Wedding Day

Wedding Day
Enjoy EVERY moment in your wedding gown. You can't stay in it forever...SO UNFAIR!!!!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Thrifty Tips for April 25


One of my favorite sites for finding that ideal location when traveling is AirbnbAirbnb hooks you up with locals who are renting out their homes to travelers.  These homes could be condos, apartments, houses or even simply a room.  The bonus is the prices are right, the places belong to locals, and you are in the thick of things rather than in a hotel.  It is terrifically easy to navigate.  Another bonus, you can even rent your own place or rooms via Airbnb

Okay, the fact is even if it is petroleum jelly many of us just call it Vaseline.  It can be a money saver.  Here's a couple of tips.

-To make candle wax cleanup easier, lightly rub petroleum jelly inside the candle holder.
-Get a clean looking at home manicure by dabbing a light layer of the jelly around your fingernails before polishing.  Excess will wipe away cleanly.
-A light layer of the jelly around the mouth of the polish bottle will also make it a breeze to open.
-If your door has a squeak, apply a little jelly to silence it.
-Remove water stains from wood tables by applying the jelly to the stain and let it set over night.  Buff the stain out in the morning.   

FREE EBOOKS (Remember that these were free at the time of my posting.  Prices can change.  Please confirm the price before you confirm your order).

Alone: Finding Connection in a Lonely World by Andy Braner (AMAZON)

The Prayers of Agnes Sparrow: A Novel of Bright's Pond by Joyce Magnin (AMAZON) (BARNES & NOBLE) (CHRISTIANBOOK.COM)

In the Company of Secrets (Postcards from Pullman Book 1) by Judith Miller (AMAZON) (BARNES & NOBLE) (CHRISTIANBOOK.COM)


Fresh Safeway Split Chicken Breasts, Drumsticks, Thighs or Leg Quarters (Bone-In) 99 cents lb
Red Delicious or Gala Apples 99 cents lb
Sweet Strawberries 1lb container 99 cents each
Powerade 32 oz Selected Varieties 49 cents each (limit 15)
Rosarita Refried Beans 15-16oz Selected Varieties 99 cents

Fresh  Whole Frying Chicken or Jumbo Pack Leg Quarters 88 cents lb (limit 2)
Albertsons Gallon Milk Select Varieties $1.79 (limit 2)
American Beauty Pasta 12-16 oz $1
Hunt's Ketchup 24 oz Select Varieties $1
Albertsons Large Eggs 12 ct Grade AA $1.27 (limit 2)

Pork Loin Back Ribs or St. Louis Style Spareribs Previously Frozen Moist and Tender buy 1 get 2 free of Equal or Lesser Value (must be like items)
Iceberg, Romaine, Red or Green Leaf Lettuce 99 cents lb
Artichokes 10/$10
Kroger Cheese Select Varieties 6-8 oz or Singles 16 ct $1.88

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