Wedding Day

Wedding Day
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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Camp Club Girls & The Mystery at Discovery Lake by Renae Brumbaugh - REVIEW

Huge thanks to Angie Billhart from Barbour Publishing for providing me with a copy of Camp Club Girls & the Mystery at Discovery Lake. The book was provided in order to do my review. No other compensation was provided. All thoughts are my own.

My Review:

Camp Club Girls and the Mystery at Discovery Lake is a delightful book for young girls and tweens. It is the first book in a series that focuses on the adventures of six young girls who meet and become fabulous friends at a Christian camp. These girls all have unique personalities but are tied together by sharing the same camp dorm and their love for mysteries.

This first book in the series gives the reader a chance to get to know each girl and work on some sleuthing.

I like that the girls bonded and stood by each other. These are characters that are really good role models of how friends should support each other. There are definitely some hijinx involved, but that is part of the fun. There is also a spiritual component that is really a breath of fresh air. I always wanted to go to summer camp, and when I was a young girl, I would grab any book I could find that related to that. This book definitely would fit the bill.

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