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Wedding Day
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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Juror by George Dawes Green - Audiobook Review

A while back I won The Juror by George Dawes Green in audio book format from Toni at A Circle of Books. Toni is an absolute doll, and quite the crochet talent! If you haven't been over to see her,'ll lover her. And...while you are there, you may want to take part in some of her cool giveaways. She has two ARCs up for grabs right now.

Now...onto the book.

You can click above to get it at a VERY low price or maybe take a gander around Paperback Swap (I love that place!).

ABOUT THE AUTHOR (from Hachette Book Group Website):

George Dawes Green is the author of the highly acclaimed novel The Caveman's Valentine, as well as a poet whose work has appeared in The Ontario Review, Carolina Quarterly, and other literary publications. He lives in Key West, Florida.

ABOUT THE BOOK (from audio book box):

Annie Laird is Juror 224, a sculptor struggling to raise a son on her own. Summoned to what looks like a routine tour of civic duty, Annie soon discovers that this is no ordinary trial. It is a mob case whose outcome has been meticulously orchestrated by a cold, calculating mastermind. Known only as The Teacher, he promises Annie that her child will be safe, her career will flourish, and her friends will remain alive--if she says two words: not guilty. But as she is stalked, seduced and terrorized by this man of insidious power and deadly precision, Annie will be driven to make a shocking decision--one that may cost her everything.


A talented single mom is assigned to be a juror on a very high profiled mafia trial, and things get increasingly out of control. Life has been a struggle as a single mom and artist, but now Annie is out to do what she can to protect each and every person she knows and loves by behaving in a way she never would normally and by doing things that are against her beliefs. This is the cross to bear when dealing with a dangerous individual like The Teacher, a man who is charming yet dangerous.

It is a plot that for me cannot be beat. I love a little danger in the books I read. The version that I listened to was an abridged audio book version.


The Juror was read by Lolita Davidovich and John Heard. They both did an impressive job with the book. The book didn't quite reach me though. The flaw for me really was in the abridgement of The Juror. This is a fabulous story with some really interesting characters. I felt that this version let you get a good idea about the characters but then it really didn't cover the story well. There were points where a connection between the main characters is mentioned, but it really I didn't see it or should I say hear it. I felt like there was way too much missing. I know this is a great book. I have seen the movie (though I didn't connect them at the time I listened), and I enjoyed it. I have read reviews from people who enjoyed the book. I can only gather that it must be the abridged version. It just left me feeling like I missed out on something or that large portions were left out.


I think that George Dawes Green is a great author (I am reading Ravens right now), and I think that The Juror has a good story and plot. I have come to the conclusion that although I loved the voice talent, I do not like the abridged version of this audio book.


Pam said...

I haven't read this one, but I did enjoy The Ravens. I'll make sure I skip the abridged version though.
Last week when it snowed here, all the school systems closed for the day (except my daughter's) because it was supposed to snow later in the day!
My daughter had to wait until 12:00 when it actually began to snow to come home. : )

Luanne said...

Hey Kelly - I listened to this in abridged as well. I too felt like I was being shortchanged and that parts of the story were just not there. Makes you wonder how someone decides what's to be included and what isn't....

kalea_kane said...

Luanne, I hear you! :) I honestly felt like I had fallen asleep and missed something, but I was driving while I listened to it and truly was more than alert. :)