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Wedding Day
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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Love And Other Natural Disasters by Holly Shumas Early Birds Blog Tour


Eve is eight months pregnant and in the middle of a Thanksgiving celebration when she discovers that her husband Jonathan has developed an intimate relationship with a woman over the past year. Jonathon asserts his innocence (an affair involves physical intimacy, and he didn't have any), while Eve feels deeply betrayed by the emotional connection he shared with someone else. What Jon has done seems so terrifyingly out of character that Eve finds herself questioning her entire reality. Did she ever really know Jon at all? Was their happiness together a lie? Is emotional intimacy more forgivable than sexual intimacy? And can their marriage survive?

The author Holly Shumas is a licensed marriage and family therapist living in Berkeley, California. For more information on her please go to her website

My Review: First of all I just want to explode with thanks in the direction of Miriam at the Hachette Book Group USA for giving me the opportunity to read and review Holly's book and for also sending me Five Things I Can't Live Without which I will definitely be reviewing here as well.

Now on to the review. Which is worse? A sexual affair or an emotional affair? What would you do if you found out your husband was involved in a long distance emotional relationship with another woman? This book explores quite well what happens when a marriage that seems to have everything right is shaken by an emotional affair.

While the story handles a rough topic, it is not handled in a sloppy way. The way Eve deals with her discovery rings true. I think that Shumas' experience as a therapist really gives truth to the topic and a way to see all sides more clearly. I think there are also solutions presented in this book that can really help the reader with their current relationship. We all have opinions of how we would handle an affair of any kind, but truly it isn't until you are faced with the scenario that you really know what steps you will take, and even then you wonder if they are right.

I truly enjoyed this book even though it was not easy at times. I was once in a relationship with a man involved in an emotional affair (also via long distance) and it was a very painful experience. I found myself reliving it a bit...well a lot really. I definitely think that an emotional affair is just as damaging as a sexual affair and quite possibly even more so.

Lesson Learned: COMMUNICATE with your partner. If you have questions...ask. If you still have questions...ask again. Tell what you are feeling. If there is anyone that you should be an open book to it is your partner. :)

I look forward to reading Holly Shumas' first novel Five Things I Can't Live Without as well as her future work.

Hey! I should also mention that Alyce of At Home With Books is offering a great giveaway of Holly Shumas' books on her blog. Check it out as well as these other tour stops!


Anonymous said...

Great review. I enjoyed this book, too, because it made me think about issues I'd never considered before.

Marie said...

I'm looking forward to reading this one soon :-)

Alyce said...

You did a great job reviewing this book! I did not enjoy the book as much as you did, but I did enjoy reading your review. :)

Luanne said...

Great review - I enjoyed the book as well. And I agree - ASK and ask again - I always have.

Cloud 9 said...

Thanks for this review. It really explained the book quite well. I always enjoy readying your blog.

Wendi B. - Wendi's Book Corner ~ Rainy Day Reads in Seattle said...

Wow - great review Kelly! I've wondered what this book was about - the cover is very interesting.

:) Wendi