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Wedding Day
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Monday, July 13, 2009

ACK!!!!! I Am Such A Girl!


I just had the not so stunning realization that I am such a girl? Yes, this is in part stating the obvious. I am, of course female therefore girl hits in the breakdown of things, but still it is not just that I am female but I am still a total girl. My adult side (which really I am firmly planted) still gives way to THE GIRL.

Here is why...

--Because at 42, I still jump and wig out when a moth hits my head! Hey! I'm just trying to do some late night early morning blogging. Of couse a moth has to go and get attracted to my computer monitor, and let's face it, they are pretty single minded when they see a bright light. I had to leap up and run. Seriously, what would you do?

--Because I watch REALITY television. It isn't that girls watch reality television. Reality tv just brings out that girl in me. That side that is fascinated by the extreme obnoxiousness of some reality shows. I have my standards though. I don't watch every reality show, and I really don't believe it is all that "real." Still it just appeals to a side of me that is somewhat naughty. You know what I mean? It also allows a person to kind of engage in gossip without being labeled a gossip. Am I wrong? It also keeps us from fixating on the wackadoos in our own life, I'd say.


--Puppies, kittens, and baby animals of all types still make me go "awwwww!"

--I love to snuggle. Nothing makes me feel safer than a nice snuggle with my hubby. This I think is the very little girl in me. I like to snuggle and read together.

--I make up nicknames and make silly sounds when I am with my husband. Oh the total freedom of being a complete and utter dork with the man you love! Example of nicknames "hubbins."
Example of silly noises "boochie boochie." is my own little tickle sound that I made up when trying in vain to tickle my hubbin who absolutely does not have a ticklish bone in his entire body. Well occasionally a phantom tickle moment happens, but he stops me fast. GRRRRRR. --I love YA fiction. Yep. I can be totally stolen away into the world of an angst filled teen or even a sweet carefree teen summer romance. I don't think that love will ever die.

--I love Kool Aid!
Really I do. It is the easiest thing to make, it tastes amazing, and it is versatile. I have used Kool Aid to dye my hair back in the day and it makes yummy home made popsicles. But really I just love a glass of it iced cold. It brings me back to being a kid.

--I roll my eyes too much and occasionally say things that my mom still gives me looks about!

--I love playing Mad Libs. Did you play this as a kid? My husband, son and I play a lot of Mad Libs when we are road trips. It cracks us up and in a way we are sneaking a little education into my little boy. :) Well, he isn't so little any more. He is 14!

--I hate going to bed but I love to sleep. Yes. I am a walking contradiction. Or a laying contradiction. I hate actually giving up and going to bed, but boy do I love to dream! Seriously I am quite good at dreaming. :)

Well that about covers it right now. It is amazing what pops into your head when you are blogging and a moth flies into your hair. BLECH.

By the way...I totally dislike bugs of all kinds. Well...not lady bugs. Or butterflies. But spiders creep me out and any flying bug that makes a hell of a lot of noise, like horse flies and those beetles that fly. I think they're beetles. :)


Alyce said...

You and I are alike in a few of those! I can't stand bugs. My husband isn't ticklish (despite my many attempts at tickling). I hate going to be and love going to sleep too. I fight off going to bed as long as possible, but then am so happy when I finally snuggle into the covers. :)

ANovelMenagerie said...

I love MadLibs, hate bugs in my hair, love anything furry, addicted to reality tv, and hate going to bed but love sleeping. If I lived in Prescott, we'd be BFF!


Dar said...

lol-I'm such a girl too! I hate bugs of any kind and wig out as well when they come near me, love reality tv, and definitely go awwwww at furbabies. Great post - made me smile!

Hilarie said...

I'm so glad you stopped by my blog so I could find yours! I also hate bugs, especially spiders and chiggers. I really hope you don't have chiggers where you are. I'm suffering from some bites right now and it is awful!

Lindsey said...

I used to hate being "girly" - lol. Or being thought to be a girly girl I guess. I've never liked dresses, I grew up in the country with horses and chickens and... well, I didn't have time for makeup and all that. Now I like it all though, lol. I still don't overdo it - I don't go for pink and my makeup is really natural. It's SO funny though - I LOVE to dress my daughter up in girly clothes! Pretty dresses all the time, bows, etc. Why is it that moms do that? :-)

Oh, and I like reality television, too - it can be so interesting! And puppies and kittens make me go all mushy... and babies. ;-)