Wedding Day

Wedding Day
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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What Can We Win? Here's FOUR!

I just had to share a few quickie giveaways. Do check these out. You will definitely be glad that you did!


Do you like designer bags, accessories, and fabulous bargains? If you do check out The Review Broads review of Oh! The giveaway! You can win a Coach canvas slim wallet! It is very cute. Head on over! Giveaway ends on September 10th.

I posted some of the great giveaways that Prissy Green is having. Well, there are a few more that look incredible. The one I am totally eying right now is the giveaway for a Hoopnotica Hoop it Off kit! Oh could I ever use something to hoop it off. :) I would like to hoop off my tummy and butt. How about you? It is don't have to tell me. This giveaway ends on September 2nd.

This Side of Eternity is hosting a back to school bash that you will not want to pass up. One amazing item up for grabs...YES another gorgeous Coach canvas slim wallet. The more I look, the more I see that is really a great place for goodies! Maybe I should drop this link by my wonderful hubby? This giveaway ends on August 31st!

What an absolutely fabulous giveaway This Side of Eternity is having! As I was reading the blog, my son asked me about the Shred Sled. That is another giveaway! This is really pretty awesome ride! It is similar to a Ripstick but apparently handles a lot better. This fabulous giveaway ends on August 31st!

That is it for now. I'd love to do more, but my son is studying Japanese and I need to quiz him.

CYA! More tomorrow because there are some awesome ones out there!


Kaye said...

Whaaat? No bacon and cheese for a year giveaways? Bummer! Still chuckling over your post.

have a good week.

Zippy said...

Thanks for including us "broads" in your post. Keep entering!!! This is a GREAT GIVEAWAY.

Pam said...

Studying Japanese? Wow. My daughter has been invited to study in Japan next summer (if we can dig up the money.) She'd love to be learning Japanese.