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Wedding Day
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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

When the Day of Evil Comes - By Melanie Wells - Book Review

If you took a gander at yesterday's post, you would have gathered that I was reading and enjoying Melanie Well's novel "When the Day of Evil Comes."

I absolutely devoured this book, and I have thought about how I would like to review it. I have decided to go for the hands on keyboard and eyes away from the screen method. You aren't going to get a lot of literary jargon if indeed I could do that. The main reason for that is, my husband will certainly interrupt me. That is what he does when I am writing. It is a wonderful little inner clock thing that just goes off in him. This means I really cannot keep a fluid thought if I am looking at the screen. works for me. What I want to share is how much I enjoyed this book. Like I said yesterday, I enjoyed it so much I took it with me to the cafe on Saturday. I squeezed in reading while my husband took his contacts out before bed. Basically, if I could read When the Day of Evil Comes even for a moment, I did it.

The story introduces us to Dr. Dylan Foster who is a psychology professor at SMU. Dr. Foster sounds like the kind of woman I would have aspired to be when I was growing up. She is strong, well educated, beautiful, and has direction. Dylan's main flaw might be that she is a bit disconnected from those around her. She seems to have few close ties. Life may be slightly predictable and a bit boring for Dylan, but that changes rather quickly after an afternoon picnic with her colleagues at a lake.

From a meeting with a strange and rather creepy individual, Dylan finds herself on a path to possible personal destruction. Her usually ordered life is slowly coming unraveled with her professional ethics being questioned and her very career being put in jeopardy. Worse still she seems to be under some sort of spiritual attack, and that is far more difficult to get ahead of when you are accustomed to an orderly life where the rules are usually followed and most things are easily explained.

This story had plenty of edge and mystery to keep me reading. It contained characters that were entirely realistic and believable. This is a book that kept me actively engaged from the very first chapter. Seriously, I did not want to put this down. There were some questions in the story that kind of left things up to the reader, but that could be so you can find out more in the other books in the series.

Melanie Wells took me on a very interesting ride that I enjoyed thoroughly. I look forward to reading the second book "Soul Hunter" this week, and if it is anything like the first, I will be devouring "My Soul To Keep" the week after. Good thing I have a doctor's appointment coming up. I will definitely have waiting room time.

To learn more about Melanie Wells (one of my new faves), head on over to her website here: Melanie Wells

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