Wedding Day

Wedding Day
Enjoy EVERY moment in your wedding gown. You can't stay in it forever...SO UNFAIR!!!!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Some Tips - Help Others


Before I get started with some thrifty tips, I wanted to offer up a few ways that you can give in a way that will bless and cost you nothing.

Dress For Success: Dress for Success is an organization that is all over America as well as moving on in some other countries as well. Dress for Success strives to help disadvantaged women achieve independence by providing attire, career assistance and also networking support. From today, February 24 to 27 they are having SOS Weekend which stands for Send One Suit. You can bring a nearly-new dress suit in to any Dress Barn to donate to Dress For Success. They have all kinds of needs too. Suits, pocketbooks, and shoes. Check out the Dress For Success website for more and for Dress Barn locations go to Dress Barn's website.

LINK: Dress For Success
LINK: Dress Barn

Donate used cell phones to Shelter Alliance for recycling. Domestic violence shelters can earn up to $30. Go to the website to print out a prepaid shipping label.

LINK: Shelter Alliance Donate Cell Phones

Are you an avid reader? Consider donating your books to soldiers. Books For Soldiers helps you donate to a soldier or a whole unit. For soldier's security, you do need to register. Get details and get started at the link below.

LINK: Books For Soldiers


How long has it been since I have posted a cool giveaway site. I think it has been a while so how about a fabulous one? Check out Blog Giveaway Directory which truly can be your one stop, blog giveaway place. I have mentioned time and time again how much I love blogs and how you can not just learn a thing or two but also win a thing or two. Check out Blog Giveaway Directory where they will point you to some amazing giveaways. You can win clothing, gift cards, food, entertainment items like books and movies. The possibilities are endless!

LINK: Blog Directory Giveaway


While supplies last you can sign up for a free sample of New Fragrance Shampoo from Creme of Nature. We are talking yummy Sunflower and Coconut! Doesn't that sound amazing?

LINK: Creme of Nature Shampoo

Join Kraft First Taste and you can take advantage of some amazing offers. It is lots of fun getting the chance to try a new product and give your opinion. If you haven't signed up, check them out and sign up. If you have signed up in the past, go sign in and check your account. You may have an offer for a coupon for free Philadelphia Cooking Creme.

LINK: Kraft First Taste

Lowe's Build and Grow Clinic has another event this weekend. The Build and Grow Clinics are a great activity for the kids. This Saturday they will make a wooden race car with a pull back motor and on March 12 they can build a shoot around basketball game. These are all free fun for the kids. Don't miss out. Follow the link below to sign up.

LINK: Lowe's Build and Grow Clinics

Another fun free event is at Target. Target will be hosting Dr. Seuss Story Time from 9 am to 11 am at your local Target. Encourage your child's love of reading and maybe get some fun giveaways and snacks too. Contact your local Target to see where their reading event will be located.

LINK: Target Read Across America

More awesome music awaits at Free CCM. You can download Cloverton's "Take Me Into The Beautiful" as well as Know Hope Collective "Build Us Back," Parachute Band "Peace On Earth," Jonny Diaz "What I'm Waiting For," Todd Agnew "Reach Down," and Sara Groves "When It Was Over." The Cloverton song requires you to go on a special link and put in your name and email and the download link will be sent to you. The other downloads are free on the FreeCCM website.

LINK: Free CCM Free Music Downloads has a free download of Brian Doerksen's "The Jesus Way"

LINK: Free Music at iTickets

Learn to make some tasty restaurant treats in a healthier way. Not only are these recipes better for you, they will eliminate your need for some of the more pricey restaurant options because you can make them at home. Download the free ebook from Fave Diets called "28 No-Guilt Copy Cat Restaurant Recipes." Making these great recipes at home will definitely help take a bit of a load off of your wallet. When you go to the page just click to download you do not have to join anything even though a pop up opens. Just close it.

LINK: Recipe Book

Go to the Redbox Facebook page and click on Freebie today to get your free code for a free movie tonight! Remember it is only good for today (February 24th)

LINK: Redbox Freebie

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