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Wedding Day
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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Why, why, why? Kind of a Gripe.

Just wondering...


I was shopping at good ole Walmart with my son, and we of course were accosted by the celeb mags by the registers. Now...I do have to admit to you that I have read -well more like browsed- through these magazines here and there. If I am at the salon getting my hair done (a rarity as my hairdresser moved to Oregon and I'd rather have un-cut hair than badly-cut hair), you will probably spot me under the dryer with a gossip rag. There are two reasons for that: 1. My flaming hot head probably cannot hang with in depth reading. 2. It is a guilty thing that goes along with spending a lot of money on getting my hair done (again, I haven't had my hair properly done up since my hair dresser moved to Oregon). Anyway, I am getting into another thing entirely. I just miss my hairdresser. :)

As we waited for our turn at the register, I glanced at the mags, and I wondered. Who is still really obsessing over Jennifer Anniston and her ex husband Brad Pitt. I mean really? Who? I realize someone is because I can't glance at the magazines without at least one saying how Jen has MOVED ON or is STILL CARRYING A TORCH or how Angelina is just jealous over Jen. Seriously...who buys this? Not the magazine, but the garbage. I mean honestly...I do actually understand feeling hurt and attached for YEARS to someone who at one time WAS the love of your life, but usually you are in your TEENS when you are still agonizing to everyone you know. I have a hard time believing that Jennifer Anniston has such an unfortunately empty life that she is still obsessing over Brad. I could be wrong, but she seems a little more together than that. She may in fact still be completely devastated. I am sure I would be pretty crushed for a significant amount of time, but I imagine that I would confide in a very small circle and that circle probably wouldn't include that "anonymous close friend of the actress/actor." Do they really expect a person to believe that this woman can't even trust her friends to not go blabbing to a gossip mag?

Anyway, I just got to wonder if there really are people who believe most of this tripe? I did admit that I browse it myself on occasion, but again, that is a browser NOT a believer.

And another thing, this HAS to be just me, and it is probably why I do not really read it, but WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE? I recognize about 40 percent of the actors in there. I usually have my head in a book, but I watch some television and films. Why does it seem that half of the people written about in this magazine are reality celebs? Maybe it is just that I am getting too old for these magazines. THAT is a definite possibility.

Anyway here is what has been bugging me about celebrity magazines lately.

1. I am pretty stunned by the whole best dressed/worst dressed stuff. Have you seen the clothes in the worst dressed? You have to wonder where are people wearing these things and why. Like sometimes you wonder...did they really look at the mirror and think this was a good idea? Is it all about any press is good press? I know some people like to be over the top, but some make me wonder if they are really just clothing clueless.

2. There is a section in I believe Star Magazine that has two outfits or three on different entertainers, and they will have a vote on who "Rocked It." I hate this because, I usually am like thinking "Who is this anyway?"

3. When I was a teenager, I got my teen fluff from Teen, Tiger Beat, and 16. I read up on all my teen idols in these magazines. My mom read up on her celebrity likes and whatnot in People, Us, and magazines like that. The Teen Idols now have totally infiltrated EVERY magazine. I think that I understand why. It is a ploy to get parents to buy ALL the magazines. I am sure of it. Why? Because when I was a teen I spent every last penny of my allowance on any magazine with John Stamos in it or some other teenish idol back then. I had pictures torn out and taped EVERYWHERE. I never bought US or People, because they didn't have my favorite little studly types in there. There is a lot of money to be made by having your current teen idol in every magazine. As an adult, I am really not very enthusiastic about another article about how Nick Jonas broke some other teen singer's heart. First of all, really...I should not even know who Nick Jonas is. I am toooooo old for this!!!!

4. I cannot hardly tolerate the letters to the editor section. This is quite often filled with the most annoying material. Quite often it is a comment by one of those people that really seem soooo annoyed by whatever trauma the actor de jour is going through. There are the sympathy messages, the you-go-girl messages, and messages showing a little more emotion than I think is safe in this world for a person who basically just a casual observer. Sometimes I think these magazines make people all to familiar with celebrities. I honestly do not want to know too much about the performers I like. It kind of makes me like them less. I do not think I will EVER be able to look at Tom Cruise the same after seeing him hop around on Oprah's couch, and honestly that kind of sucks.

Phew. That feels better.


Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you -- these magazines are crazy! And I don't know why anyone cares if Jen is still hung up on Brad. All I care about is that she's with my man John Mayer! Infuriating!

And I could care less about Nick Jonas, too. Why do I have to read about the Jonas Brothers in People magazine? Are 13-year-olds reading People?! It seems a little... grown-up for them? I don't know. Like you said, I was buried in Seventeen and Tiger Beat at that age!

Alyce said...

I will admit to checking out the tabloid covers while waiting at the checkstand. Sometimes it's good for a laugh (or an eyeroll). I have never bought an issue though.

Two times I have read the actual magazines. Once was a free copy left at the library and the other was in the Emergency Room. After reading the first one I felt kind of yucky like I had been the one gossiping instead of just reading the magazine. In the ER I just got bored and read the other available mag - Sports Illustrated. I'm not a big sports fan, but it was better than the tabloid. :)

Ditto on Tom Cruise.

Lindsey said...

I just look at these magazines and laugh. ;-) I think most of it is publicity trying to get their name out there. They're doing something right when people are still talking about it, I guess! lol I mean really, what has Jen done lately that has gotten her name out there? Well, maybe I missed something recent or an upcoming movie... I never do pay attention to those things.

The Twilight movie comes out next weekend though - sweet!