Wedding Day

Wedding Day
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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Love a Good Thrifty Book - Sharing A Giveaway


I am definitely a fan of books that help me learn how to better use resources and how to save money but still enjoy life. Ever since I became a single mom, you could find me browsing the used book stores for books on saving money. I was eager to do anything I could to stretch that dollar further. Now that I do a savings spot at the radio station, I am even more on high alert for great books on saving. So when I saw the giveaway at Easy Frugal Living (first of all don't you just love her blog title?), for "Be Thrifty-How to Live Better For Less" by Pia Catton and Califia Suntree I had to enter.

According to Lisa's review it is not just about being cheap but being self sufficient. There are tips on making a budget, recipes and even gardening. This is definitely a book I want to check out. Hurry up and enter the giveaway. It ends on July 6th so time is ticking! OOOH forgot to say that there will be TWO winners!

GIVEAWAY LINK: Be Thrifty How to Live Better For Less

If you want to nab it now at Amazon, click below (this is an associate page just so you know).

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Lisa B. said...

Thanks for blogging about my recent giveaway and all the nice compliments.

I will be hosting other giveaways in the future, so be sure to visit me again..... everyday! lol

Also, I love your blog.