Wedding Day

Wedding Day
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Sunday, July 19, 2009

An Award - THANK YOU!

Big thanks to Sheri of A Novel Menagerie for her genuine sweetness, kindness and awesomeness for sharing this award with me. What can be said about Sheri? She is sweet, kind and really an amazing blogger. I just love her blog and could seriously spend hours there reading her reviews on movies, books, some of my favorite reality shows, music, and just her day to day life. She makes everything fun. One of my favorite things is that she has a fondness for older glam photographs and ads too. I can spend a lot of time just enjoying the photos she uses with her various captions. It really is no surprise to me that Kristina's Favorites awarded her with this Queen of All Things Awe-Summm!!!

Now apparently after receiving this award, you have to share 7 Awe-Summ things about yourself and then pass it on to 7 others. So here are my seven things.

1. I bake cookies for my son to share at school at the drop of a hat. If he asks, I'll bake it. It makes him very happy to be able to share with his friends, and what makes him happy makes me happy. I always have enough on hand to bake cupcakes, brownies, magic cookie bars, or chocolate chip cookies at a moments notice. This especially comes in handy when there is an unplanned (read my son didn't hand me the paper) bake sale at Alex's school.

2. I am really good with kids. Seriously, I am not even tooting my own horn. Kids love me. When I was in my late teens and early 20s, I could not go to a wedding without enchanting the children around me. I never left a wedding without requests for my number for babysitting or job offers to be someone's nanny. It isn't that I have some crazy power, I just love children. They are fun, sweet, unique and just so sincere. I hope some day when finances get back to normal that my husband and I can foster, because I hate the thought of children out there not having a home where someone can help them feel safe.

3. I am not afraid to express my inner dork. I am completely comfortable being silly and having a great time. This came in handy when I worked in nightclubs. I was always able to make sure people had a good time. This helped me enjoy my job and it didn't hurt my wallet either. :)

4. I am a hard worker. I have made myself invaluable at every job I have ever had. Whether mopping floors when I was a teen working at McDonalds or researching for hours for show prep at the radio station, I have put my all into every job I have had. No job was too small or too insignificant. If I am doing it, I am going to do my best.

5. I love to color. One of my favorite ways to destress is to color in coloring books. I like vintage coloring books, and I have fun kind of regressing back into childhood and making a simple black and white picture look pretty. Plus I am sooooo much better at it now than when I was a kid.

6. I am an excellent untrained dancer. Silly sounding I know. It also may sound conceited, but it isn't meant to be. I just enjoy dancing and let myself totally go. I have fun when I dance and do not care for a minute about anyone around me. I think that life should be more like that.

7. Last but not least. I am great at loving my family. I throw myself into being a wife and mom with abandon. I am crazy about my husband and devoted to my son. They are so wonderful and I appreciate them so much. I do not let one day go by without telling them how much I love them and appreciate them. I truly know that it is far better to be rich in love than rich and alone.

Thank you again to Sheri for sharing this award with me. If you have not been by there yet, do check out A Novel Menagerie!

Now onto my magnificent seven!

1. A Kindred Spirit's Thoughts
2. Mystery, Suspense, and God, Oh My!
3. A Sea of Books
4. Bookin' with Bingo
5. Chick Loves Lit
6. Chick with Books
7. Wrighty's Reads

Check these blogs out. YOU will like what you see. :)

Happy Sunday!!!!


ladystorm said...

thanks for giving me a cool award :)

ANovelMenagerie said...

We have a lot in common, girlfriend! I love love love to dance! I did train for many years, but now I'm old and chubby. But, I still love it.

I, too, am a hardworker and total dork!

Now... if you could only find me a man and I could have a great husband, like you!

So... all of those nice things you said. WOW! I'm so blown away. Thank you!


Marjorie said...

Thanks for sharing these sites.

LuAnn said...

Congratulations! I also have an award for you. It's at:

carolsnotebook said...

Thanks for sharing these bits about yourself. I have to admit to loving coloring books, too.

Marie said...

congrats on your award! what a great list!

gaelikaa said...

I loved reading this post. You are quite an inspiration!

gaelikaa said...

I loved reading this post. You are quite an inspiration!

Pam said...

Congrats on your award. Enjoyed learning more about you.

Sheila DeChantal said...

What a fun reward! Congratulations! I also am #3 on your list of awwww summmm.... and you know what?

I like it that way

Lindsey said...

Thank you sooo much! You are so sweet to think of me. :-)

I love reading your answers on these kinds of things, too. lol You are so cool!