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Wedding Day
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Sunday, October 11, 2009

October - Time To Get My Scary On

I love October. I love it because it means that the month is going to be filled with one of my favorite things...HORROR! I love a good horror movie, and by good I do not necessarily mean bloody and gore filled, but blood just may be included in high quantities.


I have been thinking about what horror treats I want to see this month. I am kind of behind because it is already October 11th, but there is always time. Here is my dream list which kind of depends on what I can rent via Netflix or Redbox and what I might see in the theater. I am really touchy about films in the theater. I just do not like to waste money on a film that I may not be terribly thrilled with when it is over. For now I am setting up my watching list of what I can view now on Netflix.


1-- Night of the Living Dead (1990). Oh yeah, I am totally going to watch this 1990 remake of the 1968 classic. I am forever shocked that I was just a wee little one year old when this movie hit the theaters. I liked the remake quite a bit. My husband and I watched the original on Netflix a while back and I am pretty sure I can get him to sit with me for another fearfest. :)

2-- The Signal - The description makes me want to see it. I did not see this in the theaters, and I can watch it right away online. Not too shabby. Here is the deal according to Netflix: When the phones, radios and televisions in the city of Terminus begin to broadcast the same strange signal, the transmission breeds jealousy and hate, turning once-sane people into murderous lunatics. A faithless wife seeks the safety of her lover, while her affected husband hunts for her. David Bruckner, Jacob Gentry and Dan Bush each write and direct an act of this horror tale that was nominated for a John Cassavetes Independent Spirit Award.

3-- ZA - Zombies Anonymous - Seriously, with a title like this how can I NOT see it? Okay...I can picture myself having to make some seriously yummy snacks in order to convince the husband, but I definitely want to check it out. Here is the buzz: In an imagined reality where zombies coexist with ordinary mortal folk, the undead are considered second-class citizens. Angela (Gina Ramsden) finds this out the hard way when she's shot by her boyfriend and must learn to adjust to her new zombie lifestyle. She tempers her hunger for human flesh with Zombies Anonymous meetings and tries to pass for living in the mortal world. Joshua Nelson co-stars in Marc Fratto's tongue-in-rotted-cheek satire.

4-- The Innocents (1961) - One of the reasons I want to see this is horror movies back in the 60s and 70s really had to work harder at being scary. I have never seen The Innocents and so it kind of must be watched. IF I don't run out of the "view now credit." :) Here is the skinny: Oscar-winning cinematographer Freddie Francis frames this creepy supernatural thriller adapted from Henry's James's novella The Turn of the Screw. When a young governess (Deborah Kerr) accepts a position supervising a girl and her brother in a lonely old house, she begins seeing things -- and the children start developing strange habits. Though she's convinced the house is haunted, its clouded history seems intent on keeping her in the dark.

5-- Carrie (1976) Oh how can I not watch Carrie? I just picked up the book at a fund raising book sale for CASA (it is massively beat up), but I want to explore it in all areas from the original film to quite possibly the remake (we'll see about that part). This movie scared the heck out of me when I was young and probably should not have been allowed to see it. One of my favorite parts of Carrie though is that it has Edie McClurg in it (Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Planes, Trains, and Automobiles...etc). I love her! Does anyone really need a synopsis?

6-- Misery (1990) The ultimate psycho fan movie in my opinion. So really it only counts for me, but really I am just crazy about Misery. It is horror in the sense of totally psychological sense. I recall seeing it in the theater back in the day, and it was crazy how the audience totally jumped during a particular scene. Rob Reiner definitely did a great job directing, and James Caan and Kathy Bates simply rocked it.

7-- Shaun of the Dead (2004) This quite possibly is one of my favorite "horrorish" movies. Horrorish because, lets face it, it is kind of silly, but there is still a bit of gore. Shaun of the Dead makes me think of what it would be like to just wake up as your average person and realize that everything is totally wrong. This is my idea of a total classic.

8-- Diary of a Cannibal (2007) Synopsis: They met on the Internet. They fell in love. They drove to the desert and stopped at an abandoned warehouse. They wandered inside and found unspeakable horror. Only one of them survived to write THE DIARY OF A CANNIBAL. This little gem is on Hulu. If it is free and it is horror, why not check it out during horror month? I'll let you know how it goes.

9-- Happy Birthday To Me (1981) Synopsis: Virginia (Melissa Sue Anderson) is proud that she belongs to a clique. But before her 18th birthday, a grueling set of murders take place and her friends are the ones who are falling prey. Could it be her? I think the reason I want to check this out is I have never seen it and it has the older sister, Mary from Little House on the Prairie on it. Also it is on Crackle totally for free. :)

10-- Trick 'R Treat (2008) Synopsis: Four interwoven stories that occur on Halloween: An everyday high school principal has a secret life as a serial killer; a college virgin might have just met the one guy for her; a group of teenagers pull a mean prank; a woman who loathes the night has to contend with her holiday-obsessed husband. I am hoping to get to this movie before Halloween. It is going to be tough as they have closed the Block Buster nearby and the wait is long on Netflix, but we can hope. :)


Pam said...

I think I would like to see ZA. I watched lots of horror movies as a teen, but I never watch them anymore for some reason. Love that new background!

ann marie said...

Great movie choices, I will have to check out Trick 'r Treat. Will you be seeing Paranormal Activity in the theater or on DVD? Have a great week :)

ladystorm said...

Interesting picks..I tried watching The Innocents once but couldn't get into it but maybe you will like it :)

gaelikaa said...

The October atmosphere is particularly conducive to horror moves for some reason; I enjoy the odd horror flick sometimes.

kalea_kane said...

Thanks Pam. I figured it would be nice to decorate for the season. :)

kalea_kane said...

Ann Marie,
I am really hoping Paranormal Activity will hit the theaters here in Arizona. I would love to see it! I just found out that we are getting Trick R Treat through Netflix. I am stoked because it was supposed to be a very long wait.

kalea_kane said...

Uh oh. That doesn't bode well for me, Stormi. We seem to be on the same level with our horror. :) I still will try it. I think. Again, it depends on how much view now credit we have. :)