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Wedding Day
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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

It Is All In a Day's Work

I had a couple of giveaways where I asked people to tell me about their first jobs, and it was so much fun reading about them. I am still doing my thirteen posts and thought I would share 13 of my former positions of employment. Yep...I have had that many jobs. :) It isn't that I am flighty. Really. I just have had a lot of different jobs.

Job 1: My first job that was actually for a pay check with taxes taken out was a job as a jewelry inspector.


I was 17 and spent two hours a day looking at jewelry at a plating company. I would use wire cutters to clip it from a dipping tray and with my white gloves on, I would make sure that the plating was perfect. If it was, I would set it in a container for the carders to take care of later. It was a simple job, but it was a boring job. The only thing that I really enjoyed was it was the 80s and there was some killer jewelry being made. Often the owners would let us keep a piece or two.

Now just so we all understand...I am not going over my first, second, third and on jobs, but I did want to get the first one in and I will probably get the second and third but then I may jump around. These are jobs I have had.

Job 2 (really is job two). After I graduated from high school I went cross country with my dad and step mom. It was by far one of the best times of my life. When I came back, I had to find a job and I was in kind of a hurry. I didn't have a car so I had to rely on my mom. Job number two was not glamorous.


I worked as a drive-thru girl at Mc Donald's. Oh yeah, baby. I highly recommend a job at McDonald's though. It really helps you get a clue on what you do not want to do. Well, it did for me. I did make a lot of friends, but I quickly decided this was not the job for me. I started in September and worked from 5am to 1pm. At 5am, I made biscuits (I have yet to eat one after all these years). I left after Christmas. I did learn a few things though.

1. I learned how to mop a floor.

2. I learned how to make biscuits.

3. I learned how to look cute in a polyester outfit and a visor (not an easy task).

4. I learned how to flirt very quickly in a drive-thru setting (hey, I was 18).

While still at McDonald's, I actually started job number 3. I went to job number 3 and worked from 2pm to 10pm at.....


Job 3: Caldor was owned by the May Company. It was a department store that sold EVERYTHING. I worked all over that place. Here are the jobs I held during my tenure at Caldor.

1. Cashier.
2. Girls and Accessories Department (I handled everything from girls clothes, wallets, purses, pantyhose and panties).
3. Jewelry/Cosmetics Department -I loved this one, because we had our own little place where we could hide out. It wasn't too bad selling jewelry and cosmetics.
4. Switchboard Operator - I was the announcement girl. I told people what extensions to pick up and told the shoppers when to shop accordingly. :) I also tabulated time cards and avoided one of our pervy managers.
5. Photo department. This was a fun place because the people I worked with all liked the Far Side and we were able to sort photos.
6. Trainer in all of the above and I also worked the front desk for a short time. I left when I was taking classes because I was going to school a half hour away and trying to work Caldor and go to school was too tiring. I looked for something more local to school.

Job 4: BJs Wholesale Club - This was a job that I held for a VERY short time. I was a cashier and a caller. Basically BJs is like a Costco or a Sam's Club. People came in and bought large quanities of things. The caller would take each item out of the cart and call the number to the cashier who would enter the item in. Not rocket science and not a heck of a lot of fun, but the pay was extremely good and it was closer to my college so it worked for a bit.


Job 5: Summer job at Rocky Point Amusement Park in Rhode Island. Alas this place is no longer around, but I spend a summer at Rocky Point sitting in a swimming pool for an above ground pool company called Kayak pools. Yeah, that was the BEST job ever. We just enjoyed a pool so people would be interested in getting one of their own. SWEET!


Job 6: Sales girl at Wilson's Suede and Leather. We had to audition for the job by selling them a coat. They wanted to make sure you were good at sales, but there was no comission. All in all though, it was a really great job. I unfortunately could not work Sundays because of church, and they absolutely insisted on it. So I had to leave after a few months.


Job 7: Student assistant at the Community College of Rhode Island - This was a lot of fun. I was an assistant to the Dean of Students and worked in the Student Services office. This enabled me to go to school and work in between classes. I loved it! I helped register students, helped clubs with their budgets, and just had a ball. It was one of the best jobs I ever head.

Job 8: Singing telegram girl. I do not know exactly how I landed this job. I did accompany a friend when she auditioned and next thing you know, I am ringing on doors, going to hospitals, singing in office buildings and wearing all kinds of fun costumes. It was a trip!

Costumes I wore: Cowgirl, Carebear, genie, show girl (top hat tux jacket with tails kind of thing), police officer, UPS worker, pink panther, southern bell, robber, surfer, Rainbow Bright, Easter Bunny and nurse. The one costume I would not do...Play boy bunny (sadly they asked for that a lot).

Job 9: Cocktail server...etc. at the Providence Marriott.

I started working there while still in school. The job in Student Services ended and I had a friend who worked at the Marriott. It was an interesting time in my life. I loved it so much. When bands came into town for concerts they almost always stayed at the Providence Marriott, and they were all very cool about giving a lot of us concert tickets and passes. The best part was my coworkers. They were all a lot of fun. We spent a lot of time together. We all worked late hours and would do breakfast together in the morning and follow it up with snoozing at the beach. We had mini block parties in our parking lot. It was like working in a party. This was back in like 1989 and the early 1990s when clubs were very popular.

When I say cocktail server etc. it is because I did a lot of things there. Cocktail serving, shot girl, beer garden girl, and jacuzzi girl. Hey, I was young, and we actually started quite the trend with the jacuzzi for a while there.

Job 10: Waitress and bartender at a Hooters. Those who hate Hooters, don't hold this against me. This was a fun job, but I didn't stay long. The thing I learned at Hooters was TEAM WORK. Everyone helped each other out. If your order came up and someone else was by the kitchen, they took your order out for you. We all valued each other. Now I realize that the uniforms were tiny, but certainly the place was nothing like people who had never been in there assumed. When I was offered the job, my mom flipped out. She was told the place was topless.

Job 11: Sunday School teacher. It was a limited pay, but so much fun. I had the coolest kids in my classes. I taught ages 6 to 8 and evening class for the teens. It really rocked. I was about 21 at the time, and it was really the highlight of my week.

Job 12: Movie extra. This was a week long job that I did to make some extra money. I wanted to go to Vegas for my birthday and was not sure how I could afford it. A movie was going to be filmed in the casino I worked in and my friends thought it would be fun to go to the extra audition. Three of us went after work. A few weeks later we found out that we got in. :)

What I learned:

1: It takes a lot of time to film ten minutes of a movie. A LONG time.

2: Some people take "cut" way too literally.

3: Everything is very choreographed. EVERYTHING.

Job 13: Cocktail server in a casino. This was the funnest job! I worked the graveyard shift and it was perfect for me. I was a single mom at the time and I was able to go to work while my son was sleeping and I got out in time to take him to school. My mom and grandmother were able to be there for him. The pay was amazing for a waitperson (it was a California casino and they pay at least minimum wage plus tips), and I got an extra dollar an hour as a trainer, we also were fortunate to have full medical and dental for ourselves and our family. I also became a breaker so I was able to work all the sections every night (a big plus because you could work in the high roller sections every night). The best part again was the staff I worked with. We were all inseperable, and now that I am in Arizona...I miss them terribly. Highlights of the casino:








Have a great day!!!!

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I really enjoyed reading about all of your jobs. The pool job sounded fantastic! :)