Wedding Day

Wedding Day
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Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Great Batch Of Giveaways!

Another batch of giveaways. I hope you see something you like. And to everyone again who is kind enough to take the time to review and giveaway these prizes. Thank you! You all rock!


How about a book giveaway? Well, I found that A Busy Mom of Two is hosting a review AND a giveaway of Once in a Blue Moon by Eileen Goudge. Not only that, the giveaway is also for Woman in Red also by Eileen Goudge. Two books!!!! What a treat! Be sure to get on over to A Busy Mom of Two and take a chance! Ends October 13th at 9 pm EST.

I talk about Home Depot's Do-It-Herself Workshops a lot at the radio station. I think it is awesome that Home Depot is helping empower us women when it comes to home improvement. I have a myriad of things I would like to do to upgrade our home. One of the simple ones is paint, but I also would like hard wood flooring or even a nice wood laminate at this point for my husband's allergies and I also would like to add some hardware to our cupboards and drawers in the kitchen. I must break a nail a week when I am putting silverware away (a hand model I will never be). I am hoping for a little help in my Home Depot spending by winning a $50 Home Depot gift card from Shari at Saving Money For a Wedding. She has a great chance for one reader to win! Ends October 12th at 11:59 pm EST.

I first discovered Harry Connick Jr around the time he did the soundtrack for many of the songs in When Harry Met Sally. Let's just say I appreciated his voice and his looks. I also liked how he totally sang the music that he liked and didn't just go with the trends. My mom also totally loved his voice and didn't shy away from saying that he was pretty dang cute too. Well, I don't know about you...but when I found out that Mom Saves Money was hosting a review and a giveaway for his new CD Your Songs...I had to enter. Now if I win...I have to figure out if I should keep it to myself or give it to my mom. Thoughts? Giveaway ends October 14th at 10PM Central.

We are all about reusing. Every year I buy a new lunch box for my son, and we try to use whatever we can to make it so he doesn't add a lot of trash (using plastic containers for his sandwhich), a thermos for his drinks...etc, but nothing ever fits well, and we never can be as green as we would like. I found a way that we may be able to totally accomplish this greener lunch. Babies Gotta Have It has a review and giveaway for Citizenpip Reusable Lunch Kit. They are adorable and totally full of containers that fit in the box and allow you to reuse! I am crossing fingers on this one. Ends October 15th

I have always had a taste for things that are unique. I love companies that reuse items to make something new and cool. It is great when a company is ecofriendly, creative, and gives back. The Alternative Consumer has a review and a giveaway for one such company. They have a giveaway for an awesome messenger bag from five Accessories. I love this company, and I am so glad that The Alternative Consumer reviewed it, because it really is one that has a focus on giving back and the items they sell are pretty darn cool. Truly take a moment to check them out. This giveaway ends on October 17th.

I am organizationally challenged. Ask my husband. HE is a neat freak where I am a messy one. I am clean, but I am not ever sure where to put things. I have about eight makeup bags in the bathroom. It would be totally awesome to have one place that I can hold it all in a way that can keep me neat. Organize with Sandy has a review that seems to answer my desperate need. It is Lori Greiner's Deluxe Cosmetic Organizer. These are functional and beautiful in oak, white or cherry. I really would love to pick on up. I am hoping to win, but maybe that winner will be you if you head on over to Organize with Sandy and give it a chance. Giveaway ends on October 20 at 11:59 pm EST.

I love Starbuck's coffee. I can't always pick it up, because, it is expensive, but it is one of the ways I spoil myself. Did you take part of the VIA coffee taste tests at Starbucks? I gave it a shot while I was at Women of Faith, and I was fortunate to have a sample sent to me a month or so ago. I am not one for instant, but this was pretty awesome. Saving Money For a Wedding had a little reminder postw about this test and the free tall coffee you could get a coupon for when you tested out VIA. She also has a giveaway for a...wait for it....$10 Starbucks gift card. YES!!!!! Is there a better way to spoil yourself than with a win like this? Go now! Giveaway ends on October 19th at 11:59 pm EST!

One of the things I loved about going to grandma's was getting to use the Waterpik. I know it sounds crazy, but I had my own pick, and it made me feel all grown up. Later when I worked in an orthodontic practice, I found out how good it was for my teeth and gums. Mine broke on my move to California so I would really like to win one. Penelope's Oasis is hosting a review and giveaway of the Waterpik Ultra Dental Water Jet and three of her blog followers are going to win!

Remember how I mentioned being organizationally challenged. This is also in my Christmas card life. I put the cards on the fridge, but I run out of space fairly quickly. I put the cards on the fireplace mantle and that holds a few. I have thought about making a line for the cards, but I don't want to clothesline my husband. Then I saw the Savvy Housewife Oh So Spoiled giveaway!
Oh So Spoiled has all kinds of cool hand painted items and plaques, but the items for grabs is a hand painted Christmas card holder. VERY CUTE! Let's just say that I am in want! You should check it out. This giveaway ends on October 14th.

I am always on the look out for a make up that is going to be gentle to my skin. I have very sensitive skin, and I really prefer make up that is going to keep it at an even keel. I also love a nice natural look. That is one of the reasons why I have enjoyed mineral makeups. I don't like them all though. I have tried several, and really they are not all the same. I was very intrigued when I found Moomette's Magnificents and her review for Southern Magnolia Minerals Concealer and Corrector set. Each part of this set will take care of any flaw you want to take care of. :) And the prices are great. Be sure to check out this giveaway and review. Ends on October 17th.

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