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Wedding Day
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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Homework Stinks


Why am I still dealing with the homework blues? I am 41 years old, but my son is 14 (you know, I just realized we have exactly the same digits in our ages!), and because he is still in school...I still seem to be doing homework. Okay, I am not exactly doing it, but I am stressing over it. He has a huge presentation to do in a few weeks regarding the 1940s, and he has a study session in an hour or so. I am helping him think of things to look up with the 40s. I am feeling stressy.

I guess I just hope my son gets by better than I did. I was a procrastinating type of child. If I had a report assigned, I would race to the library and get all my materials. Then they would sit for the next two to three weeks or MONTH until the paper was due. The night before the paper was due, I would be up until the crack of dawn writing, rewriting, and typing up my paper. I managed to get good grades on these feverishly written works, but the stress was insane!

Alex is doing a report on the 1940s. Did you know that the Slinky was invented in the 1940s? I hadn't a clue. This little tidbit will be floating around in my head now in wait for the day I am watching Jeopardy. Mind you, that will be a long time coming, because I rarely watch Jeopardy. When I do though...if they mention Slinkys, I will be ALL over it!


I really don't mind helping him out with homework. I do have to keep him on top of it, because he is not like I was. I could stay up all night and finish a project. I could function on an hour of sleep without issue. I don't think Alex could. Well, I know he can't. So I have to be a bit of a bug in his ear. I have to check and recheck that he has done his work. I have to know what projects are due and when. If I don't, he slips. Plain and simple. We all have our strengths, organizing just isn't his...YET. :) I think I need to find a book that helps you help your child become more organized. :)

Happy Saturday!

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Alyce said...

Good luck with helping (or at least reminding) your son.

I just don't know what I'll do when I get to that stage. My husband already knows that he gets to help with science fair projects when the time comes. I used to just about get an ulcer over my own science fair experiments, and I'm not about to relive that for my kids.

I also used to pull all-nighters, especially in high school. I couldn't do that nowadays.