Wedding Day

Wedding Day
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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Fourth of July!


It is a beautiful Sunday afternoon, and my hopes are that everyone is enjoying some time with their families.

My husband and I are taking it easy and enjoying Ken Burns Presents The West. Really this is a very interesting series. It is amazing to see how this country has changed throughout the years. It is both interesting, inspiring and at times heartbreaking.

Yesterday was the Prescott Frontier Days parade. It is a pretty awesome culmination of the Prescott Frontier Days events which include a rodeo, craft fair, lots of tourists, and a rodeo dance. We didn't go. I feel kind of bad about that, because it is nice to get out and about, but honestly if you don't go early, you have to keep wandering around in order to see the parade well. Plus money is pretty tight, and I have a hard time hitting a craft fair and not buying something. ALSO there is an awesome little candy store called The Treat Center in the square that makes THE best flavored popcorn (their jalapeno is insane!), and I find it almost impossible to go in town and not purchase a big honkin' bag of it. Probably not good for my waistline nor my wallet, but when I buy I do try to remind myself of popcorn's fiber content. :) Next year we'll hit the parade again. I promise!

I was up early enough, but I was getting my fruits and veggies from Bountiful Baskets. Apparently I was pretty stealthy when I left too, because when I slid back into bed an hour later, my husband asked if I was getting up to get my veggies. My husband and I spent some time chilling out in the cooler home temperatures and then shopping a bit and using up a rewards card from Lowe's. My husband picked up a great grill a couple of months ago, but we couldn't afford a cover. Thanks to our Visa's rewards program we were able to pick one up yesterday. This way he can keep his new grill in shape. Just in time too since we are in Monsoon season! We also had enough credit on the card to get a pole for our hummingbird feeder. This totally thrills me because it gets pretty hot here in Arizona, and it will be nice to give the hummingbirds a treat. We had been setting the feeder on our deck, but nasty ants kept making their way to it. Little red stinkers!

Well, before I go, I thought I would post a link to a video I found for Ragged Old Flag. No idea of this will be embedded for long, but it really is so moving. They play this at the rodeo when they present the American Flag, and it gets me every time! Don't even worry about the video, listen to the words.

Happy Fourth of July!


Penelope said...

How was your holiday?

Liz said...

We had the same problem with the hummingbird feeders that we had on the deck at our old house. Our new house has a patio so we hung the feeders in trees and no longer have an ant problem. Hope the pole works better for you!

Don't feel bad. We have a tendency to stay away from places that are financially tempting. We have very little control.