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Wedding Day
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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Who Is Looking For A Win?


I am always looking at the great giveaways out there. First of all, like books, you get to learn about companies and items you may not have known about. I know my husband loves them, because I am able to give him a better Christmas list. So again...a great big thank you to all the bloggers out there who take the time to review these cool items and keep track of all us salivating readers!


I have found some delicious contests, and I would love to share them with you!

When I got my email update from Debbie's World of Books, I scrambled over to read the post. She has an interview with Paula Morris and a giveaway for Ruined! The ins and outs of how a book came into being is always fascinating. I am sure you will enjoy the interview and definitely want in on a chance to win one of the FIVE copies up for the give! Giveaway ends on October 30th!

The Review Broads review all kinds of great products and books. I have been blessed to win a few books from them. Now here is a book I really want to win. I love Simon's Cat by Simon Tofield. Simon's Cat is one of my you tube obsessions. Well...the Review Broads has a review AND a giveaway for the book! Five copies will be given away! Giveaway ends on October 27th!

I use to have this cute little toy bear. He had a lion costume, and it was the cutest thing. When I moved, I gave it to our neighbor. I miss that little bear, but I will never forget how delighted she was with it! Mudpies and Mary Janes has a giveaway and review for Calico Critters Costume Critters. In a word...ADORABLE! I know a little girl who is going to be a big sister soon who would just be thrilled with this little set! Maybe a win will secure it! Giveaway ends on October 22nd.

We drink a lot of water in our home. We use the filter from our refrigerator, and that works fairly well, but I do think it needs to be changed. Also you run out of cold. I read a great review of the PUR Flavor Options water picture at A Hen's Nest, and I pointed it out to the hubby. I also took the PUR flavor test and found that CRYSTAL CLEAR is really my way to go. Not too shocking as I mainly like just a little lemon in my water if anything. A Hen's Nest is also hosting a giveaway soooooo head on over, because if there is anything better than a nice filter pitcher it is a FREE PUR Filter pitcher from PUR water! Giveaway ends on November 3rd!

Do you like pearls? I love pearls. There is something about the way they shine against the skin. I bought my first pearl necklace ages ago after it being THE savings goal of my teen life. I was thrilled to read the review for Museum Way pearls at Champagne Living. The pearls are of a very high quality and they sell them for 75 to 80% less than traditional jewelers! Go check out the review, check out Museum Way and enter the awesome giveaway! Giveaway ends on October 27th.

The Review Broads
have an amazing review and giveaway for Locked In by Marcia Muller. This looks like a book of total suspense, and honestly, after just a glimpse I knew this was one I wanted to read! Check it out! Giveaway ends on November 2.

The following giveaway is NOT for kids. As a married woman, I have no problem with seeing something that will bring a little extra fun into the bedroom and making note! That is one of the reasons I really like Eden Fantasys. They have so many items that suit anyone's taste. Ladybugs and Tonka Trucks! is hosting a review and a giveaway! I am soooo in on this! You can be too. Giveaway ends on October 30th.

I can still hear the tune in my head "Scooby Dooby Doo Where Are You?" A cartoon I just loved as a child, teen and heck, adult. Now there is a Scooby-Doo game for the Wii, PS2 or DS. It is called Scooby-Doo First Frights! This is something my son and I both would love to play! Head on over to Go Graham Go for a review and giveaway for five winners!

I have mentioned before that I love Flirty Aprons. My husband knows this is high up on my Christmas wish list, but I still would like to win one. They have the cutest. I am so messy when I cook this is an absolute must, and I would much rather wear their adorable designs rather than a ratty tshirt that I don't care about. Who doesn't want to look adorable? Well...Go Graham Go is also hosting a review and giveaway for Flirty Aprons. Someone's got to win right? Get going. This giveaway ends on October 28!


Michaela said...

These sound like some great giveaways! Good luck winning - and you're right... there's nothing better than a flirty apron!

Pam said...

I am in need of a water filter! I need to head over and check it out.

~*~ Melissa ~*~ said...

Great giveaways! Thanks for sharing :)

Nichol said...

You do the post about giveaways you enjoy very well. Your writing is wonderful!