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Wedding Day
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Friday, March 20, 2009

When Did That Hit Theaters?

Have you ever had one of those moments where you are inundated with movie previews but you didn't get the chance to see the movie and then suddenly it is on DVD. And you wonder to yourself..."When did this hit the theater?" This has been happening to me a lot lately. Is it that the movies are real stinkers OR is it that Hollywood is just popping them at us left and right so we are literally inundated with more than we can possibly watch?

One example, I know I saw previews for a Keanu Reeves movie. It was The Day the Earth Stood Still. I honestly did not intend to see it in the theater because when you see one futuristic Keanu Reeves movie, you have kind of seen them all at this point. He is great to look at when he is behaving like a normal human being, but man when he is in some futuristic thing he is utterly flat. Or is it just me?


I did kind of what to see this remake when I heard Jennifer Connelly was in it. This is actually before I heard or saw that Keanu Reeves was in it. In fact (how bad is this?) I had no idea that the movie Keanu Reeves was in was the same movie Jennifer Connelly was in. Probably because they weren't in the commercials together. Weird no? Weird I didn't get it, I mean. Maybe it has just been a crazy year.

I did a little research on this, because I assumed it has been quite a while since it was released and somehow it just slipped my mind. How long has it been? Like a little over three months. In the words I often associate with Keanu Reeves..."Whoa!" That is right, it came out December 12. It will be released to DVD on April 7. Doesn't that seem fast to you? Surely this is not a good sign.


Alyce said...

You're doing better than I am. I looked at it and realized that not only did I not know that this movie releases, I also had no clue what the movie was about!

Anonymous said...

Actually that's a pretty normal release time between theater and DVD release. More and more movies are coming out faster on DVD after just being out in the theaters than in previous years. The popular teen cult-hit Twilight was released in theaters back in Novemeber 21st. It was a huge blockbuster and the DVD has already been released(March 21st). And Will Smith's movie Seven Pounds came out in the theaters a week later than Keanu's movie and the DVD comes out March 31st. So just because Keanu & Jennifer's movie theatrical release was in December and it's DVD release is in April, doesn't mean it's a bad sign at all. Hope that helps. :)

kalea_kane said...

I am glad to read that, Anonymous. It seemed awfully close to me, but I think again that is because it seemed to have slipped in the theaters and then was gone. Thanks for your info! :) Feeling much more confident in my rental choices now. ;)

Anonymous said...

You're welcome. If it makes you feel any better, I did see The Day The Earth Stood Still in the theaters because I too like Jennifer Conelly and Keanu is not bad on the eyes at all(lol) so what did I have to lose, right? Anyway, I found it quite enjoyable. In all honestly, the plot at times was kinda lame, but the intensity, suspense and special effects made up for it. If you like the old fashioned type sci-fis that build on suspense and have some pretty decent acting performances, then you'll like this.