Wedding Day

Wedding Day
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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Drumming Up Some Giveaways


I haven't posted a giveaway post in at least a week so I thought about that and realized that I might be missing something MAD cool, and in turn you might be missing something MAD cool too! So let's take a peek at what is up for grabs?

First of all, I was trolling along the internet and reading up on some of my favorite blogs. I had a slow reading week because it was just crazy busy at work. Sorry...I totally digress here. Anyway, I found a fabulous review at A Sea of Books for a book called Ravens by George Dawes. I also found out MUCH to my pleasure that A Sea of Books was also hosting a giveaway! Oh the shear glee I felt! So check out the review of Ravens at A Sea of Books and see if you too would like to enter the giveaway for Ravens by George Dawes. Seriously check out the review. Gwendolyn does a top notch job on this. Giveaway ends on August 8th.

Now onto another sizzling story. I don't mean erotic sizzle by the way. I am kind of thinking about my verbage ever since my husband and I watched a program on the History Channel about vampires. It seems that everyone immediately jumped to how erotic it all is. I have to say that I just loved the shear terror of it all, but again...I am totally digressing! How disturbing is that. What I want to say is that The Eclectic Book Lover has an extra ARC of Prophecy of the Sisters by Michelle Zink, and I am dying to get my grubby hands on it! Check out her review too while you are there and don't forget to read the interview with author Michelle Zink as well. Not only will you get another entry, but my friends, it simply ROCKS. :) Giveaway ends on July 29th!

Ahhhh Summer. Nothing better than settling down with a good read. Summer is almost over here in Arizona. Well, technically it isn't over that soon, but the kids go back to school in August. That kind of seals it up no matter what. :) I'm Booking It is hosting a giveaway for A Summer Affair by Elin Hilderbrand. Now this is definitely subject matter that is touchy, but I am still quite interested in winning it. Sometimes reading a character's struggles and choices is just the right escape for me. I have to say that the subject can drive me a little batty. I can be downright angry when I see the subject in a movie. Check out the great review while you are there! This giveaway ends on July 31st.

One Person's Journey Through A World of Books has an amazing batch of giveaways. The one I find really appealing is Stand The Storm by Breena Clarke. This looks like an extremely fascinating and touching story about a family's struggle to keep the freedom they dearly paid for. This giveaway ends on August 10.

Here is something really cool. My Guilty Pleasures is having a 100th post giveaway! Hitting 100 posts is no small feat, and I am sure you will want to celebrate as well! Here is what is up for a win: Hollywood Is Like High School With Money by Zoey Dean, How Perfect Is That by Sarah Bird, and Made In The U.S.A. by Billie Letts! Go get involved in this fabulous giveaway celebration! Giveaway ends on August 13th!

You might also want to check out My Guilty Pleasures other great giveaways including:
Julie & Julia (7/29)
Knight Of Desire (07/27)
Tamed By A Laird (7/31)
I Can See You (ends 08/05)

Sweeps4Bloggers has mounds of great giveaways, and it would take me days to post them all, but here is one that just fits my desires! Jewelry is one of my biggest downfalls, and I especially love something original. Well Sweeps4Bloggers is hosting a giveaway for Wear Your Music guitar string bracelets! They are adorable and made out of guitar stings. What a great way to recycle! There are many more details on the Sweeps4Bloggers blog so be sure to go and enter. This great giveaway ends on August 1st.

is also hosting quite a few book giveaways. Check out the one for Mortal Friends by Jane Stanton Hitchcock. I have a feeling you will want in on this one! The cover itself makes me want to pick it up. And Amazon has four reviews up with none less than four stars. :) This giveaway ends on August 3rd!

How about clothing? I have been back-to-school shopping for the little guy (okay not so little he is about 5 ft 11 now), and I have looked at mad t-shirts. Well, Sweeps4Bloggers is hosting a cool freaking T-shirt contest thanks to Howard's House of Fine Art. With a name like that, I had to check it out. There are some awesome graphics on these tees, and the cool thing is that they aren't your everyday graphic or tee. I really would love to win one of these! Check it out. Giveaway ends on August 2nd!

Also be sure to check out My Red Apron who is hosting a wonderful giveaway for one of my favorite product lines...Burt's Bees! What is up for grabs? The Apricot Baby Oil and Beeswax Lipbalm. Wouldn't that be a nice way to pamper yourself? Well, if you agree...HURRY because this giveaway ends on July 30th!

What about light? I just love the cool Ling Shoji Lamp that The Nurse Mommy is giving away thanks to One of the things my husband and I are currently looking for is a new light source. I think this would go great next to my cool sea glass Zen garden. :) This giveaway is one you wont want to miss so hurry. It ends on August 2nd. :)

Here is a giveaway that is kind of silly, but trust me...I am IN on this. :) A Working Blogging Mommy is hosting a giveaway for Smelly Washer. What does it do? It keeps your smelly washer from stinking up your clothes. We have been experiencing this issue for a while now. Well not our clothes but our towels, and it drives me nuts. I saw this giveaway and it was as if angels started singing. I kid you not! Giveaway runs until August 5th. :)

Here is a fun one! I love Sonic. I love their drive up service. It kind of reminds me of being a kid again and going to the A&W. I also love their commercials. If you don't have a Sonic near you, you are missing out! If you do head on over to My Blogs 4 U, because you can get in on a giveaway for one of three $10 Sonic gift cards. Oh my mouth is already watering! This great giveaway ends on August 13th!

Starting Fresh
has a giveaway for a book with a title I couldn't pass up. Especially after I read what it was about. The book is The Year of the Cock by Alan Wieder. How can anyone pass up a person's plain truth story about what happened when they walked away from marriage to enjoy the life of a single again? This giveaway ends on August 15th


Sheila DeChantal said...

Wow - you have been busy! Thanks for posting my giveaway! :)

taysmommy said...

Thanks for the mention in your post! :)

Very cool blog! I'l definetly be stopping back again soon!

Bingo said...

Things in my life are starting to settle down so I finally have time to visit my friends. Thanks for a great post as I value your picks and you saved me bunches of time looking for some good giveaways. By the way, I just finished RAVENS and am giving it away as well on the BLOG TOUR and it is really a good, spellbinding book! Dark and different but good!

Heather said...

I absolutely love your post. It is much more fun to read than a list of links like so many do for giveaways! Good luck winning and thanks for the mention!

Gwendolyn B. said...

K - wow! thanks for the rave review of my review! and thanks for posting about the giveaway. Just so you know, it is foggy and humid here in Little Rhody. We've had so much rain this summer, I'm thinking of building an ark. Summer's half over and it doesn't feel as tho it has even begun. I'm missing the sun and dryness of AZ. At least the thunder storms there are as entertaining as a light show!

imbookingit said...

Thanks for sharing all of these with us, and particularly thanks for mentioning my giveaway!

Pam said...

Wow! Thanks for posting all the giveaways. I adore books, so I'll be checking these out!

Danica/Dream said...

Wow! That's a lot of giveaways. You're very well connected. :)