Wedding Day

Wedding Day
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Monday, January 5, 2009

Butterfly Award


Thank you sooooo much Alyce from At Home With Books for blessing me with The Butterfly Award. Not only do I find butterflies adorable, but purple is one of my totally favorite colors, and Alyce is one of my totally favorite bloggers. Here are the rules for passing it along, and I do hope it gets passed along. :)

The rules for passing on the award are:

1. Put the logo on your blog.
2. Add a link to the person who awarded you.
3. Award up to ten other blogs.
4. Add links to those blogs on yours.
5. Leave a message for your awardees on their blogs.

Alyce chose blogs that she clicks on immediately when there are updates in her feed reader. I am going to do much the same. I only wish I could just read all day. :) There are so many blogs I love, but I am pretty lucky in that I have Mondays off to do a lot of reading. :)

So here are my picks:

Sunny at That Book Addiction

Lindsey at A Kindred Spirit's Thoughts

Stormi at Mystery, Suspense, and God, Oh My!

Danica at The Journey of Writer Danica Favorite

Wendi at Wendi's Book Corner

Margaret at Creative Madness

Debbie at My Noggin Bloggins

Luanne from A Bookworm's World

Kim at My Book Reviews and More

Deena at A Peek At My Bookshelf

And I would totally give this back to Alyce, because she is always in my tops list. :)


CherryBlossomMJ said...


Cloud 9 said...

I am so thrilled to receive this award from you! My very first blog award!!! :D:D:D I shall post about this very soon on my blog. Thank you dear lady.

Kaye said...

well, here I am going to give you the Butterfly award! I guess I am too late but you deserve two if you want to post another one, totally up to you. Have a fun day!

Sunny said...

Oh wow!!! Thanks so much, I'm very honored!

Lindsey said...

Why thank you!!!!! :-) You are so cool! God bless!

Cloud 9 said...

I've posted my award and list. Thank you so much Kelly. You rock!

Danica/Dream said...

Thanks Kelly! Now I have to figure out who to give it to!

Luanne said...

Hey kelly! Thanks so much for thinking of me! My post will be up tomorrow.