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Wedding Day
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Friday, January 1, 2010

January 1st - Crike!


Okay...I kind of wanted to say..."holy crap!" I mean seriously! It is 2010! This is a time of excitement and a time of...well..."holy crap!" This decade is going to be the decade in which I turn 50! Not any time soon, and I certainly do not plan on looking like I'm 50! But it is still out there hanging in the balance. Some time in the next decade, I will be 50 years old.

That means, I have to think a lot harder about resolutions and goals. Not because I think I can turn it all around in a year, but....(oh wait, I should add that I am no way in the place where I need to turn things around. This is more of just an odd use of the phrase. My life in no way sucks) I do think that I should think about where I intend to be in the next decade. Certainly we will not be retiring, but in the next decade a lot of changes will happen. Let's look at 2000 for a sec. don't HAVE to look at it with me, but I'm going there.

1. Graduated from college while struggling with working and being a single mom.
2. Graduated from a dental assisting program and dental x-ray and records program.

1. Worked as a medical transcriptionist for a company as well as a private GI practice.
2. Worked in a group home.
3. Worked in a casino as a cocktail server, trainer and breaker.
4. Worked at a radio station (still do).

1. Continued to raise the most wonderful little boy EVER. Okay...I understand we all feel that way about our children. But I will certainly not lower the adjectives to anything less than the best. :)

2. In a completely horrid relationship that was not only abusive but involved a loser who was totally into internet porn and chat. I also understand that some people do not feel that there is anything wrong with chatting online about sex or exploring sex dating sites and whatnot. I however do have a problem with it. I like to be one of TWO people in a relationship. I have no interest in sharing my man with or without my knowledge. It was one of many things that pointed to the damage in our relationship. SOOOOOO glad that one ended.

3. Therapy. This helped me develop a relationship with myself. It helped me realize that I deserved to be happy on terms that did not hurt me. This led me to moving across the country and eventually away from a literal nightmare of a relationship.

4. I had a renewed relationship with my father thanks to my step mom. I think this is also a catalyst to getting out of the very bad relationship and into the relationship with my most awesome husband. I really believe that. This is also one of the highlights of the past decade.

5. I met the man that would eventually be my husband after I moved across the country. I met him online. At the time, I had no idea that the man I met was going to be more than just a friend. He became my best friend and IS the love of my life. I never expected to even meet the man of my dreams. I kind of figured I was done with all that after such a horrific relationship past (the horror relationship of the first half of 2000 was just one in a slimy string of crap relationships going back to the 90s. What can I say? It takes me a while to learn a lesson.

6. God. My relationship with Jesus Christ has been the cornerstone of all the changes in my life. God has held me up during some of the worst struggles of my life. He has always been there even when I wished he wasn't there to see my downward spiral. HE lifted me up. Trust me. There are things in my life that go beyond bad. I have walked through some murky waters, and I have experienced things that make me wince. But had I not been through the things I have been through, I might not have the compassion and empathy that I do now for others. If I hadn't been poor, I might not have learned how important it is to give. If I had not been hurt, I might not have learned the importance of forgiving (and believe me THAT lesson is hugely important). If I hadn't struggled with the bad relationships I had, I just might not appreciate the true wonderful man He has brought into my life. I made my choices in life, and somehow, God has helped me through them all from the good to the bad. I have always had Him to lean on and turn to. He has always answered my call and my cry. Life has not always been easy, but his promise was not that I would have an easy life. My life has been full. My faith is stronger than ever. Jesus never fails.

So onto this year. What to do?! What changes will come? It is all quite exciting. It is also a little chilling. I know that some fear because of the financial crisis going on. And it is hard not to be chilled by it. I think again that because I had so little, this is not sooo hard to get around. I take care of today. I trust in Him.

Enough of the preachy stuff. I still have goals that I would like to get my head around. My dad and step mom bought me a Wii Fit Plus for Christmas. I am hoping to get my balance worked out and get my bod in shape. The one downside of the latter part of the last decade is that my thyroid seemingly burned itself out and weight gain has been an issue. My weight goal for 2010 is simply to start to workout significantly with my Wii Fit plus and use other ways to get myself back to the place I'd like to be physically. I do not have a goal weight in mind at this time. I would like to start with a 10 approach. Lose 10 pounds and then re-evaluate. I am making mini goals.

Spiritually, I would like to focus more on my reading the Bible and improving my relationship with God. I think that I have not focused enough on study. I do have a pretty good prayer life, but I have not committed myself to getting into the word. I had thought about the Reading the Bible in 90 days. I am not sure if I can swing that or not. I can swing reading it in a year though, and that is where I intend to put my mind.

I am also hoping to take an even more proactive goal with my finances. I am pretty good with my money, but I want to be even better. I am hoping to jump into the menu planning that so many other bloggers do. I think getting a real handle on our meals for the week would be splendid! I'd like to see how that kind of planning helps our budget. about a little U2?


Lindsey said...

I love this post. :-) And wow, 10 years ago I was 16/17. Weird. A lot has happened for me, good and bad, but I'm happy with where I am now, too. I would like to be more focused when it comes to God time, though.

Happy new year! Say "Twenty-Ten" a couple of times just for fun. hehe

ANovelMenagerie said...

Wonderful post! Happy New Year!

Alyce said...

Wow! You have been through a lot in the past decade! I'm glad to see that things have been going so well for you, and hope that this upcoming decade holds even more happiness for you and your family.