut a store-bought celery down to about 2 1/2 to three inches from base.  Place in water for ten days.  As it begins to show regrowth you can cut some of the older stalk away (not all just the outer ring) after ten days and decent growth and root it should be ready to plant.  It sprouts in weeks and is definitely quicker than seed.  I saw some people do this with water, but I was told that soil is the way to go with the celery because when you move it to soil it kind of freaks out if it has only been in water. 

-Ginger- Ginger is great for the tummy and easy to plant.  Buy a ginger root with lots of nubs.  Plant it (nub side up) in a pot and let it grow.  It should be ready to harvest in 4-6 months (yes it isn't fast but it is cool). 

-Garlic - It is rare that you need the entire garlic head.  Soooo what you are going to do is pull off a couple of cloves to plant.  Peel off the garlic's paper skin and plant it point up in soil.  Each one will grow you another head. 

-Pineapple- I am not sure what you do once the plant gets going but I understand that you can grow a pineapple plant from the crown of the pineapple.  Here's the skinny - Remove the bottom leaves from the crown (about an inch or two) and put in a container of water.  It should grow some good roots in 3 to 4 weeks.  Once that happens plant in soil and let it grow.  Apparently this takes a while but a pretty plant is still a pretty plant and these are supposedly ready to harvest in 11/2 years.  That is a nice payback for something you already bought.

-Potatoes and Sweet Potatoes - Both of these can be grown because of the eyes.  If you are like me and occasionally lose the opportunity to use all your potatoes, try cutting the potatoes into chunks with those long "eyes."  Whey do they call those eyes?   They really look more like feelers.  I guess feelers is just a bit too creepy.  Anyway make sure your chunks have one or two eyes.  Let them dry a bit and then plant in soil about four inches deep with "eyes" facing up.  A good compost will help these grow.   You can grow sweet potatoes by placing their ends in water and letting shoots grow.  Once they grow like the eyes do, you can separate and plant.


Now is the time to join Recyclebank if you haven't yet.  They are doing a retro recycling with the Eco Time Capsule each week in April and you can get lots of points from reading their tips from the decades (70s and 80s so far).  Make a pledge and get 10 points per pledge.  Use these points to get rewards like magazine subscriptions, coupons, discounts and gift cards.  I use them for magazines mainly and I have picked up 12 subscriptions so far...all free.  Some of the subscriptions can be continuous others are only for one year where you have to wait another year before ordering.  Recyclebank gives you lots of easy ways to earn points.  Check in daily for chances to pledge for free points (recycling pledges nothing weird) and now for their Eco Time Capsule.  The best part is you learn a lot of great tips on recycling and saving money.

FREE EBOOKS -These were free at the time of my posting.  That can change.  Always look at the price before you download.

Understanding the Times by  Ken Ham (AMAZON) (BARNES & NOBLE)

Soon - The Beginning of the End by Jerry B Jenkins (AMAZON) (BARNES & NOBLE) (CHRISTIANBOOK.COM)

Leather and Lace by DiAnn Mills (AMAZON)


FREECCM has four great music downloads from Sara Groves, Hawk Nelson, Phil Wickham and Addison Road.  Get there by following this link.

This isn't a free download but you can listen to a free preview of The Afters' new album "Life Is Beautiful" right now as a member of New Release Tuesday!  It releases on April 16th.  This is a great chance to check it out.  Find it by clicking here.

New Release Tuesday also has some great music downloads.  One of my favorites is "Is It Ever" by the JJ Weeks Band.  Check it out.  I think you'll like it.  All the downloads are for members but it is FREE!  Check it out here.


Pork Loin Chops - Boneless Buy 1 get 2 Free (limit one reward per transaction for like item only)
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Crisp Cucumbers 79 cents each

USDA Choice New York Strip Steaks Bone-in Beef Loin 50% off
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Blue Diamond  Almond Breeze Select Varieties 1/2 Gallon $1.99

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Thrifty Tips for March 21, 2013


I was so excited several months ago when I finally had enough room in my freezer to purchase some pizza dough from Sam's Club.  For under $20 I bought one case (20 balls of frozen pizza dough).  I can make my own dough, and it will be cheaper BUT not so much cheaper in time and yeast that it is really worth it to me.  For less than $20 I can buy a case of dough (split it with someone even) and have pizza on hand with very little notice.  Here's the trick:  Double wrap the dough when you get home and freeze.  Pop the dough in the fridge a day or two before you plan to make pizza to thaw out.  It usually takes a day.  This dough is great for pizza and calzone. 

Now as much as I do appreciate having pizza dough at the ready, I do like a homemade sauce.  This recipe tastes amazing, makes enough sauce for two pizzas, doesn't contain weird preservatives that you can't pronounce, it is totally easy (my favorite part) and is pretty inexpensive.

1 - 28 oz can of crushed tomatoes
1/4 cup of extra virgin olive oil
1/2 teaspoon ground pepper
3/4 teaspoon minced garlic (I usually buy this by the jar so I always have it on hand for recipes)
3/4 teaspoon dried oregano
1 Tablespoon of Pecorino Romano cheese or regular Romano (I prefer Pecorino)
1 Tablespoon of sugar

DIRECTIONS - No joke here.  Mix it all together.  Let rest while prepping your dough.  Super easy, massively tasty.

Keep in mind like always that these books were free at the time of my posting.  This can change so always check the total before agreeing to a download.

1,001 Low-Fat Vegetarian Recipes by Sue Spitler and R.D. Linda R. Yoakum (AMAZON) (BARNES & NOBLE)

Did the Resurrection Happen...Really? - A Dialogue on Life, Death, and Hope by Josh McDowell and Dave Sterrett (CHRISTIANBOOK.COM) (AMAZON) (BARNES & NOBLE)

The Mother Road by Jennifer AlLee (CHRISTIANBOOK.COM) (AMAZON) (BARNES & NOBLE)

Rescue the Captors by Russel Stendal (AMAZON) (BARNES & NOBLE)

FreeCCM will keep you busy with music downloads.  There are ten songs available right now including "Your's Alone" by Phil Wickham.

If you are looking for a fun music experience for the family, you just might want to take advantage of a free streaming of the Winter Jam stop in San Antonio, Texas.  See the whole show free via streaming via Stage Hop starting at 6 pm CT (4 pm in most parts of Arizona).  It is super easy and totally free to register and a great chance to see some of your favorite Radio Shine artists.  Winter Jame made a stop here in Arizona but the lineup was different.  This lineup includes:  TobyMac, Matthew West, Jamie Grace, Newsong, Sidewalk Prophets, Jason Castro and more.  Catch all the details and sign up at this link.  Register in advance and will send you all the directions you'll need.

While supplies last sign up for a free sample of Kate Spade's perfume Live Color Fully via Facebook. 

Check out the amazing classic airplanes at the Falcon Field 5th annual open house.  It is all free on Saturday from 9 am to 2 pm.  You will see helicopters, vintage war birds, and lots more (including a classic car show).  Free parking too.  Follow this link for all the details.  Awesome fun for the kids. 

Lowe's Build and Grow Clinics have a fun build for the kids on Saturday, March 23rd with space at various locations and there is also a build coming up on April 13th.  Follow this link for your details.


Pork Loin back Ribs or St. Louis Style Ribs previously frozen buy 1 and get 2 free (of like item of equal or lesser value)
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Bananas 49 cents lb
Kroger Turkey Frozen 10-28 lb 99 cents lb
Foster Farms Whole Chicken 99 cents lb
Hebrew National Beef Franks Select Varieties 11-12 oz 2/$6

Pork Shoulder country Style Ribs Bone-in $1.49 lb
Red Delicious or Fuji Apples 99 cents lb
Rancher's Reserve Boneless Beef Top round London Broil $2.99 lb
Lean Cuisine or Stouffer's Meals 8.5 to 12 oz Selected Varieties 5/$10
Gold Medal Flour 4.25 to 5 lb $1.99
Orange Yams or Russet Potatoes 99 cents lb
International Delight Creamer 32 oz 2/$6 Select Varieties
Organic Cauliflower 99 cents lb
Buddig Thin Sliced Lunchmeat 12 oz $2.99
Ataulfo Mangos 99 cents each

Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast or Thighs $1.77 lb
Super Lean Ground Beef 93% Lean 3lbs or more $2.77 lb
Cantaloupe $1 each
Large Eggplant $1 lb
Blackberries 6 oz $1 each
Lean Cuisine Entrees 6-12 oz Select Varieties $1.99 (Get one free Skinny Cow Novelty 4-12 ct when you buy 6)
Eggo Waffles 6-10 ct $1.99
Assorted Pork Chops bone-in $1.59 lb
Crisp Celery $1 each
Bunch Spinach $1 each

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Thrifty Tips for March 14, 2013



Tea is not just a wonderful beverage both hot and cold.  Tea has a multitude of uses which makes it extra thrifty.

-Polish furniture with a small amount of brewed tea on a cloth.  It will help clean the wood and shine it up too.  It also works great on wood floors as a follow up to your regular cleaning.  Use small amounts and let air dry.

-Fill a spray bottle with some brewed tea and use it to clean glass and mirrors around the home.  This works really well on greasy fingerprints.  How do fingerprints get so greasy anyway?

-If you fill that spray bottle with black tea, it is supposed to also work wonders on killing dust mites by lightly spraying around.  Definitely check that it will not stain by testing areas. 

-Used tea bags placed in a small  bowl or open container can assist in removing refrigerator odors.

-Just like cucumber, cooled tea bags work wonders on swollen eyes and are calming and soothing.  It is always nice to put used ones in the fridge just in case.

-Smelly feet can be relieved with a bath in tea.  The tanins in the tea work wonders in taking the smell out.

-Tenderize tougher cuts of meat by letting it marinate in black tea.

-Help heal plantar warts by placing a used tea bag on the area for 20 minutes a day.

-Take the ouch out of razor burn and help healing by placing a wet tea bag on the area.


Like bacon?  According to Denny's it will pretty much cure what ails ya.  So why not join their Baconella promotion for a coupon for two free strips of bacon.  Really how can it be wrong?


While supplies last, sign up for a free sample of Gucci Black.

FREE EBOOKS (Remember that these books were free at the time of my posting.  That can change at any time so always look at the price before committing to a download)

Trauma Plan by Candace Calvert (CHRISTIANBOOK.COM) (AMAZON) (BARNES & NOBLE)

Tangled Ashes by Michele Phoenix (CHRISTIANBOOK.COM) (AMAZON) (BARNES & NOBLE)

Distant Dreams by Judith Pella and Tracie Peterson (CHRISTIANBOOK.COM) (AMAZON) (BARNES & NOBLE)


Download AudioAdrenaline's song "He Moves You Move" from their new album "Kings & Queens" as well as nine other songs totally for free at FreeCCM.  You just have to be a member .  PS They don't spam you. 



Safeway Corned Beef Brisket Point Cut $1.79 lb (while supplies last)
Fresh Boneless Pork Sirloin Chops or country Style Ribs $1.69 kb
Green Cabbage 39 cents lb
1lb of Strawberries $1.48each
Eggo Frozen Breakfast 9.8 - 16.4 oz Select Varieties $1.99
Safeway Apple Juice 64 oz Select Varieties $1.67
Jennie-O Turkey Store Extra  Lean Ground Turkey Breast 20 oz $5.99
Bigelow Tea 18-20 count Selected Varieties 2/$4
Organic Grapefruit 99 cents each


Split Chicken Breast or Drums, Thighs & Leg Quarters Bone-in, Jumbo Pack 99 cents lb
Great American Tilapia Fillets 1 lb Bag Frozen Buy 1/3 Free (only $2.50 lb with deal)
Seedless Green & Red Grapes $1.47 lb
Albertsons Gallon Milk Select Varieties $1.79 (limit 2)
Bar S Jumbo Meat Franks 16 oz or Meat Bologna Regular or Thick 12 oz $1
Fresh Red Potatoes 69 cents lb
Atlantic Salmon Fillet Farm Raised $6.99 lb
Loin Back Ribs or St. Lous Style Ribs Previously Frozen Buy 1 Get 1 Free (Save up to $7.99 lb)
Carlita Taco Shells 12 ct Select Varieties $1
Red Ripe Roma Tomatoes 99 cents lb


Pork Full Line, Fresh, Moist & Tender Buy One Get One of Like Item Free
Full Line USDA Choice Roast Sale Bottom Round, Sirloin Tip, Eye of Round Top Round, Beef Chuck or Shoulder 50% off (Save up to $6.99 lb)
Red Potatoes 5 lb Bag $1.88
Green Cabbage 3 lbs for 99 cents
Cantaloupe 88 cents
Iceberg, Romaine, Red or Green Leaf  Lettuce 99 cents
Broccoli or Cauliflower 99 cents lb
Thomas' English Muffins Select Varieties 2/$5
Johnsonville Breakfast Links or Ground Sausage Select VArieties 10.28 - 16 oz $2.99
Fuji, Gala, Red or Golden Delicious  Apples or Navel oranges 99 cents lb

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Thrifty Tips for Thursday March 7, 2013



I was reading the other day that college tuition costs are going up and the assistance that students can get are going down.  It is a great time to look again at where you can look into sending the kids to college perhaps for free.  The colleges below are free but some will also have additional room and board and others specific requirements for living in the area, but it is worth a good long look.

The Cooper Union
for the Advancement of Science and Art in New York City has programs in Art, Architecture, and Engineering. Their merit based scholarships are full scholarships for all their enrolled students.

Webb Institute
in Glen Cove, New York was named to the Princeton Review's list of 50 "Best Value" Private Colleges for 2009. Their major is Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering. Students live and study on the shores of Long Island Sound.

If music is your child's thing, you might want to check out the Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia. The Curtis Institute of Music is one of the world's leading music schools and offers merit based full-tuition scholarships to the college. Competition is high as they only accept about 160 students a year apparently even more competitive than Juliard. The education is very individualized.  They also have free online classes

Berea College
in Kentucky is a liberal arts college where students work on campus instead of paying tuition. The work study is mandatory. All students are awarded a four year tuition scholarship.

Barclay College is a Bible college located in Haviland, Kansas.  Barclay College has bachelor’s degree programs in Pastoral Ministry, Youth Ministry, Christian Elementary Education, Sports and Recreational Leadership, Business Administration, and other fields. Associate’s degrees are available in Biblical Studies and General Studies.  Barclay College currently offers free tuition to all on-campus students as posted here.

Deep Springs College is a two-year college whose two-year scholarship is valued at $50,000. It is very prestigious and highly competitive as they only accept about 10 to 15 students a year. This is a male only college located in California on a cattle ranch and alfalfa farm. The students often transfer to very high profile schools upon completion of their two year program.

College of the Ozarks is in Missouri and is another college where tuition is taken care of through work programs. It is a conservative and Christian college. Their focus is also on students with financial need and specifically in the Ozarks area, though they will accept students from outside that area, but priority is given to those students from the area first.

A college with a similar goal for providing a higher education for the students with lower income is Alice Lloyd College in Kentucky. It is a liberal arts work college.  Tuition is guaranteed to full-time students residing in Alice Lloyd College’s 108-county Central Appalachian service area and their mission is to educate mountain people for positions of leadership(from the college website). here in Arizona, your child would not qualify for the two colleges above, but considering how many of us have moved here from elsewhere, you might want to share this information with someone who might qualify.

United States Military Academy in West Point, New York
Tuition again is free, but there is a service requirement upon graduation. This is a wonderful school and a fabulous opportunity, but not one to be taken lightly. From the website: A West Point cadetship includes a fully funded four-year college education. Tuition, room, board, medical and dental care are provided by the U.S. Army. As members of the Armed Forces, cadets also receive an annual salary of more than $6,500. This pay covers the cost of uniforms, books, a personal computer, and living incidentals. By law, graduates of West Point are appointed on active duty as commissioned officers and serve in the U.S. Army for a minimum of five years.

Lastly, Harvard has many scholarship opportunities but in particular, they have something pretty cool in that they will waive the parental contribution for families who earn less than $65,000 (as of 2012 it was $60,0000) and home equity will no longer be considered a resource when determining family contribution. Check out the info here: Harvard - Financial Aid Office I am not saying Harvard is free. I am saying, it could be doable.

FREE EBOOKS (Please remember that these books were free at the time of my posting.  This can change so always check the price before you download)

Bees in the Butterfly Garden by Maureen Lang (CHRISTIANBOOK.COM) (AMAZON) (BARNES & NOBLE)

Florian's Gate by T. Davis Bunn (CHRISTIANBOOK.COM) (BARNES & NOBLE)

Smart School Time Recipes: The Breakfast, Snack and Lunchbox Cookbook for Healthy Kids and Adults by Alisa Marie Fleming (AMAZON)


Head on over to Tempe Beach Park on March 9th and 10th from 10 am to 5 pm for the 19th annual Arizona Aloha Festival.  There will be lots of entertainment, activities, great food and an opportunity to win a trip to Hawaii.


JJ Heller's new album Loved is set to release next Tuesday and has a free download of her song "Who You Are."  While you are there download "Jesus Firm Foundation" from the album Hymns of Worship featuring Mark Hall, Mike Donehy, Mandisa and Steven Curtis Chapman.

GROCERIES - March is Frozen Food Month...why? No idea, but it means there are great savings to be had so keep those eyes peeled. 

ALBERTSONS (Don't forget that they are doing their Monopoly game.  Those game pieces have coupons.  Even if you don't want to play they are worth the grab for that.)

Cuties Clementine Tangerines 3 lb Bag $1.97 each (limit 2)
USDA Boneless Petite Sirloin  Steak Buy 1 get 2 Free (Regular price $8.99 lb)
Pork Sirloin Chops Boneless $1.88 lb
Red, Yellow or Orange Bell Peppers $1 each
Tomatoes on the Vine $1.99 lb
Large Jona Gold Apples 99 cents lb
Bar S Foods Co. Sliced  Bacon 12 oz $2.99 each
Bar S Meat Franks 12 oz $1
Powerade Sports Drinks 32 oz Select Varieties 58 cents each
Reser's One Pound Salads Select Varieties Buy 1 Get 1 Free (Save $3.29 on two)
Fill a bag with Frozen products and save an additional 10% on each item


Ranchers Reserve Boneless Beef Chuck Pot Roast $2.99 lb
Avocados 68 cents each
Tomatoes on the Vine $1.49 lb
Marie Callender's or Healthy Choice Bakes 6-12 oz Select Varieties 5/$10
Campbell's Chunk soup or Bowls 18.6 to 19 oz 2/$3
Cuties Clementines 5 lb box $5
Manwich 15-15.5 oz 99 cents
Chef Boyardee Canned Pasta 7.25 to 15 oz 99 cents
 Buy 4 and Save $4 (must purchase for participating items for discount - price reflects discount)
Nature Valley Crunchy Granola Bars 8.9 oz $1.49
Ocean Spray Cranberry Cocktail Drinks 64 oz Select Varieties $1.49
Gevalia coffee 12 oz Select Varieties $6.99
Quaker Oatmeal Squares 14.5 oz or 5 ct General Mills Fiber One Chewy Bars Select Varieties $1.99


Iceburg, Romaine, Red or Green Leaf Lettuce 99 cents each (FINALLY!)
Fuji, Gala, Red or golden Delicious Apples 99 cents lb
Free Gallon of Milk when you buy any 4 participating brands of cereal from Kellog's, General Mills, Post, Quaker, Cascadian Farm, Kashi and Silver Palate (must be purchased in the same transaction-look for free milk tag)
Kashi GoLean Cereal Select Varieties 13.1-14 oz $2.99
Whole Pork Shoulder Moist and Tender Sold in Bag $1.29 lb
Foster Farms Chicken Fresh USDA Grade A Full Line Buy 1 Get 1 of like or lesser value Free
Libby's Vegetables Select Varieties 14.5-15.25 oz While Supplies Last 50 cents each when you buy a case (12 count)
Dole Pineapple Select Varieties 20 oz While Supplies Last 88 cents when you buy a case (24 count)
Coffee-Mate Creamer Refrigerated Select Varieties 32 oz $2.79
Maruchan Noodles Select Varieties 3 oz While Supplies Last 16 cents each when you buy a case (24 count)

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Thrifty Tips for February 28, 2013



Prices for medical services can often make people skip getting care altogether, but you shouldn't skip care.  There are ways to save.  It just takes some looking around.

If prescriptions are causing you difficulty, check out the website NeedyMeds.orgNeedyMeds is a non profit group that can help individuals with assistance in the forms of grand and vouchers to help them get the prescriptions they need. Don't forget to also speak with your physicians.  They may have samples on hand to give you or can look into several options of medications.

Save money on lab screenings with HealthWaves.  HealthWaves phlebotomists travel to grocery stores and other locations throughout Arizona in order to provide you with money saving lab work.  You can get HDL and Total Cholesterol, SMAC Chem panels, Thyroid testing and more.  You can see the entire list of lab work at this link.


Sign the kids up for Lowe's Build and Grow Clinics.  Saturday, March 9th they can make a monster truck.  Check out the schedule for the Lowe's near you to sign up today.

March Lego build.  The first Tuesday of the month is the day when you can take the kids for a free Lego build.  There aren't a lot of Lego stores in Arizona (one at the Chandler Fashion Center and the other at the Arrowhead Town Center in Glendale), but the ones that are around do these builds.  Tuesday, March 5th the kids can build a sea turtle that is way cute! 


Bleach Pen!  Gel bleach pens can be expensive, but they sure come in handy in a pinch.  One Good Thing By Jillee shares a super easy bleach pen recipe that is well worth trying, and you probably have most of the items on hand in the home.  You will use a squeeze bottle for this, and you will definitely want to label it and keep it out of reach of children, but follow this link to check it out.

FREE EBOOKS (Please keep in mind that what is free at the time that I posted.  The prices can change so always look before you download)

Courageous: A Novel by Randy Alcorn, Alex Kendrick and Stephen Kendrick (AMAZON) (BARNES & NOBLE) (CHRISTIANBOOK.COM)

Out of Control (The Kincaid Brides Series) by Mary Connealy (AMAZON) (BARNES & NOBLE) (CHRISTIANBOOK.COM)

Charlotte Figg Takes Over Paradise (A Novel of Bright's Pond) Joyce Magnin (AMAZON) (BARNES & NOBLE) (CHRISTIANBOOK.COM)



London Broil or Super Lean Ground Beef 93% Lean 3 lbs or more $2.77 lb
Broccoli Crowns or Cauliflower 99 cents lb
Red Ripe Strawberries 3 lb package $3.99 each (limit 2)
Albertsons Gallon Milk Select Varieties $1.79 (limit 2)
Yoplait Yogurt 4-6 oz Select Varieties 20/$10
BUY 8 SAVE $4 (Prices listed are reflected of the discount taken when 8 participating items are purchased)
Atkins, Muscle Milk or EAS AdvantEdge Carb Control Read to Drink Shakes 4 pk or  Atkins Bars 5 pk Select Varieties $4.49
Healthy choice, Marie Calllender's or Boston Market Dinners or Entrees 9.5-16.5 oz Select Varieties $1.99
Eggo Waffles 6-10 ct $1.49
Old Orchard Cranberry Naturals or Healthy  Balance Juice 64 oz Select Varieties $1.49
Old El Paso Taco or Tostada Shells 10-12 ct Select Varieties 99 cents


Kroger Boneless Chicken Breasts or Tenderloins Fresh USDA Inspected Family Pack (limit 6) $1.88 lb
Kroger Cheese Select Varieties 6-8 oz $1.99
Full Line USDA Choice Roast Sale bottom Round Sirloin Tip Eye of Round, Top Round, Beef Chuck or Shoulder 50% off (Save up to $6.99 lb)
Progresso  Soup Vegetable Classics Select Varieties 18-19 oz 88 cents
Bar-S Franks or Bologna Select Varieties 16 oz 88 cents
Farmer John Breakfast Sausage Links Select Varieties 8 oz 88 cents
California Cuties 3 lb Bag $2.37
Bananas 57 cents lb
Colgate Toothpaste Select Varieties 6.4 oz or Colgate Plus Triple Action Toothbrush Each 10/$10


Fresh Whole Boneless Pork Loin sold whole in the bag $1.99 lb
Navel Oranges 79 cents lb
Marie Callender's or Healthy Choice Bakes 6-12 oz Selected Varieties 5/$10
Safeway Farms Russet Potatoes 5 lb bag $1.99 Crisp Cucumbers 79 cents each
Bush's Best Variety Beans 15-16 oz Selected Varieties 5/$5
Dannon Oikos Greek Yogurt 5.3 oz Selected Varieties 10/$10
Red Seedless Grapes $1.99 lb
Pantry Essentials Milk Gallon Whole, 2%, 1%, or Fat Free (limit 2) $1.79

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Thrifty Tips for February 21, 2013


If you live in the Quad Cities area and want to learn some serious tips to saving money, sign up for the free Taming the Grocery Budget class which will be held at Trinity Christian School.  Practical Saver, Kara Rozendaal knows the ins and outs of saving money.  Kara's family spends $250 a month on grocery for her family of FIVE!  You can learn so much at the best price...FREE.  Sign up at this link.

Now this is not going to be pretty, but I have heard time and time again how you can take green onions (or scallions) and put them in a jar of water and just keep cutting the green part to use in cooking.  I tried it out when I could purchase a small bunch of green onions for 50 cents, and I have been able to use the green part (chives?) over and over again.  It just keeps growing.  Every penny saved helps.  :)  

Watch a video at Walmart's website and while supplies last you can get a free sample of Nescafe Mementos.

FREE EBOOKS (These books were free at the time of my posting.  That can change at any time so always look at the price BEFORE downloading)
Children's Bible Comic Book- Kings and Prophets by Toni Matas (AMAZON

A Portrait of Marguerite by Kate Lloyd (CHRISTIANBOOK.COM)

30 Perfect Popcorn Recipes: How to Make Sweet & Savory Gourmet Popcorn at Home by The Green Gourmet (AMAZON)

Detox Diet Book by Melissa Doviak (AMAZON)

Rewards Gold has an opportunity for you to earn a free subscription to Martha Stewart Living magazine.  I get a lot of magazines through doing reviews and surveys through Rewards Gold.  The longest it usually takes me is about 15 minutes.

Know a new parent?  They can get seven free issues of Parents magazine.  A great start for those first time moms and dads. 

You can also earn lots of rewards from Recycle Bank for learning about greener living, pledging to make greener purchases and more.  It is super easy.  Sometimes there are lots of points to earn.  At the very least you can earn three points a day by reading and pledging to take a green action.  You can earn magazine subscriptions, get coupons, gift cards and more.  I've already earned 13...yes 13 magazine subscriptions with little effort. 

Just in time for the Rock and Worship Roadshow Free CCM gives you the chance to download MercyMe's song "You Know Better" as well as nine other songs (some Christmas). 

New Release Tuesday is giving you the opportunity to listen to Plumb's new album "Need You Now."  It is released next week.  Enjoy!

Boneless pork sirloin chops are on sale this week at Albertsons.  You can do a lot with just a chop or two.  Here are two awesome recipe links Super Fast Pork and Veggie Stir Fry from Spark People (peppers are on sale also) and Gingered Pork and Asparagus recipe from Taste of Home (asparagus is on sale too!).


Boneless  Skinless chicken Breast or Thighs $1.67 lb
80% Lean Ground Beef 3 lbs or more $1.99 lb
Fresh Boneless Pork Sirloin Chops $1.99 lb
Asparagus 87 cents lb
Large Navel Oranges $1 lb
Snacking Grape Tomatoes 12 oz $1 each
Large English Cucumbers $1 each
Red, Yellow or Orange Peppers $1 each
Albertsons Gallon Milk Select Varieties $1.79 (limit 2)
Green or Red Cabbage 49 cents lb

Boneless Pork Sirloin Country Ribs $1.49 lb
Red Delicious, Fuji Apples or D'Anjou Pears 88 cents lb
Rancher's Reserve Boneless Beef Chuck Cross Rib Roast $2.49 lb
Safeway Select Pizza Dough Balls 16 oz 2/$3
American Beauty Pasta 16 oz Select Varieties 99 cents
Hunt's Pasta Sauce 24 oz 99 cents
Safeway Farms Navel Oranges 8 lb Bag $5.99 each
Coupons (clip or download to your loyalty card)-
Quaker Big Chewy Bars 7.4 oz to 8 ct Chewy Granola Bars $1.88
Hunt's Canned Tomatoes or Sauce 14.5-15 oz 79 cents
Lay's Kettle Chips or Rold Gold Pretzels 8-8.5 oz Kettle or 7-16 oz Rold Gold) $1.99

Boneless Half Pork Loin Sold in Bag or Pork Spareribs Previously Frozen $1.97 lb (limit 2)
Strawberries 16 oz $1.28 each
California Navel Oranges 88 cents lb
Mangoes 88 cents lb
Cauliflower 88 cents lb
Roma Tomatoes 88 cents lb
Fry's Milk or Kroger Oranges Juice Select Varieties Gallon (juice from concentrate) $1.79 (limit 2)
VO5 Shampoo or conditioner Select Varieties 15 oz 79 cents
Blueberries or Blackberries 6 oz 2/$5
Organic Hass Avocados 88 cents


Thursday, February 14, 2013

Thrifty Tips for February 14, 2013



Now that there has been a little space between yourself and Christmas, you might have some new electronics that have replaced old but still good ones.  Check out to sell your device.  They quote you a price and when they get the item, you get paid.  A lot better than letting an item just sit in your junk drawer.

Are you shopping for a certain item like a canoe, but you aren't sure what you should be paying or perhaps you are selling an item and do not know what to charge.  Check out leaves the guess work out of the equation for you. 

FREE EBOOKS (All books were free at the time of this posting.  Please remember to look at the price before you download.  They can change.)

The 4 Seasons of Marriage: Secrets to a Lasting Marriage by Gary Chapman (CHRISTIANBOOK.COM) (AMAZON) (BARNES & NOBLE)

Why Holiness Matters:  We've Lost Our Way-- But We Can Find It Again by Tyler Braun (CHRISTIANBOOK.COM) (AMAZON) (BARNES & NOBLE)

Gone To Green: The Green Series #1 by Judy Christie (CHRISTIANBOOK.COM) (AMAZON) (BARNES & NOBLE)

The First Gardener by Denise Hildreth Jones (CHRISTIANBOOK.COM) (AMAZON) (BARNES & NOBLE)


While supplies last, sign up for a free sample of  Gevalia Coffee Kcups at their Facebook page.


New Release Tuesday is having a free listening party all week long for Jeremy Camp's new CD "Reckless."  Cool way to try before you buy.  Enjoy at this link.



Rancher's Reserve Boneless Beef Top Round London Broil in everyday value pack $2.49 lb
Fresh Assorted Pork Loin  Chops bone-in in everyday value pack $1.99 lb
Chobani Greek Yogurt 6 oz Selected Varieties 10/$10
Jennie-O Turkey Store Extra Lean Ground Turkey Breast 20 oz $5.99
Armour Italian Style Pepperoni 4.5-6 oz Selected Varieties 2/$5
Jumbo Navel Oranges 99 cents lb
Green Bell Peppers or Cucumbers 79 cents each
Knorr Rice or Pasta 4.2 to 5.8 oz Selected Varieties 10/$10
Safeway Apple Juice 64 oz Selected Varieties $1.67
Nathan's Famous Beef Franks or Angus Sausage 12-14 oz Selected Varieties Buy 1 Get 1 Free

FRY'S (4 times the fuel points on every restaurant gift card purchase this week. Plus download special Daytona coupons and save even more on special items)

Foster Farms Boneless Chicken Breasts, Tenders or Thighs Fresh USDA Grade A Buy 1 Get 2 Free (save up to $5.99 with card)
Fuji Apples or Anjou Pears 88 cents lb
Blueberries 6 oz 99 cents
Fry's Large Eggs Dozen 99 cents each (limit 2)
Atlantic Salmon Fillets Fresh, Farm Raised $4.97 lb
California Seedless Mandarins $4.99 3 lb bag
Whole or Sliced White Mushrooms 6-8 oz 2/$3
hebrew National Beef Franks Select Varieties 11-12 oz 2/$7


Pork Loin Back Ribs previously Frozen $2.47 lb
Super Lean Ground Beef 93% Lean 3 lbs or more $2.77 lb
Sanderson Farms Chicken, Drums, Thighs & Leg Quarters Jumbo Pack 99 cents lb
Red Ripe Strawberries lb 4/$5 (limit 4)
Albertsons Gallon Milk Select Varieties Limit 2 $1.79
Tilapia or Swai Fillets Previously Frozen $2.99 lb
Extra Large Raw Shrimp 26/30 ct Previously Frozen $4.99 lb
Sweet Fuji Apples 99 cents lb
Pork Sirloin Chops or Roast $1.99 lb
Herdez Enchilada Sauce 28 oz Select Varieties $1.49
White Rain Shampoo, conditioner or Body  Wash 12-18 oz Select Varieties 77 cents

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Thrifty Tips for February 7, 2013


Does the idea of buying another gift kind of freak you out a bit?  Check out WantfulWantful is a wonderful site that makes gift giving super easy.  Go to the site and give information about your recipient and occasion.  Wantful will give you all kinds of options in your price range that maybe you didn't think of. The more you know about the person, the better the options are. 


Spend $49.99 on a dozen pretty chocolate dipped strawberries via online gourmet shops OR buy three 4ct Chocolate Dipped Long Stemmed Strawberries for $17.97 ($5.99 per 4 ct)

Spend $39.99 online on a 4.5 inch mini rose pot OR pick your own mini rose pot at Fry's for $4.99

And let's not forget the printable coupons.  Give the gift of your time to your spouse and also your kids.  Maybe make a coupon granting the kiddos a matinee film with you, time at the park, or maybe handle their chores for the week.  For your sweetheart you could offer a picnic, massage after a rough day, breakfast in bed, dinner & a movie.  Seriously there are lots of options and this link allows you to make your own options or use premade printables from Homemade Gifts Made Easy.  Don't forget your friends.  Coupons are fun for them too. 

FREE EBOOKS (Remember that these were free at the time of my posting.  That can change at any time)

Maggie's Journey by Lena Nelson Dooley (CHRISTIANBOOK.COM) (AMAZON) (BARNES & NOBLE)

Not a Sparrow Falls by Linda Nichols (CHRISTIANBOOK.COM) (AMAZON) (BARNES & NOBLE)


FreeCCM has ten free music downloads including Jennie Simmons song "Don't Lose Heart" from her album "The Becoming." has two free music downloads this week including "Hold Me Now" from  Red.


Subway is doing a special contest right now called the Footlong Frenzie.  You can win a free bag of Doritos or 20 oz Coke by way of a My Coke Rewards Code.  When you sign up to enter you can start off with a free code SOUTHWEST. 


While supplies last, sign up for a free sample of Nature Made Vitamelts from Target's website.


Are you a Diamondbacks fan?  Why not head over to Chase Field for the 9th annual Arizona Diamondbacks FanFest.  From 10 am to 5 pm,  there will be all kinds of fun activities including a 5K run (check in from 6:30 am to 7:30 am), autograph sessions (kids free -adults have a limited number of $5 vouchers to purchase for autographs but that fee does go to the Arizona Diamondbacks Foundation, and opportunities to tour the clubhouse.  This is a great event with a huge draw. 

Enjoy the scenic views of some of Grand Canyon's stunning trails by checking out Google's Street view of the Grand Canyon.  Lots of trekking with the special back-pack mounted cameras taking 360 degree photos have afforded us all the chance to see what we are missing.  Maybe give us some extra exercise motivation for our own hike.  Check out all the great trail views here.

With a celebration of all things chocolate, you might just want to head on over to the Glendale Chocolate Affaire at Murphy park in downtown Glendale.  Admission is free and all the tasty fun starts Friday, February 8, 2013 from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m., Saturday February 9, 2013 from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., and Sunday February 10, 2013 from noon to 5 p.m.  You can also tour Glendale's fabulous candy makers Cerreta's.  More details here.

(Tip: The price of lettuce has hiked up because of the freeze.  Napa cabbage can make a really nice lettuce substitute in a pinch.  It is lighter tasting and crisper than your typical cabbage and is much cheaper.  Test it out for a lettuce wrap.)

(Don't forget that Albertsons is starting their Monopoly game.  Even if you don't care about the game, the pieces often come with some great coupons.  If you are offered them from your cashier, take them.

Albertsons Gallon Milk Select Varieties $1.79 (limit 2)
Ragu Pasta Sauce 16-24 oz Select Varieties 99 cents (limit 4)
Premium Navel Oranges 99 cents lb
Russet Potatoes $2.99 each
Dole Bananas 39 cents lb
Chicken Breast or Thighs Boneless, Skinless $1.67 lb
Pork Loin Chops Boneless Buy 1 get 2 free (regular $6.99 lb)
Cold Water Lobster Tails 3 oz minimum previously frozen $3.77 each
Flier Coupon - 18 ct Albertsons extra Large Eggs $1.49 each (limit 2)
Jennie-O blue Ribbon Oven roasted Deli  Turkey Breast or USA Gold Virginia Ham $4.99 lb (great price)


Red, Yellow or Orange Bell Peppers 88 cents each
Hass Avocados or Mangoes 77 cents each
Smart Ones Entrees Select Varieties 3.95-11.5 oz $1.88
Arizona Grown Minneola Tangelos or Navel Oranges 88 cents lb
Red Seedless Grapes $1.99 lb
Duncan Hines Cake Mix Select Varieties 16.5-18.2 oz 10/$10
Kroger Cottage Cheese, Sour Cream or Dip 24 oz $1.88
General Mills Cereal Select Varieties 8.9-13.1 oz
Powerade or Powerade Zero Select Varieties 59 cents each
USDA Choice New York Strip Steaks Bone-in, Beef Loin Family Pack Limit 2 $4.97 lb


Fresh Whole Boneless Pork Loin Sold Whole in the Bag $1.99 lb
Safeway Chicken Drumsticks, Thighs or Leg Quarters 99 cents lb
Rancher's Reserve Bonless Beef Bottom Round Roast $2.99 lb
Yoplait Yogurt 4-6 oz Selected Varieties 10/$5
Oroweat Variety Breads Selected sized and varieties 2/$5
Beef Back Ribs Bone in Previously Frozen $1.99 lb
Quaker Instant Oatmeal 11.5-15.1 oz Selected Varieties Buy 1 Get 1 Free (save up to $3.99 on two)
Crisp Cucumbers 79 cents each
Texas Ruby Red Grapefruit 88 cents each
Russet or Red Potatoes 99 cents lb

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Thrifty Tips for January 31, 2013



Are you an shopper.  If you are, you might have noticed that prices can go up and down quite a bit especially if you leave an item in your cart.  Well Camel Camel Camel can help you with the trends in Amazon pricing.  It can even update you with price watching. 


I don't just read Christian eBooks, but I do look for them as much as possible.  And if they are free...YAY!  Here are some Christian ebooks and a couple of other ebooks for free.  Please remember to check prices before you download, because free today doesn't mean free tomorrow.  

PS It will not be all novels.  

The Big Book of American Trivia by J. Stephen Lang (CHRISTIANBOOK.COM) (AMAZON) (BARNES & NOBLE)

Downtown Green (Green Series Book 5) by Judy Christie (CHRISTIANBOOK.COM) (AMAZON) (BARNES & NOBLE)

The Big 5-Oh! by Sandra D. Bricker (CHRISTIANBOOK.COM) (AMAZON) (BARNES & NOBLE)

The Vegetarian Paleo Recipe Cookbook: 47 All Natural Gluten Free Meals and Desserts by Jennifer Dawn & Michelle Tracy (AMAZON)

Organic Food: Eating Organic on a Budget by Fanny Seto (AMAZON)


While supplies last sign up for Loreal Total Repair shampoo, conditioner or treatment while supplies last.


Okay this is potential free food.  Pick heads or tails for the Super Bowl coin toss and do it before February 2nd.  If your are correct, Papa John's will send you an email on Monday with a  promotional code for a free large one-topping pizza!  Easy right?  Follow this link to call the toss today.   There is one entry per person but four entries per household so if you have family members aged 13 or up, talk to them about entering too.  


Lowe's Build & Grow Clinics are set up with some great activities for February that you can register for now.  Follow this link to see what is going on near you.


Don't forget to check Savingstar for the latest coupons you can upload to your loyalty card.


Super Bowl is on its way and Americans will be consuming massive quantities of goodies and treats.  It is practically a holiday.  All those snacks can really add up and take away from the pocket book as well as add in the waistline.  I am really trying to eat more healthfully so I looked for some great recipes for you that are low in calories but also nice on the budget.

Seven Layer Dip is an amazing treat any time, but besides being heavy in flavor it can be really heavy in calories.  Fit Sugar has a really tasty option of Seven Layer Dip that can take a bite out of the calories and be done cheaply by following the sales (Fry's has roma tomatoes at 88 cents, Hass avocados are 88 cents each (but 2 for $1 at Safeway!), Bush's Best Beans (get the black or go for a bag of dry and make them from scratch in the crock pot with a bit of garlic - super easy) just 49 cents each when you take part in Fry's buy 10 and save $5 (lots of easy savings), 

Spark People has an inexpensive, healthy and very tasty Pico de Gallo recipe for you too.  This is really good and you can amp up the health by adding some extras which they explain fully.  As a money and time saver look at Fry's frozen prechopped white onions. 


Rancher's Reserve Whole Beef Top Sirloin Sold Whole in the Bag $2.77 lb
Avocados 2/$1
Pantry Essentials Milk $1.67 gallon, Whole, 2%, 1% or Fat  Free
Farmer John Meat Wieners 16 oz 88 cents each
Lay's Potato or Doritos Tortilla chips 10-10.5 oz Lay's or 10.5-11.5 oz Doritos Select Varieties $1.99
TreeTop apple Juice 64 oz 2/$4
StarKist Sold White Tuna 5 oz Select Varieties 2/$3
Mission Solft Taco Flour Tortillas 10 ct $1.29
Organic Navel Oranges 99 cents lb
Fresh Whole Pork Shoulde4r Blade Roast Bone-in Sold whole in the bag $1.87 lb


Pork Loin Back Ribs previously frozen buy 1 get 2 free (regular retail $7.99 lb)
Cuties Clementine Tangerines 3 lbs 2/$5
Coke, Pepsi or 7 up 12 pk 12 oz 4/$9 (when you buy 4 and make a $25 minimum purchase)
Blue Ribbon Deli Turkey Breast $2.99 lb (limit 2)
Nathan's Beef Franks 14 oz, Hebrew National Beef Franks 11-12 oz Buy 1 get 1 free
Powerade Sports Drink 32 oz Select Varieties 58 cents each
Super Lean Ground Beef 93% Lean 3 lbs or more $2.77 lb
Large Navel Oranges 99 cents lb
Frank's Red Hot Sauce 12 oz Select Varieties buy one get one free (save $3.79 on two)
Campbell's Tomato or Chicken Noodle Soup 10.75 oz 69 cents each


Kroger boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts or Tenderloins Fresh USDA Inspected $1.88 lb (limit 4)
Pork Loin  Back Ribs or St Louis Style Ribs Previously Frozen 1/2 free ($7.99 lb)
Bananas 57 cents lb
Roma Tomatoes 88 cents lb
Kroger Cheese Select Varieties 6-8 oz $1.99 
BUY 10 SAVE $5 Deals (Price shown is reflective of discount taken when ten participating items are purchased)
American Beauty Pasta Select Varieties 16 oz 89 cents
Hebrew National Beef Franks Select Varieties 11-12 oz $2.99
Balance Bar Select Varieties 1.76 oz 49 cents 
Kraft Barbecue Sauce Select Varieties 17.5 to 18 oz 49 cents
Bush's Best Beans Select  Varieties 15-16 oz 49 cents each