Wedding Day

Wedding Day
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Monday, October 6, 2008

Fireproof - The Movie - My thoughts

A while back I blogged about supporting the filmmakers of of Fireproof. It did really well during the opening weekend, and it is still doing really quite well now. :) How awesome is that? I think it is pretty cool.

We went away for a family get away during opening weekend, and as much as I wanted to see Fireproof, my family time is top priority. I was concerned that I was going to miss the movie and the opportunity to share it with my husband and my son, and I even looked to see if it was showing in Payson (where we took off to for the weekend). Fortunately it did well enough that our theater still had it this weekend! So on with my thoughts...

First...the audience.

Let me just say that seeing a movie or a concert with a Christian audience is refreshing in and of itself. People are pleasant. Yeah, some are still kind of loud, but there is definitely a different air about the crowd. People are polite. I saw more than one couple move over a few seats so that others could have a spot together. No questions asked, people just did it. Very nice.

Now the movie...

I got choked up seven times (I counted). I do not want to spoil anything about the film. We all pretty much know it is about a husband's attempt to do things right in order to save his marriage. It was done in a great way with some tension here and there and some laughs in between. There was a message, and in my opinion it rang through.

When I go to a movie, see a play, or read a book, my main goal is to be pulled into the story. With Fireproof, my goal was to be pulled into the story, like the story, and learn from it as well. I like movies that are believable. There were definitely some believable moments. There was truth in this film. I would strongly recommend it to married couples, dating couples and singles too.

What I took home from the film: You need a relationship with God with our Lord Jesus Christ if you are ever going to learn how to be in a relationship with someone else whether they be your blood or bound to you by your vows of marriage. People need to remember how important it is to love actively always. I think this film illustrates that. Now for a brag...I am fortunate in that I have an amazing husband. Through relationship ups and downs I also learned how to treat someone you love. Love needs to be unselfish. Think of that person friend. Truly you will not be disappointed.

Anyway, if you haven't seen it yet, check out Fireproof. I truly think you will enjoy it. I did, my husband did, my son did, and so did the rest of the audience. They clapped and whistled. What more can you say? :)

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