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Wedding Day
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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

In Celebration of October Holidays and October Awareness...Ummmmm Stuff

I was doing a browsabout (not a word to my knowledge hence the devil-may-care attitude toward spelling) today online, and I realized that there are a lot of great things about October. I thought I would go through a few.

I for one am pretty cool with dressing up in costume and getting free candy. Though I must admit, I may only have a few more years left in me where I can get away with it. Thank goodness for having a child of my own! I can enjoy the tradition my parents passed on to me the "Sneaking Candy from Kelly" celebration. This begins roughly at 11:00pm on October 31 and generally runs until November 3 otherwise known as "Kids Hide Your Candy Day." I have yet to actually celebrate this fun time of pilfering and plunder, because although my son, Alex (sometimes known as Picky McPickerson)lunch of choice is a traditional peanut butter sandwich...he abhors anything with nuts. This allows me many tasty opportunities as he will go through his entire bag of candy booty and pass along all nutty candies over to my eager hands!!!!!! Yay Alex! Of course he is nearing the end of the desire to actually go door to door for candy but is still pretty cool with Harvest festivals, and they ABOUND here in Arizona! I do not believe that he will go door to door this year, but he does have a costume planned for school at least. I will post it when I have the earliest opportunity. But for are a few from the past....

Alex Costume 2

Pretty cute Power Ranger Alex


The hot tamale in the purple is my husband...before we were dating.


Me in my own costume...about the same time hubby was in his purple glory. :) I love dress up!

Where was I? Oh there are a lot of other October observances that I found and thought were unique.

First, the serious...National Breast Cancer Awareness month. This is pretty self explanatory, and there are certainly many ways to give to support research. The main point I would like to stress is please, please, please do self breast exams. If you do not know how...I am including a link to go for some tips and step by steps. This may seem weird to do, but really...if you are a woman you should know how to do this. If you are a man, this effects you too. Click on the link below for the 5 steps of a Self Exam

The Five Steps of a Breast Self-Exam

Now on to the more silly...
Did you know that October is also National Sarcastics Awareness month? As my husband was born in February, I would have assumed that was the correct awareness month. What does this mean exactly? It means, I need to look up these kinds of observances faster! Do you realize the missed opportunities here? Oh year though, I WILL MAKE MY MARK!

October is also Self Promotion month! Nice. This is a great motivator. Think about it. It is almost an order even. Go out there and tell people how much you rock. Especially your boss! I have to learn to do this. I have always been more of a passive aggressive horn tooter. I secretly envy my friends who have no problem in extolling their own virtues and talents. Maybe I have a problem with it because of my years of cheer leading? Hmmmm. When is Self Analysis Month?

October is also Spinach Lovers Month which I kind of thought would be the same as Vegetarian Month, but then I thought about it, and really...just because you are a vegetarian does not mean you are a spinach lover. Right? I mean, I LOVE spinach, but I do not believe I will ever be a vegetarian. October is also Raptor Month, and those are birds of prey...definitely not vegetarian.

Dude, there are a LOT of October holidays, awareness's, and observances. There is no way that I could cover them all. And in fact...I am probably going to cover a few a day, because I found several that I want to talk about just because. I have one that I am going to try to keep in mind this month...

October is Positive Attitude Month. I think with the financial issues going on right now and the election being just around the corner this is the focus I need. I am generally pretty positive, and that is because I have seen God move mightily in my life. He has never left me. I have not always had it easy, but I have had my needs met, and I have been blessed beyond measure. So I am thinking positive and keeping my eyes focused on God and today. It's a start. :)


Danica/Dream said...

These are great! Love the costumes!

Lindsey said...

Haha, that's awesome! I didn't know there were so many "awarenesses" (see, I can make up words, too) for October! Where did you find those, anyway?

You gotta love that purple costume. lol

And. I love spinach and pepperoni pizza. Yummmm.

kalea_kane said...

Hey Lindsey and Danica thanks for stopping by.

Lindsey, I found them by being bored and searching for oddball holidays in October. :) You never know what day is a holiday! he he. I love spinach on pepperoni pizza! Heck, I love spinach period! :)