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Wedding Day
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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What Is Up With Bacon?

Have you ever just wondered why? I do...A LOT. My mind can go on a mini vacation with all the "whys" I have roaming about my mind. This is where I have been lately. I need to write it down, because maybe I will finally get it OUT of my mind. :)


This is going to sound weird, but I am totally serious. What is up with bacon and what is up with cheese? Has anyone else noticed that bacon is added to everything lately? This of course happened after they could find nothing more to put cheese in.

I noticed this when I got married. My husband is lactose intolerant, and he will either avoid food with dairy or take those pills that help reduce the side effects (we wont go into what those side effects are). When you are married to someone who cannot eat cheese, you begin to notice how many things have cheese in them. Now I love cheese, but I don't love cheese in everything. When I look at menus and commercials, I come to the realization that a lot of people really love cheese in everything. Some things I get, and some things I do not.

Stuffed crust pizza. Why do you need more cheese? Seriously, there is cheese all over the pizza. I have always liked the crust the way it is. Well, I do like to dip mine occasionally in marinara, but I prefer it unstuffed. It is way too rich for me that way.

Mozzarella sticks. I have to admit, I love these. These are nothing new either. They were new to me when I first moved to Rhode Island at 15, but it was a big thing there. If they are done right...yummm! Still breaded and fried cheese...kind of evil. No?

KFC bowls. I don't know what they call them. They look like a chicken version of shepherd's pie. Mashed potatoes (love KFC mashed potatoes and gravy), gravy, chicken, corn layered in a bowl and topped with cheese. Honestly, they had me until the cheese part. It is really the idea of cheese with my gravy. I should probably also add that I only like specific items next to my gravy. I am the type of person who does not like her food to touch, but I do take an exception with gravy and some veggies. I don't mind corn near my gravy or green beans. However, do not put salad on my plate if there is potatoes and gravy on it, keep the cranberry sauce away from my gravy (it can touch my stuffing), and definitely do not let broccoli near my gravy. Where was I? Oh yeah, the main thing is the cheese. It just sounds creepy in the KFC bowl. Obviously people order it, but wouldn't it really be just fine without those extra cheese calories. Do you think the cheese makes it pop? Or really is it good as it is? Not that I am asking for an answer. I'm not. I just don't get it.

Wraps. Again, we see tons of yummy looking wraps with chicken, lettuce, maybe a little Caesar or Ranch salad dressing dropped in, but then also the cheese. Again, I just do not get the why about it all. Why add cheese to that? How does a wee bit of cheese add much to a wrap when it is probably jazzed up enough with the creamy dressings? They are another thing I would love if they didn't have cheese added to it. I can't order these items because the idea of adding cheese is kind of creepy to me. I suppose it is a good thing, because it keeps me from eating something that probably isn't that good for me anyway.

This is a complaint. I use to love Marie Callender's fried chicken dinner. I didn't buy it often for home use, but I picked up for my husband's lunch. Unfortunately they added cheese a while back to the mashed potatoes. I was and am bummed. Cheese strikes again!

I have learned to deal with it. I don't buy certain items, because really that is all you can do. You can ask for the cheese to not be added if you are at a fast food place, but really it is probably better to stay away anyway. I cook from scratch for the most part at home, and obviously can make things any way that I want there. I kind of need to get over it. And I have. Really! Okay...mostly. I still send my husband to work with frozen meals for lunch because that is what he likes. I have a smaller variety to choose from because cream and cheese are added to a lot, but no biggie we can adjust. But now what we have noticed is the bacon craze.

Is it just me or has anyone noticed the whole bacon thing? Seriously, I remember when you could get a bacon burger, but now you can get several at just one restaurant, and even Taco Bell has added bacon to their menu (odd) AND...check this out:

Bacon Flavored Coffee: Boca Java make a coffee called Maple Bacon Morning. I am not sure why you would get this, but if you like your caffeine with a hint of bacon or breakfast in a hot steamy are in!

I don't know who makes it, but I heard that someone came up with bacon salt. Apparently it is kosher and vegetarian. Okay I found it. It is J&D's - Everything Should Taste Like Bacon. Honestly, I could go for their way of bacon. It isn't going to fatten you up so that is a good thing. :) And honestly...I LOVED their story so click on the link above and check it out. It is really kind of cool. They have bacon flavored salt, bacon jalapeno flavored salt (I can definitely get behind the jalapeno, I wonder if they could do just that?), Baconnaise (this could be really cool on a tomato sandwich), and they have bacon flavored lip balm. I kind of need to draw the line on the lip balm. I may be converted to the bacon salt though. ;)

On a whim I decided to hunt for more bacon flavored or scented products.

Redneck Candles has a bacon scented candle. If you are interested check it out. They are only like $11.00. :)
Bakon Vodka is well...bacon flavored vodka. This might be interesting in a Bloody Mary. I don't know the price on this one. If you need to though, you can make your own. I found a recipe. Got to love Swagbucks for searches!

Brownie Points has a recipe right on her blog. Maybe you could make a batch for that bacon loving vodka martini drinker? Here is the link: Brownie Points - Homemade Bacon Vodka.

Fooberry Incense had a bacon scented incense. The shop is gone now and the bacon incense is sold out, but maybe this porktastic fragrance will make a comeback! :) Oh wait...Archie McPhee has it, well it looks like the kind of thing that hangs in a car. I think you can kind of drive one of those cooking oil running cars for that scent. :P

And check this out:

So what is it? Why is bacon the new thing? I know people like it. That is obvious. We like it so much we will eat turkey bacon just to have that taste. I can't say I am jumping on the band wagon. I just noticed and kind of had to share.


Maria said...

I love cheese. I love bacon too. Haven't had bacon in years as the family I'm married into is vegetarian. I'll have to go home to my mother's place for a while!

Parsley said...

Eeewww! Bacon coffee and lip gloss? That's just WRONG.

Bacon on a baked potato or on a salad add that cheese...yum.

Kaye said...

ROFLMAO! Really, Kelly, you could take this routine to the stage in a comedy club. Thanks for the big yuks and chuckles.
I watch the food network, especially Paula Deen. She is probably single handedly the sole supporter of the dairy industry. Butter and cheese are her staples. She does use a lot of bacon too. Bacon coffee, an absolute no-no. What are those people thinking? Sheeesh.

Bingo said...

Yep! BACON! My son LOVES bacon and he thought someone should open a Bacon store he said like a Panera type thing...because so many gals like to meet at places like that and he thought a "manly bacon shop" would be a great hang out for men! OK, he is always coming up with crazy ideas and we laughed...but then I found a website dedicated guessed it, is called Bacon Nation..check it out, as it is serios and those members LOVE their bacon! As always, adorable article and made me smile!

Pam said...

I love cheese and bacon, although I don't get to eat either of these a lot. Have you seen the new chocolate covered bacon? Yuck!

kalea_kane said...


I don't do a lot of bacon myself. In addition to my husband's lactose intolerance, he is also not to comfy with the bacon nitrates. :) I seriously am considering that Baconnaise. :) I love tomato sandwiches, it could be just the thing. Well...that is unless it has soy in it. I can't do soy (thyroid issues).

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog.

Kelly :)

kalea_kane said...

I did see the bacon and chocolate combo! CRAZY! I just cannot fathom combining chocolate with the stuff, but someone must enjoy it. :)

kalea_kane said...

Parsley, I am a huge coffee lover and I enjoy so many flavors, but you're right...ICK!

kalea_kane said...

YOU are too kind. My mind was just totally wondering. You know how sometimes you get a thought in your head and you just have to let it go to the end or you will never get it out? That was me and the whole bacon and cheese thing. :) Oh, I forgot about Paula Dean. She definitely is a major influence, but I do love her so! :)

kalea_kane said...

I think your son is a true visionary. He just might have to put those thoughts into action. At the very least he is a riot! I am definitely going to have to check out Bacon Nation! What a trip!