Wedding Day

Wedding Day
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Monday, February 9, 2009

ULAXIN - Just Feeling Random

I found a word...a word that made no sense.

Ahhhhh what is in a name. What is Ulaxin? Well, I was posting a comment on my good bloggy friend Sunny's blog That Book Addiction, and the word verification that I got was ulaxin. I though to myself "Ulaxin...oh yeah ulaxin." Why? Because I am a dork. I also decided to investigate whether this was actually a word, and if not...I am going to claim it and define it myself.


I googled Ulaxin after first goodsearching it. I found Ulaxin surrounded by foreign text that might have been Turkish, but I am not sure. Soooo...I am off to define it.

Ulaxin - Could be a catch phrase like used in the Dr. Sholl's ad "Are you Jellin?" This would be used more for ExLax or something equally loosening. So maybe like "Are you Laxin?" Maybe it could be the short form of just relaxing. Which I always wondered about anyway. What is laxing? Relaxing is chilling out, taking things slow, enjoying some free time, but what is laxing?

Maybe Ulaxin can be a text form of just "Are you relaxing?" But really who texts messages like that to each other anyway? Though my husband does send me some weird texts from time to time. And I have been known to text cryptic messages like "Crpy Mn Pkn Nos" Meaning that the creepy guy next to me just picked his nose. I often text while I am in the school parking lot and waiting for my son to emerge with the middle school masses.

Seriously though, have you ever contemplated the little verification words and wondered "What the?" or am I really the only one?

Okay...I got to go. I have a lunch date with my husband.

Before I do though. Here is a picture that came up when I searched Laxin at photobucket. Mind you, it is not Ulaxin, but still.

juz laxin' Pictures, Images and Photos


ladystorm said...


Your so funny!


Audra said...

You must be reading my blog too much. This whole Ulaxin sounds like something I would say.

By the way... I just gave you an award. to claim it.


mrs.cupcake said...

That is so funny! I think about that the prompt word is all the time... it is always so random.

Lindsey said...

That's so funny! Sometimes I'm sure those words are just scrambled letters for a word, or maybe that's just my problem-solving mania coming out. I can't think of any word for ulaxin, though. ;-)

Love the pic of you, too - what are you doing there? Painting a car? lol

Danica/Dream said...

Too funny. I like creating words out of captchas too. :)

Toni said...

ah ha ha ha... that is just to funny...
yeah Yeah... I'mlaxin... :)