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Wedding Day
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Thursday, October 30, 2008

October 30 IS Candy Corn Day!!!!

First of all, the month of October is just about complete. Trick or treating is literally right around the corner, and the kids are getting anxious. I am getting anxious myself. My son has a wig. That is it. That is the sum total of his costume, but that is not for me to worry about at this hour. At this hour, I simply need to get that kid in the car and to the bus stop. He is dragging it this morning. What is it about the teen aged boy? You know, I didn't have them figured out as a teen aged girl, I probably never will. :) is CANDY CORN DAY! Here is a little fact blurb about the tasty treat straight from the Candy USA website:
Candy Corn! Pictures, Images and Photos

The History of Candy Corn
Candy corn has been around for more than 100 years. George Renninger, an employee of the Wunderlee Candy Company, invented the popular confection in the 1880s and Wunderlee became the first to produce the candy. The Goelitz Candy Company (now Jelly Belly Candy Company) started producing the confection in 1900 and still produces candy corn today.

When candy corn first appeared, it was popular among farmers because of its agrarian look. The tri-color design was considered revolutionary and the public went crazy for it. Lack of machinery meant that candy corn was only made seasonally from March to November. Candy corn has remained unchanged for more than 100 years and is a favorite at Halloween.

I cannot tell you how long I have wanted to see the word "agrarian" appear on my blog. It warms the heart, no? And dude, I totally had no idea that the Jelly Belly Company has been around that long. Well, yeah it had another name, but WOW!

Other interesting facts I have gathered (well...depending on a loose definition of "interesting")...candy corn contains no fat! Candy corn has under 4 calories per kernel. Ways to eat candy corn: Some people literally dissect them as they eat candy corn by eating one small layer at a time. Children have also been known to put them on their teeth like fangs...ICK. And in my house, candy corn is one of the last treats eaten from the trick or treating bag'o loot. :) The other last candy...Necco Wafers.

And a few other observances you may want to check out...
Haunted Refrigerator Day...I cannot even begin to figure the origin for this one. I imagine that one day a man opened his fridge and the light didn't go on thus creating a mysterious air of suspicion and discomfort. It was a slow year so the media was immediately alerted and lookers on gathered from all points in the globe to witness the refrigerator that refused to light. Okay...maybe not.

And of course, Create A Great Funeral Night...brought to you, I assume, by Martha Stewart. She makes everything a little more complicated yet festive. I don't know the origin of this one either other than it is before Halloween, and maybe it was about making things spectacularly spooky.

EDIT: And I am actually re-editing this because it disappeared after I did it the first time...odd, very odd. Thank you to Stephanie "Create A Great Funeral or Memorial Service: A Workbook. " Stephanie kindly corrected me in that it is Create A Great Funeral Day (not night at all). Here is a link she left with details about the reasons for this day: Stephanie
--PS There is also a link to this same information in Stephanie's comment. :)

Myself, after reading her post and actually going to more links in her post what I gathered is that this is a day where you can perhaps take a little of the stress out of possibly an already distressful time for your family. There definitely are a lot of details that one might want to consider...thank you, Stephanie. :)

Now I ought to let you know before I motor that my son totally missed the bus, and I am now off to drive him to school. Off to get my travel mug. If I am driving into town on my day off, I am going caffeinated.

Now I am going back to my life. My hubby and I are taking an afternoon in the park. :)


Stephanie said...

Hi. The holiday is actually Create a Great Funeral Day. Today is the 9th annual! Here is the story behind why I created it:

The day is to remind people of the benefits I have listed there of designing your own end-of-life event.

kalea_kane said...

Hello Stephanie! Thank you so much for posting your link. I appreciate your setting me clear on what the day is all about. :) Have a great day! Why don't more people talk about this day? Thanks again for clearing it up. :)

Danica/Dream said...

Wow, I had no idea. And I'm so glad you got to use agrarian in a blog post. Love it when folks get to use new words.