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Wedding Day
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Friday, January 2, 2009

Double Standards

Maybe it is just a young girl thing. I was just browsing the TV and stumbled upon an MTV program called True Life. It was supposed to be about people losing weight. Well, I imagine it was about young people losing weight, but it instead seems to be a relationship thing. What I have gathered from sitting here with my eyes glued to the TV is some girls are just ridiculously unreasonable.

Here is a scenario...we are brought along into two relationships. One was a young couple who were in love and heading toward college decision time. He wants her to go away to college and she is not sure she wants to leave home. They were very sweet and very in love. It was cute, and honestly I have no idea what decision they made. I had to stop watching, because I was so annoyed with couple number two. Couple two is a young summer relationship couple. I don't know when they were introduced in the program, because I jumped in the middle, but hereis their scenario: They are going out with the girl's friends who are all in town presumable during a summer break. Included in the group of friends is this girl's ex boyfriend. He is 16, and she is 18. He doesn't understand why she wants to hang out with friends and not do a couple thing. He wants some alone time. He also does not get the whole hanging out with friends and one being an ex boyfriend. She kind of goes off on him about it. all I can think is that what if the shoe was on the other foot? As an adult, I do not think there is anything wrong with hanging out with exes. Well...let us make that some exes. There are enough out there that I really don't care to be in the same room with. Anyway when you are young you are kind of emotional and things are very raw and fresh. An ex can easily become the NEXT when you hang out especially when you are putting them above your current. Even without doing that who hasn't slipped in and out of an ex relationship when they were younger? I know I did. I really felt kind of bad for this guy. Not only did he hang out with her and her older friends, but he had to sit next to her ex boyfriend. He felt awkward being the only couple, awkward because it was a gathering of her friends, and awkward because he also had to sit next to her ex. Nice.

Next scene...the girl and guy go back into the restaurant and a waiter brings him a slip of paper with a girl's phone number on it. Apparently some girls at another table thought this young guy was pretty cute. The girlfriend living in her own little glass house jumps up and brings the phone number back to the other girls' table. It was a little "well there you go" moment for me. She was seething, and the show was slightly on the other foot. Granted it was another style of shoe, but I hoped she got the karmaesque moment.

I wanted to just jump through the screen and tell the girl that she needs to be more understanding with this boy. First, he is younger. A serious relationship is probably pretty new to him and he is trying to do things right. She on the other hand was listening to him but not remotely hearing him. She was focused on what she wanted and did not care at all about his discomfort. I am not saying that she shouldn't hang out with her friends, but her boyfriend wanted to do a couple thing. I would think that maybe she could have come up with a compromise and spent time with just him and another time with her friends without throwing the ex thing in her boyfriend's face.

A few days later the current boyfriend had a bonfire at his house. All his friends were invited and her friends were invited. What did she do? She invited her ex along. This is called game playing where I come from (the land of Been There Done That), and it is NO way to make a relationship work. He was hurt. He dealt with it. Then she up and disappeared and he played his own game. He looked for her with a very pretty friend of his. the ball was volleyed back into her court. He gamed her back. She decided to leave. Of course she didn't just go and tell him. It seems she just let him figure it out, and he came running to see why she was going. They talked and forgave each other. My head hurt.

I will say that she finally gave him a couple date for just the two of them. He was thrilled to have alone time with her kayaking. It was sweet. Until he decided to dump the kayak because he wanted to get in the water with her. She got ticked off, and he told her that he wanted to get her wet and he didn't feel bad it was a plan. She told him she was sick of his passive aggressive behavior. I laughed. She really has no clue. I do not think this couple lasted the summer. It made me feel bad, because this is a girl who really had no idea how to be in a relationship. She consistently ignored the obvious. This boy really liked her. He wanted to spend time with her. His friends thought she was a Biotch and frankly she was. I hope that when she watches the show, she sees herself in a new light. I am not saying that all the things this boy did were right, but I could clearly see the walls he kept running into and it made me sad for him. THAT is off my chest. ;)

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