Wedding Day

Wedding Day
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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Simply Irresistable Giveaways

Before we begin, I want to once again say a sincere thank you to all the bloggers out there who take the time to review an item, post a thoughtful review, and host a giveaway. They really deserve some serious applause here because it is not easy keeping track of all of the things they do. Be sure to take a minute to thank them too. :)


Leslie Loves Veggies is always hosting a unique giveaway. This one literally takes the cake. Oh my word! I said that. I actually said that. I am groaning on the inside really. What is up for grabs? A yummy Red Velvet Cake from We Take the Cake! My taste buds are really screaming for this beauty! Get in on this fine giveaway now by heading on over! Giveaway ends on October 25th!

What else does Leslie Loves Veggies have for her readers? How about a review and giveaway for Make Ahead Meals for Busy Moms? Two winners are going to find themselves absolutely blessed by winning this fabulous book that any of us moms can appreciate! Can you imagine it, 140 meals that we don't have to stress over? Sign me up! Oh wait...I did. Giveaway ends on October 22.

Don't you just love items that make your skin feel soft and creamy or perhaps something that just lifts your spirits from the aroma alone? I do and I am again pleased as punch to find that Leslie Loves Veggies has another fabulous company with great products to introduce to her readers! My mind escapes when I just picture using The Homestead Company's yummy body scrub! Check them out and think about what you might get with Leslie's fabulous $40 Gift Certificate giveaway to The Homestead Company! I could pick out several things for sure. Giveaway ends on October 23rd!

I am not shy about admitting my organizational flaws. I am working on things, I really am, but I am a long way from through. Luckily for me Leslie Loves Veggies also highlighted and in particular their purse organizer. So far the only key I have to an organized purse is to not carry one. How sad is that? I try so hard, but I just cannot do it. I lose everything in the void that is my purse. Money, keys, notes, get the picture, but maybe with the help of I too can have the pleasure of organizational bliss! Dare I dream? This giveaway ends on October 24th!

Nicolle at Babee Love is hosting a review and giveaway for something that can really help you reinforce good habits. The giveaway is for Habitwise. Habitwise has a way to get you watching your food intake, improving your water intake and more! I really like this idea. You definitely should check it out. One reader is going to win. Giveaway ends on October 27th.

The nights are getting more chilly here (yep in Arizona!), and I am dressing more warmly each evening. Right now that consists of yoga pants and t shirts. I only have one official pajama. When I saw that Babee Love had a review and giveaway for Karen Neuburger PJs! One winner is going to win a very special PJ set with toasty chenille socks and two winners will win KN Pjs! Very cool. Think Pink and don't forget this is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Giveaway ends on October 27th!

First I HAVE to mention the wonderful Stormi, who is hosting a giveaway for Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold. I was eying this book just the other day when my husband wanted to peruse Harrisons for some music. The story looks pretty awesome. Head on over to Stormi's blog Books, Movies, Reviews! Oh My! for a chance on this awesome giveaway from an equally awesome blogger! I didn't see an end date so hurry!!!!!

Do you use reusable shopping bags when you shop. I do. Did you know that many of those bags really do not stand up to time very well? I definitely do. I have stuffed my way through four. I read up on this when I entered an awesome giveaway at Delightful Chaos. Delightful Chaos has a review and giveaway for FIVE Envirosax! Envirosax are made to last and therefore will be much better on the environment. Don't take my word for it. Get the details right from the source. Giveaway ends on October 27th!

I am a new fan of Shabby Apple clothing. They have such adorable styles that appeal to anyone. I can tell you that I could easily have a shopping spree on their website with their clothes for women, teens, and girls. You can dress up or into workout wear. And here is something awesome...Just Me and You is hosting a giveaway and has a code for 10% off! So even if we don't win, we win! This gets me very happy! Giveaway ends on Midnight October 19th! Hurry!

Smart Cents Mom
has a giveaway that can please anyone! It is for a $10 iTunes card. Who wouldn't be able to get good use out of that. It can even make a nice stocking stuffer! Get in on this awesome giveaway today, because it ends on October 24th!

When I lived in Rhode Island, one of my favorite things was to head off to New Hampshire. I use to go to this little shop that had the coolest hand made soaps! I loved the colors, textures and the one-0f-a-kind scents. Leslie Loves Veggies has a review and giveaway for The Soap Corner, and I think you will definitely want to check it out. From what I read, I am definitely ready to try. I wish I had the talent to make home made soaps! Maybe some day. Giveaway ends on October 26th!

Okay...that is it for today. I wish you lots of luck!

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