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Wedding Day
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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Villains We Love To Hate But Gotta Love

My son and I were driving home from school one day, and we started discussing villains that people love. We both wondered how it is that some villains are loved even though they are villains for goodness sakes! I think my infatuation may have started with Rhett Butler, he was a scoundrel, but all in all good. Some of these bad guys are just plain bad. :)

Here is my first example...

Boba Fett


This is one bad freakin dude. Now mind you, he is a bounty hunter so it is all a job to him, but still this is the man who froze Han Solo in carbonite, yet we all think he is pretty cool. My son says it is the costume. I don't know, but legions of Star Wars fans really like Boba Fett even though he is a bad guy, a bad guy who is after one of our favorite guys, and he isn't even really a major character.

The Joker


Batman faces The Joker and let's face it, we all kind of straddle the fence on who we really want to win. I know I did. This had nothing to do with Heath Ledger playing The Joker either (though he really was incredible). The Joker is THE bad guy. He has some sort of charm about everything he does. You really can't help but get a little glee out of his capers. Truly I liked him in the comic books before I even got around to the movies or tv show. We also like the Batman Gotham Adventures Joker. ;)


And let us not forget Jack Nicholson also played The Joker, and kind of HAD to love him. :)

PS...In case you are wondering...I DO know that Cesar Romero was another actor to portray The Joker, but back then I wouldn't say he was the villain that you rooted for so much. The tv villains were definitely the type you wanted to taste defeat. :)

Mr Burns


Does this sound like a stretch? Mr. Burns. Yes The Simpson's baddy. He is gleeful in his mistreatment of his employees and is the picture of the shady businessman, but he pretty much also rocks. You got to have him around. No one else will do. And in the long run, he does treat Smithers fairly well. No? Well, maybe not. :)

Sawyer from Lost


Yes, I COULD have picked a picture with a shirtless Sawyer, but let us be adult about it. ;)

Con artist, thief, liar, and maker of silly nick names...this is Sawyer, and maybe it is just the abs, eyes, perpetually bristly face or the ever high snark meter talking but...ahhhhh yes, we love him. Thanks to the people who cast Lost for this one. He is a bad guy who has shown us his troubled side and sweet mushy center. :)

Sawyer Nickname Montage:

King Kong

Yes, a bad guy on the cover of Time magazine. :) Well it was like 1976. I'll admit...I never saw the 2005 version. I didn't want my image changed. I LIKED the King Kong I saw as a small child. :)

Seriously, I know I am not the only one who cried when the big stupid ape fell of the Empire State Building.

Simon Cowell


Yes, he can be rude. Yes, he wears a lot of snug shirts. But hey, this is the one judge whose opinion I almost always agree with (though I wish it was expressed a little softly sometimes. Either way, he is the reality bad guy of choice for me. :) Then again there is always Gordon Ramsay. ;)

Darth Vader

Yep, I am back to Star Wars. Darth was definitely just too cool for school. He was strong, tough, had a resonant voice and was taken over by the dark side of The Force. The first three Star Wars (we are talking before they became named by episode number) movies with THE Darth Vader and not the muttering and whiny Anakin kicked butt. That Darth Vader may have been the Emperor's pawn, but you didn't know it by watching him using the force to choke other baddies to death!

Dr. Hannibal Lecter

Hannibal Lecter Pictures, Images and Photos

Perhaps it was because he was so intelligent or that he seemed like a killer who only killed the baddest of the bad. Maybe it was simply his fondness for Clarise Starling. Then again maybe liking Hannibal Lecter would not be possible if it weren't for Sir Anthony Hopkins' portrayal. Either way, he is another bad guy that you root for. I read all of Thomas Harris' books involving Dr. Lecter because Hannibal just plain made me. :)

There are many more. The more I wrote, the more came into my mind. And again, I had to wonder why? Why do I like the bad guys? I like the good guys too, and certainly I like more good guys than bad, but these bad guys made an impact and often were more interesting than even the protagonist of their stories.

Do you have a favorite bad guy or two?


Debbie Y. said...

Out of the ones you mentioned, it's a toss up between Anthony Hopkins as Hannibal Lechter and Jack Nicholson as The Joker.

I'm partial to the newest King Kong as his eye expressions and temper tantrums remind me so much of my beloved hubby. LOL The whole family jokes that KK was pitching a typical "Yarbrough" fit in the movie. King Kong; Shre; and The Incredible Hulk all rolled up in one, yep, that's my husband.

Wendi said...

What a fun post Kelly! Oh that Rhett - one of my first great book heroes! :)

I added a link to your post in my This Week In Books post today! Hope you don't mind.

:) Wendi

Ronnica said...

My question is why my favorite movies are always about less-than-reputable characters (e.g. Oceans or Pirates). Sigh.