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Wedding Day
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Friday, May 29, 2009

Review -- Who Made You a Princess by Shelley Adina (An All About Us Novel)


My Review: I absolutely love the All About Us series. It has everything I would have just foamed at the mouth over as a teenaged girl. There is plenty of girl talk, cute boys, and stories with conflict but still a fun light read. The thing that I love about it most is the friendships. It is nice to see Gillian, Carly, Lissa, and Shanni support each other through their various ups and downs. That is what friends are for, and it is always good to see those kinds of positive role models in a book for teens. Of course you have to have a bad guy here and there too, because let's face it even if this series primarily takes place in a boarding school...we are talking high school aged students and all the fun and agony they can bring. This is what also allows it to be true to life.

This book focuses on Shanni who heads back to school after a sunny summer with her friends and a month of hanging around with her friend Lissa's buddies Kaz and Danyel. Shanni is definitely crushing on Danyel, and the last month of the summer ends too fast. Back at school she has senior year to focus on, and her mom informs her that a playmate from her childhood will be attending Spencer and she hopes Shanni will go out of her way to be friendly. Her playmate is a prince, and Shanni's parents have plans that Shanni has not been let in on.

Shanni has a lot to think about. Rashid is a great guy though totally spoiled by living the life of a prince. He is very attractive and pursues her intensely. Danyel is six hours away. He likes Shanni, but his faith is important and he certainly wants to take his time. Shanni is a girl who never had a boyfriend before and now she has more than she can handle. Something has to give and someone has to be let go.

What I liked: Everything...really. Well, as I said, I really enjoyed the solid friendships in the story. I am also really glad that Mac was brought back. I loved her in Be Strong & Curvaceous. She is a strong voice and I look forward to the next book in the series as it will focus on her. I liked that the book showed Shanni's gradual move to prayer. It has been nice seeing her grow in developing faith. I also always like reading about lovely clothes. Great descriptions! The only thing I thought was odd was with all the name dropping of designer shoes, dresses and seemed odd that Shanni's dad wore Polo. I know...silly, but it just struck me odd. :)

This is a wonderful series for teens. I enjoyed it a great deal. It is definitely a series that I would not worry about picking up for my neices, who have read all of them so far. :)


ANovelMenagerie said...

It's been a while since I clicked over (I read you on Google Reader). Anyway, I read the first book (It's All About Us) and I read this one. I have Fruit of My Lipstick and Be Strong & Curvaceous to finish up. I really like the series. Right now, I am reading The Miracle Girls. It's kinda similar YA Fiction.

Have a great weekend!


kalea_kane said...

I have Miracle Girls on my shelf too. I am hoping to get into it next month when we go on vacation. :)

Staci said...

Sounds like a great series and I haven't read any of these...should check them out for sure!!