Wedding Day

Wedding Day
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Monday, November 21, 2011

I Love Superpoints

I am newly in love. I am in love with Superpoints!

Thanks to Superpoints, I have been able to increase my Amazon credit which will help me with my Christmas and other gift purchases. Here is the skinny in a nutshell.

1 -
Superpoints is network that you can join that gives you more opportunities to win amazing prizes for doing the kinds of things you probably are doing already.

What are they?
Take Surveys
Check Your Email (yep they send you points via email)
Watch Videos
Do Special Offers
Click the SuperLucky Button (When you join and complete your account details, you will have the chance to hit the SuperLucky button 30 times, as you get more friends to sign up, you get more button clicks up to 100 times. Each click will get you the chance to earn points.)
Earn When Your Friends Earn (When you invite friends and they become members, you will get points when they get points).

The points add up really nicely, and you can turn them in for all kinds of great prizes like Paypal cash, Amazon gift cards, Best Buy gift cards,Starbucks gift cards, Home Depot gift cards and more. So far I totally LOVE it! Look around and you will see a lot of people love it too. It is another great way to earn something for what you do online. I love having other ways to add to my Amazon credit.

I would love it if you signed up with me. There are some invites below. They are on a first come first serve kind of basis, and totally free. It is well worth signing up.

Here are some referrals. (25 Points) (this one is for 50 points) **GONE

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