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Wedding Day
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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Some Thrifty Tips 4/11/2013



A while back I shared that I was planning on doing some gardening this summer and I was looking for tips to have some success.  One of the tips shared with me was that there are several produce items that you can regrow.  I shared in the past how you can keep green onions on hand by simply placing them in a jar of water and that they will grow and grow and grow (LOVE THAT!), but I thought it would be cool to share these others.

-Romaine lettuce - My mom shared this one with me.  Whenever she buys Romaine lettuce, she cuts off all the leaves as far as she can and then cuts the bottom with a cross shape and places it in water.  Within days it begins to root.  Once they grow a bit she pots them up and lets them continue on growing until she is ready to enjoy the lettuce and start it all over again.

-Celery - A listener shared this with me.  Cut a store-bought celery down to about 2 1/2 to three inches from base.  Place in water for ten days.  As it begins to show regrowth you can cut some of the older stalk away (not all just the outer ring) after ten days and decent growth and root it should be ready to plant.  It sprouts in weeks and is definitely quicker than seed.  I saw some people do this with water, but I was told that soil is the way to go with the celery because when you move it to soil it kind of freaks out if it has only been in water. 

-Ginger- Ginger is great for the tummy and easy to plant.  Buy a ginger root with lots of nubs.  Plant it (nub side up) in a pot and let it grow.  It should be ready to harvest in 4-6 months (yes it isn't fast but it is cool). 

-Garlic - It is rare that you need the entire garlic head.  Soooo what you are going to do is pull off a couple of cloves to plant.  Peel off the garlic's paper skin and plant it point up in soil.  Each one will grow you another head. 

-Pineapple- I am not sure what you do once the plant gets going but I understand that you can grow a pineapple plant from the crown of the pineapple.  Here's the skinny - Remove the bottom leaves from the crown (about an inch or two) and put in a container of water.  It should grow some good roots in 3 to 4 weeks.  Once that happens plant in soil and let it grow.  Apparently this takes a while but a pretty plant is still a pretty plant and these are supposedly ready to harvest in 11/2 years.  That is a nice payback for something you already bought.

-Potatoes and Sweet Potatoes - Both of these can be grown because of the eyes.  If you are like me and occasionally lose the opportunity to use all your potatoes, try cutting the potatoes into chunks with those long "eyes."  Whey do they call those eyes?   They really look more like feelers.  I guess feelers is just a bit too creepy.  Anyway make sure your chunks have one or two eyes.  Let them dry a bit and then plant in soil about four inches deep with "eyes" facing up.  A good compost will help these grow.   You can grow sweet potatoes by placing their ends in water and letting shoots grow.  Once they grow like the eyes do, you can separate and plant.


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