Wedding Day

Wedding Day
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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Just a Moment to Rave About The Tingler

This February my husband celebrated his 40th birthday. He is such an awesome husband and such a doll, I really wanted to find something special for him. I of course bought him all the silly growing old gifts, but I also bought little things that he had been wanting. I also picked up something that he didn't know he'd want. I knew it though, because I WANTED one. :) It was one of those presents that was for him, but I had hoped to use it too. ;) Really, this was all about him though. My husband loves when I lightly play with his hair, scratch gently at his neck and scalp, and when thinking about what to get him, I had a total eureka moment. Now this will take me back several years...

When I was living in Rhode Island, there was a little shop I frequented that had lovely lotions and therapeutic devices. I was heavily into massage and reflexology, and the girls had just come back from a special convention in Vegas (that place has a lot of conventions). But I digress. They were really excited about something they brought back. It was don't laugh...The Tingler. I can you not laugh.

Anyway it looked like some kind of crazy wire wisk and I was not really intersted, BUT I got along with the owners well, and I totally trusted them. One took this little contraption and touched it to my scalp. WOW! They named it appropriately! It was like the coolest feeling ever. I have no idea why, but I didn't buy one. It must have been a time where I just could not pick one up. However, it never left my mind.

Flash forward a good ten years later. I needed a little something extra for my husband and was not sure what to get. So I did a little browsing online, and I found it! It really existed! Apparently this little item was even mentioned on Sex & the City...not that I would know that as I had seen all of two episodes (just never hit me like it hit others). I found one at Amazon...check it out:

Now I would add a nice video here, but dang the ones I found were way too long! Go to youtube and look up The Tingler. You will find something with Vincent Price, BUT you will also find some people trying this massager out. It totally rocks, husband LOVES it. I love it too, because I can use this on him for a long time and not get tired. Plus I just like making him smile. :)

Anyway, I just wanted to share.

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Vanessa said...

Oh man... My parents have something like that and it it Heavenly. But I notice that people either love it or hate it. If you were to use it on my uncle, for example, he will screech like a little girl. It makes his skin crawl. It's pretty funny actually.. payback time for all those snow face washes when I was too little to defend myself. hehehe