Wedding Day

Wedding Day
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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Start The New Year With An Awesome Giveaway!

Have you seen that commercial for Hall's Refresh? The one that I think is some parents moving their kid into college-although, I must say the kid looks so young, but then again I am getting old. The roomie offers the mom a Hall's Refresh, and it is suddenly a little uncomfortable in the room. :) I have kind of toyed with picking these little refreshers up, but I have to say that part of me is like " could that possibly be good." I am caught up with memories of massive menthol, but then I read the review at Nicole's Nickels. She said they are sugar free, refreshing, and they do not have that weird sugar free after taste. Sooooo...I just might give these a try. It sure sounds like it will beat getting my jaw tired from gum chewing (though I do like my sugar free gum too).

What is more special is that Nicole's Nickels is also hosting a giveaway thanks to Hall's Refresh! What is up for grabs? How about a $100 American Express gift card? That is a GREAT way to start off the New Year! This giveaway ends on January 4th! GOOOOOO!

Nicole's Nickels

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Pam said...

Happy New YEar, Kelly! These are the only kind of cough drops my daughter will use because they do not have a strong menthol flavor.