Wedding Day

Wedding Day
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Monday, February 16, 2009

The Damnwells -- One Last Century

I am posting this because my husband absolutely loves this group. He introduced the Damnwells to me when we were still dating, and honestly, I really like them a lot. I was introduced to Air Stereo, and it excellent! I have downloaded One Last Century and I think it is pretty freakin' awesome! The best part...YOU too can download it for free!

Just a wee peak into some great talent:

Check out the details here at their website. Really, it is nice just reading why Alex is doing this: The Damnwells

Here is a little something from their website and Alex:

A few words regarding this free record.
I suppose the hardest thing to explain to people is why I’m giving this record away. “You’re just going to give it away?” seems antithetical to the human brain. “Is this just a bunch of b-sides or something? Some ‘give away’ material you don’t mind releasing into the ether?” No. Quite the contrary. I have never worked so hard or put so much of myself into a collection of recorded songs. It is for just this reason that I want to give it away. To me it makes perfect sense. I just want people to hear this music, and I don’t want them to have to enter into some kind of contractual agreement with a third party to do so. Download the record, copy it and give it to your friends, lovers, and enemies. Whatever. It’s so hard these days just to get the actual music into people’s houses and cars, let alone their ears. Besides, I know everyone’s broke, maybe I can supply the soundtrack. So, I just want to give this music away because I want people to hear it. I should have done this years ago. I’m starting over.
Alex Dezen

Want to hear a little something? Check out their myspace page

Like what you hear or you just want to get crackin' at this great music? Go here:

Damnwells One Last Century Paste Magazine

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