Wedding Day

Wedding Day
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Friday, September 4, 2009

Does Anyone Else Feel Like This?


WARNING...this is a slightly long rant with absolutely improper punctuation, because that is the way my mind works when it is wandering. :) Proceed with caution.


A watched clock moves slower than a watched pot of never-boiling water or even a watched toaster when all you are waiting for is those darn Pop Tarts or Eggo Waffles to pop out so we can fling them onto a plate (they are always way too hot to actually touch), slice them up, cover them in syrup or not if they are Pop Tarts, so you can get teeth brushed, hair combed, lunch in the lunch bag...because...lets face it...we didn't make lunch the night before...THAT would have been too easy and we were just to tired or really had to catch the last minute of whatever sit com or evening drama we were watching or help glue the last macaroni noodle on a school project or in my personal case the last piece of sand on a model of Japan for my son's Japanese language class project.


Funny how time slows when you really just want your work day to end and your weekend to begin, your spouse is snoring and you just want to get some sleep, you are a child and just waiting for that time between your birthday and Christmas, the first day of school and summer vacation, you are an adult and you're waiting in line for an awesome ride at an amusement park, you are waiting in line for your driver's license at the DMV, you are stuck in traffic on the way to the beach, you are waiting in line for the ladies room at a concert event...TIME CRAWLS!!!!


Funny how time flies between being up half of the night exhausted and the time that you finally fall asleep when the alarm clock buzzes not only unkindly but rudely. Funny how time flies between that first bite of chocolate cake and an empty plate. Funny how time flies between the beginning of your vacation and the end of your vacation. Funny how time flies between turning 21 and turning 31...let's not even go there for 40!

Seriously, what it up with this? I know...good things come to those who wait, but why does the waiting have to seem so long? Time is measurable, but our minds perceive it totally differently when we are anticipating something cool. Drives me crazy!

This is all just to say that I really wish it was the weekend already!

Sorry for being light on posts this week, but I have been working on getting volunteers for our Fall Pledge Drive, and it has been hard core rough!!!!!


Bingo said...

Excellent venting, KK! You are so right and FUNNY how fast does it go when you have all day to do whatever you want except you better be ready to go to dinner when the hubbub comes home...but FUNNY that all of a sudden you find you have only 25 minutes left for what would really take a lifetime--(where did the day go when you never had lunch, no TV, no reading but, well, were at your desk all day on the computer)--to flat iron your hair that you decided to let dry curly??? and FUNNY of all times, your lap top is back having just arrived in the mail and you haven't had it for almost 4 weeks and all you want to do is get in bed, put your feet up and read all the blogs you follow and more but haven't been able to because of 60 names to enter in the new (altho I am grateful for all donated giveaway books) system of sending in winners' names to publishers and getting a couple of posts and a review done so MAYBE you can really watch your first love that really gets under way tomorrow--COLLEGE FOOTBALL...ARRGGHHH! FUNNY but who got me started on this? Oh, excuse me, this was only supposed to be a comment. should start a MEME where people could vent on Funny It's Friday or Friday Flip Outs or something and maybe it would make everyone's day go faster (how dare I complain, I should be ashamed).. and I hope your son gets an A on Japan and that last piece of sand...have a great weekend! Sorry I took up so much room but your post was EXCELLENT AND INSPIRED ME!

Kaye said...

This is timely. I just commented to Debbie at Wrighty's reads how 43 years has gone by in the blink of an eye it seems. Debbie was so sweet and put an anniversary announcement, complete with bride and groom penguins! in a post today.
But it's true. It seems like yesterday we got married. Hubs was making the big bucks, $80.00 a week and we thought we had it made. Yes, that is 80 bucks not $800.00. Life was simpler then and some days I could go back to it.
Have a great weekend and enjoy your time with your family. Time will fly by faster than you can imagine.

Pam said...

It's so true that time flies when you're doing things that you want!
Why does time crawl when you have to do the awful, boring things? Ugh!

Alyce said...

I completely understand. I hope the venting helped a little bit! Have a great weekend!

kalea_kane said...

80 bucks a week! Wow! Those WERE the days! I bet you and your husband have built some incredible memories! I'll have to go check out your tribute!!!! :)

kalea_kane said...

I swear, Pam, it is the story of my life. Dragging boring times, and flying fun times. I am excited to have Monday off though. I will definitely enjoy it!

kalea_kane said...

Thanks, Alyce! I think it did. At least I got all the randomness out of my head! :)

kalea_kane said...

Karen! YOU are absolutely a delight! I am so glad that you and I could ramble through this together! I am so glad you got your lap top back! YAY!!!! Ahhhh football! So excited about the upcoming season!