Wedding Day

Wedding Day
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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Good Afternoon World!!!!


Maybe I am over reaching, but I am feeling like just throwing myself into a good ole "Howdy Howdy!" kind of blog. I am feeling in a fairly proper good mood. I just wanted to post for a second before I get around to some serious blog reading once I am done. :) If you are in a hurry, give a little listen to the song attached to the video at the end. It fits my spirit today. :)

First of all, I just wanted to share a big thank you to all the wonderful ladies and gentlemen that I have met via blogs. I haven't meant any one personally, but you have all impacted my life in amazing ways. Ways that I appreciate, and I want to thank you all for that. I could run down a list, but then I would never get done. Seriously, you are all THAT great. One of these days, I'll have to see if I can make my own kind of award to give out. My niece is a killer graphic artist. Maybe she can hook me up. :)

Okay...I just realized it is freakin boiling in this house. Hello Arizona!!!!! How about a little break in the heat? I am going to go make a quick cold beverage. Check it out...WATER! How cool is that? I am still working on drinking more water. back in one or two. :)

So catching up. I have recently started re-reading Never Say Diet by Chantel Hobbs. I read it a while back for a review, and now I decided to read it with some action. I am still working on overcoming the thyroid issue I hate. There is only so much that I can do with that. I am on moderate medication. I am hoping that maybe there will be a few things that I can do on this end to change things up a bit. I am taking it very slow. I could only get through chapter 1 because like a good girl, I am really thinking about things and I am answering the questions in the end in my journal.

I have basically just been ticked off at my current appearance. I no longer want to be a slave to my thyroid, but I can't do too much to control it. I don't know how much this book will be able to help me either, but I am going to devote myself to some time and see what comes up. The main thing is I cannot let this happen to me. I have to make whatever choices I can on my end. So even though my thyroid is the main cause of my weight issue right now, I am sure that there is something I can do for a solution. This book is step one on tackling things on the opposite side of the thyroid. I am going to try to do what I can to change physically by attacking what I can control.

I can control what I eat, but I have to be accountable. This is why I am drinking water out of my awesome SIGG bottle rather than making Koolaid, drinking some apple juice, or having a cold iced tea. I'm saving some calories, and doing all those good things for my body that water does. :)

In on that accountability is the whole write down what you eat thing. THIS is boring. Feel free to move on. My purpose with this is really just to see what I am eating and make sure that I am making good choices. Don't expect me to write down calories. For now, that is not my goal. Just seeing what I am doing on this end is my goal for now.

1 Yoplait peach yogurt
1 pack of hummus (this I do know the calories to 100)
8 Stacy's Pita Chips
Snack - bowl of Life cereal

I don't know if I should be writing down the times or not so I wont.

This is why I am writing this junk down. I read that people who write down what they eat...lose more. Does that work when you are hypothyroid? I don't know, BUT I can also let my doc see what I am reading. to run. Time has been flying by here (my son is home and wanted to share something with me), and I really do want to read some blogs.

Before I go I thought I would share a video from a CD I have been listening to a lot lately. This is Friend Like That by Hawk Nelson and the CD is Hawk Nelson is my friend. Hope you like it.


ANovelMenagerie said...

I wish that I was more diligent about drinking more water. I'm so bad about it. Although, I do make big pictures of home brewed iced tea (with sweetener, not sugar) that I drink up. I really love tea.

I don't know if you are the same age as me, but I'm 39 and no matter how good I am with food, my metabolism moved out and went to Greece without me. I have no metabolism anymore. Hence, a body that I don't recognize as mine.

Just look on the bright side... even with a a couple extra pounds, you still have your awesome hubby. As opposed to me, single forever now!


P.S. Haven't listened to MP yet. But will, I promise.

Anonymous said...

My hubby has a thyroid issue too. It's not easy.

I would be afraid to write down everything I eat. Too much pasta and sweets. On the other hand, I'd probably eat better if I knew the world would be seeing my list.