Wedding Day

Wedding Day
Enjoy EVERY moment in your wedding gown. You can't stay in it forever...SO UNFAIR!!!!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Let's get this started...

Though I am not really crazy about the font...I am a comic sans kind of gal...I really do think I should write something sooooo this is my five minute start.

I will start with some details on me. I can think of nothing better to do, and since I am still getting accustomed to this whole thing, I think a simple starting place is always best.

To know me is to be confused by me. I am a 40-year-old newlywed and I just love it! There is nothing better than realizing that what you thought didn't exist actually does. In that I mean the perfect guy for me. My husband is hands down the one man who can love me and appreciate me for me. He is the guy who has found joy in my silliness. He is sweet, handsome, and we are compatible in more ways than I ever thought possible. Talk about a total package. He has also helped me fulfill a desire I had long ago. I am not talking about kinky sex (not that there is a problem with that), but the desire to move to Arizona. I am still discovering a lot about Arizona, but I wanted to move there long ago. Pretty much shortly after I had my son.

I must warn anyone who reads this, that I tend to move off of target...A LOT. So reading anything I write can possibly induce a headache. My husband finds this a charming part of my writing and life style. Another reason why he is perfect for me.

Anyway, I bought a book one day when my son was probably six months old. It was a list of great places to live. In it, I found Fountain Hills, Arizona. Fountain Hills seemed just the place for this single mom (yes...I was a single mom at the time). It would be a great place for a new start in life. Of course I couldn't just up and move with being a brand new mom and with not having a truck load of disposable income, but it planted itself in my mind. It became a silent wish...a dream. I mentioned it to my ex boyfriend (my son's father), and shortly afterward, he moved to Arizona. Not Fountain Hills but Tempe. I was a little pissed off, because I really was not expecting him to leave his comfort zone and go anywhere (in fact, he has since moved back to his home state), and because HE TOOK MY STATE! I digress a bit.

Actually now I digress A LOT! Why? Because a boyscout just came to my door, and my husband reminded me that he was in his pajamas and also that it was MY TURN to open the door for strangers. Well, the boyscout was selling popcorn--a great big honkin box of it--and how do you say no to a boyscout? I also have to add that his mom was standing at the top of the drive like a very good mom should, and again...not because of her, but I could not say no. I don't say no well anyway. Especially to a nice cause. If you see any boy scouts selling popcorn, consider helping them out. They don't have the luxury of girl scout cookies. I suppose popcorn is a more masculine thing to sell door to door. Honestly, I probably like popcorn more than girl scout cookies. That is probably due to the fact that I once had to peddle my own share of girl scout cookies, and I HATED it. No really, I did. I didn't like going door to door. Not that kids do that much anymore. Usually it is left to us parents to do the pushing of products to our friends and co-workers. I'll save that for another time.

Back to where I was...I was going to go on a five minute mini post, but I realize now that I just can't possibly. I have kind of lost my train of thought.

My dreams of Arizona were pretty much put on the back burner after my ex moved there. I still had hopes, but I occupied my time with learning to be a mom and getting a better education. I also kept myself fairly busy with keeping up with friends and the "Light Life." This is what I refer to as keeping things light. No complications, no entanglements, and NO DATING. There were two reasons for not dating. One was I really wanted to focus on my son. The other was I didn't want to get in a relationship, because then you have to include that person in many of your decisions. I already had my son to think about and a new extended family with his father's family involved. Bringing a new boyfriend into the mix was more than I could handle.

Time went on and relationships were eventually added here and there. I wont go into them....NOW...but I will.

Twelve years later I am married to the man of my dreams and living where I wanted to live. Well, not Fountain Hills, but a place that totally met my expectations and dreams, Prescott, Arizona. It has everything I wanted in a home town including a town common that is the coolest! It very much reminds me of the town commons you would see in such films as "Ground Hog Day." It is quaint with lots of shops and restaurants. It has some great art fairs and places to buy nice gifts for the family. I'll have to find a picture some time.

Anyway...I don't know where to go from here for now, because I am hungry and need to have a little nibble. I will fill in all the blanks that I have just created at some point. For now, I think I will make a toasted cheese sandwich and snuggle up with my man. :)