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Wedding Day
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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Anorak by Ruth CD coming out October 28!!!!


I just finished listening to a sneak peak of Ruth's new CD Anorak which is coming out October 28! If you haven't heard of Ruth yet, you should definitely check them out. Here is a little something from the band Ruth. :)

I had not really heard much about Ruth before so I decided to do a little searching after listening to Anorak. I read some interviews, watched some youtube videos of their performances (seem to be really liked by the fans), and I listened to music from their 2007 CD Secondhand Dreaming (liked it a lot). In my reading I was surprised to read one writer's comments that said that they had taken the good parts of 90s music like Nirvana, Radiohead, Third Eye Blind, and the Black Crows. I found this oddly confusing, because none of these bands really sound much alike musically nor would I compare any of them to Ruth. Not to mention Ruth is a Christian band with a definite message. I do not even understand the reference, but I did like all those bands back then in my young college years of excess. Ruth reminds me more of a group like Weezer in some respects, but even that is not a fair comparison. They are their own group and have their own style. They have toured with Switchfoot and Reliant K among others, and I wouldn't compare them to those bands either. Though I would say that people who like those bands will probably like Ruth.

My review.

First...very interesting title. After looking up the definition in several places, I found I really liked the whole concept of the title. In case you do not already know it, here it is: (This is a wiki definition) In British slang an anorak is a person, typically a man, who is an enthusiast interested in information regarded as boring or unfathomable by the rest of the population. Why a man? That part I am not sure, but I imagine that a devotion to Christ might seem odd and boring. An anorak is also a parka. Pretty cool too because it keeps you warm and toasty during a good ole snowball fight or some other fun chilly weather activities. All good, I say. And I have to add that after listening to Anorak several times I did feel pretty darn warm. ;)

I really enjoyed this CD. I have listened to it here at least 6 times already. It is upbeat, and I would totally take it on a road trip. That is my highest compliment. Trust me. I don't put just anything in my car for those long hauls. I seriously think I am going to pick this one up. That is saying something too, because I am really careful about the music I buy. Nowadays financially I really have to be, but this is good. Great cover art too! Just sayin'.

Loved the lyrics, the drums, and the vocals. I wouldn't say every song was amazing, but I liked just about each one. This is a CD that grew on me as I listened. At first I was like "....hmmmmm. I don't know." Before long I was like "...yeah, I like this!" Now I really am just waiting to pick it up. If you haven't checked out the free preview...hurry up and do it before it is too late! You can hear it this week only before buying it if you go to New Release Tuesday. :)

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dustin said...

hey this is dustin from the band ruth. thanks for the kind words. it means a lot.