Wedding Day

Wedding Day
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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

33Miles -- One Life to Love -- Great song and FREE!!!!

I am going back again to posts of the past, but this one is really a must do. In August I posted as a fan about the song "One Life to Love" by 33Miles at our station's myspace and I think Shoutlife pages. I have to say that the song still gives me chills. I don't know if you have checked it out yet or not, but we have played it quite frequently on Radio Shine. So here is the news...for the next week until October 13 you can get "One Life to Love" for FREE on iTunes. Totally free! This is pretty huge because although iTunes offers free songs, they do not offer many free Christian songs. If you go there and get a download, and really who are we kidding...of COURSE you are going to go there and get it...please leave a nice comment about it too. Spread the love. So...tell a friend, tell a neighbor, tell as many people as you can find that if they like free music and if they want to offer a little extra support to a great Christian band...they really should get to itunes ASAP and get this free download!

Now there are several ways you can link up to this offer:

1: Go right over to the 33Miles Myspace page and read their blog titled "Free iTunes Discovery Download" read all about it and click on the link there.

2: Go to Which is of couse 33Miles website. The link is right on their homepage.

3: Even go to And check out their main page. They have the story link right on their main page too.

4: I am going to put the link here too. Sooooo

Now that I have outlined it...get going!

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