Wedding Day

Wedding Day
Enjoy EVERY moment in your wedding gown. You can't stay in it forever...SO UNFAIR!!!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Wedding Disasters

I am half watching Dr. Phil and he is talking with people who have experienced different wedding disasters. I don't know how many guests he is going to have or how many I may have missed, but it looks to me like the guests are all women.

I guess in many ways the wedding is probably a bigger deal to most women than men, but I wonder if there are any men who have been traumatized by their wedding disaster.

The first girl I saw was so dear. This sweet girl was actually stood up on her wedding day. The poor dear hasn't dated in four years since this happened. My husband couldn't understand why she had not dated in such a long time. Maybe it is just me, but I could totally relate. Not to being stood up, but to being so hurt that I needed to take a break from dating. I mean think about it, you are supposed to be marrying the love of your life (hopefully this is how you feel), and the guy totally stands you up. You are left with his family, your family, all your guests, and you have been taking all the lovely pictures for a wedding that is not going to happen. CRIPES! Who wouldn't need a breather or go to the other extreme and do some crazy revenge dating and take as many guys out as possible.

What would you do? I would take a break. I would probably also get myself into some therapy in order to get over the pain. I would probably also take up the punching bag. THAT would feel pretty good. :)

The other woman had an allergic reaction of some sort. This poor dear looked lovely, but apparently as the reception progressed, her allergic reaction got worse and worse and eventually she had to get out of there because she was going into anaphylactic shock! Poor darling. She has been married for nine years and this is still driving her nuts.

It made me think of my own wedding. I didn't have anything fancy. I had a wonderful wedding though. My husband and I were married at the Valley of Fire state park in Nevada. We wanted to do something pretty simple and this seemed ideal for my husband and myself. We wanted to be married near Vegas, but we wanted to be married outdoors so the amount of people who came would not matter. We could have a lot of people or a few. We found a company that handled getting the minister, the limo, photographer and videographer. It was nice and simple.


It was a little windy too. :) I had to hold my veil or it would have blown clean off of my head.


It was seriously EXACTLY what we wanted. No muss, no fuss. A little stress here and there, but thank God no one broke out in a horrible rash and we all showed up. Of course I did get a phone call at about 2 in the morning from a friend who had just shown up the EARLY morning before. I don't know what she was thinking. ;)

After the wedding we had a very mellow reception at a condo that my brother had rented. We ate sub sandwiches, drank beers, sodas and champagne. It was laid back, casual, and it ended all too soon, but it had to end too soon, because my husband totally is EXHAUSTED by 10pm! Poor guy. He married a total night owl. At the time I was working as a cocktail server at a casino (the graveyard shift no less). I was totally an up-all-night kind of gal. However, even I was bushed! I talk in my sleep deliriously when I don't sleep right, and I was yammering that night! Again...poor guy.

Anyway, it was a pretty interesting show, and I am glad I watched it partly. It reminded me that the important thing to do when you are disappointed is to feel it and then move along. At least that is how I think it works best for me.

Okay...I just picked up Haunting in Connecticut, and I am going to be watching it after Dateline ( I have been writing this, Dateline started). I am STOKED! I love a good horror movie. I also just found some pretty interesting looking horror flicks on Hulu. I don't know if my hubby will go for it, but I am going to try to talk him into it. :)

Happy Friday night!!!!!!


Lindsey said...

Your wedding was amaaaazing! I'm so jealous, lol. I love that you were married outside, I love that it was a little bit windy, I looove your dress. :-)

ANovelMenagerie said...

Any wedding would be a good one if you were marrying the man of your dreams and heart... yeah?

Well... I'm going to check out that artist you mentioned (FYI).

And, I'm giving you an award on my Sunday Salon post (Sunday). I pre-write nearly all of my posts... (geek, huh?)


Lenore said...

While I was planning my wedding, I used to procrastinate by reading about Bridezillas. Hilar!

LuAnn said...

Have you seen the original "Hill House?" It's an old film (I believe the 1960s or earlier). I remember watching it in black and white when I was a kid -- there was no color TV yet, then. It was on late at night and it was absolutely awesome. The special effects could rival anything you'd see today. When the walls began breathing ... oohh, man, it was frightening. It scared the bejeebies out of me and since then, I watch horror films just to find anything that will come close.