Wedding Day

Wedding Day
Enjoy EVERY moment in your wedding gown. You can't stay in it forever...SO UNFAIR!!!!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

NoiseTrade Matthew Perryman Jones

About four or so years ago, I was banging around Myspace, and I stumbled on Matthew Perryman Jones. His album Throwing Punches in the Dark immediately became my MUST HAVE music CD (I also love Swallow the Sea but Throwing Punches in the Dark is my first fave). Refuge is still one of my most favorite songs. I still am absolutely crazy about him, and absolutely thrilled when I hear any piece of his music out there. If you haven't checked him out, here is a great opportunity through Noise Trade. I highly recommend you give Matthew Perryman Jones a serious listen. He has some amazing music out there.


Nichol said...

I have some more awards for you :) Come get them when you get a chance!

Laura said...

I really like that song! I had never heard of him before reading this. I love discovering new music!!